7 Ways To Increase Your Restaurant's Sales & Revenue
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7 Ways To Increase Your Restaurant's Sales & Revenue

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Increasing revenue (and sales) in a restaurant business is more about psychology and social engineering than it is about food and presentation of the food. Here are some very subtle ways you can increase your revenue without ever changing a dish.

7 Ways To Increase Your Restaurant's Sales & Revenue

The restaurant business can be tough, especially if you're a small local shop. Though whether you're big or small there are 7 ways to increase your restaurants sales and revenue without ever changing a recipe, dish layout or marketing budget. It's all about the fair and moral psychological tactics you can use to subliminally get people to buy more … and they'll love you for it.

We can thank science (and data analytics) for letting us know how to get people to spend more on our food:

  1. Don't use dollar ($) signs. Just use the number by itself.
  2. Don't use even/whole numbers. End your pricing in .95 (and not .99, as .95 seems to be an easier number for people to swallow).
  3. Use very descriptive descriptions and name-drop Brand's where possible.
  4. If possible, add a family & homely name to the food (such as Grandma Chang's Fried Noodles).
  5. If you're food it culture based, use ‘authentic' cultural names.
  6. For your best sellers (or favourites), put some visual cue to highlight and feature that item (such as a box, a star, or different background).
  7. Use more ‘eloquent' music such as classical … it'll subliminally make people think it's higher class.

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