An good example of bad B2B cold email outreach: B2B Email Spam

This is a perfect example of bad cold email outreach marketing. Heck, we can even call it spam. Actually, I am calling it spam because that is what it is:

  • Generic
  • Doesn't have any identifying information
  • Does not have an opt-out method
  • Unsolicited
  • Using 100% scraped data
  • Send from non-company email account
  • Generic company ‘name'

So what is the purpose of such as sad and pathetic spam email? Surprisingly, it's can't be called pathetic because it's rather ingenious. Why? Because it prays on the idiots who don't know better:

  • If you open the email (and do NOT have image loading disabled by default): they know this is a legit email address and collect your info to sell
  • If you open and reply to the email: they know this is a legit email address and collect your info to sell
  • If you open and reply with interest: they know this is legit email address, collect your info to sell and will try to sell you their most likely overpriced product (high end or not)

The only way to win is to not to play (and protect yourself).

The email example I have for you today is this:

Hi there -

My name is Candace with VOIP Solutions, we supply top-line Phone Systems to companies like yours for up to 45% less by funneling you up to 5 quotes from leading suppliers.

Would you like to check out how much we can slash from your monthly phone bill? Or better yet, would you like to check into a new/upgraded phone system entirely? If yes, just reply back with the following:

1. How many phone lines do you have?
2. What’s your best direct phone line?

As soon as you respond, we’ll start working on your quotes and have them turned around in several hours.


Best Regards,

Candance Bishop
VOIP Solutions

If you no longer would like to receive emails, please respond "STOP"

No company info, no info about you either, extremely generic, many grammar (and spelling) mistakes, … “VOIP Solutions” is not a company name … it's an SEO keyword. So you can't even find them online if you tried.

What makes finding these spammers all that much harder is that they actually do send from hacked/spam Gmail accounts so we can't even really trace a sender origin.

At least we know where their email tracking pixel is coming from:


So we can report them for spamming that way. Small wins I guess.