7 Great Responses To Annoying Client Questions As A Designer

We all get ‘that' client who we want to strangle, not because of money or anything, but because they ask the most absurb and slap-in-the-face type questions! Let's look at seven things you should NEVER ask a designer, and how to respond to them.

7 Great Responses To Annoying Client Questions As A Designer

Whether you're just starting our or hardened expert, you will experience the client from hell. Truth be told, this type of client isn't the one who is over demanding, nor the look who always looks over your should. It's the one that doesn't give any respect to you nor your profession. But being the professionals we are we have to take it in all good stride, not that we have to ‘turn the other cheek' but we do have to respond professionally and courteously.

Thanks to the designers at CreativeBloq, here are the the 7 things you should never ask a designer and the seven great responses to annoying client question:

  1. Can we have the layered files? We just want to tweak them in-house
    Your likely response will be: “I can't give you the layered files as they are too large to transfer and in an order only I can understand. If you want to tweak the final result, we can discuss this.

  2. Could you do something in the style of [insert person's name here]?
    Your likely response will be: “I respect that style and think it's great – however, have you seen this that I did for [client]?” I think this style could work equally well.”

  3. Can I have that in Word format?
    Your likely response will be: “I can't send you a Word file as this was created in [insert software here]. However, I'm happy to send you a PDF file that you can open in the free Adobe Reader application for review.”

  4. If you do this job, you'll get loads of exposure – so can you do it for free?
    Your likely response will be: “Sorry, I'm busy and can't take on any non-paying projects.”

  5. This looks great – but can you add this image from Google please?
    Your likely response will be: “We can't use that particular image as it's the property of [such and such] and has been used on another campaign. If you want an image like that I have a photographer who I collaborate with – we could get a great looking image.”

  6. We don't have any content at the moment. Can you just design the site and we'll put it in later?
    Your likely response will be: “No, sorry, we will need to discuss the content of the site and your objectives before we can do any wire framing or design work.”

  7. Can you make it ‘pop'?
    Your likely response will be: First, ask the client exactly what they mean – do they want it brighter in general? Try to explain things logically, saying there's a reason for the existing colour palette. If they are still insisting, ask them to come back in a bit and while they are gone either pretend to do it and see what they say when they see the result, or simply ramp up the brightness on your monitor. Of course you could just make some subtle Levels tweaks.

These and other questions just drive us creatives and consults up the wall. If you're a client of a great designer and you're asking these questions … you might want to reconsider as now you'll know why your designer is always trying to kill you. Be nice to your designers and they will paint you a city of literal gold if you ask them nicely.

Fellow creatives: what rage inducing questions have client's asked you? Fellow clients and business folk: have you ever caught yourself asking questions like this only to realize you're designer giving you angry looks… what questions did you ask and how did it go?