Bankers Life and Casualty Company Fake Interview and my 4 months working there …

Bankers Life And Casualty Company Scam Interview

This is my story of the Bankers Life and Casualty Company Scam Interview process. Being an insurance agent is no easy job, and yes … it's a ‘job' and not a career for most people. I had the distint privilage of working for several months at the Schaumburg office (right by Woodfield mall) of Bankers Life and Casualty Company (BL&C). While it was a good learning experience, what I mostly learned was what I didn't want to do and with whom I never wanted to deal with again. The clients? Nope, I'm talking about BL&C and the management staff.

Lend my your ears, and listen to my (true) tale of what it's like to become part of the “Bankers Family.” Don't worry though, there are some highlights in the story. I'll tell you about how they found me, their interview process and a few other fun facts.

The Catch: How they find you:

Looking for a new job? Great! Did you put your resume up on sites like Monster and CareerBuilder? There's a decent chance you'll get a call from a Bankers recruiter. Awesome right?! Well, not so fast. I'm guessing your resume had nothing to do with insurance and you maybe have no sales experience. So, when I had a resume up I had 1) no sales experience, 2) not really interested in insurance and 3) Technology/programming oriented skills … I was rather perturbed to receive a request for an interview via e-mail from Bankers.

Well, an e-mail is ok. Except that the e-mail was very ‘templated'. Meaning the only custom part of the message was my name. Everything else seemed like a copy and paste job. But of well, I thought it was kind of cool and that through insurance sales I could learn some real sales skills! What a great opportunity! At the bottom of their e-mail there was a link to click which says “Please click here to schedule a meeting online.” Well, that's cool! Simple process!

It takes you to a page to enter in some info and schedule a time. Now I'm thinking this is REALLY cool! Why? Because I rarely see an automated scheduling software. After I selected a time and click submit, I eventually got an e-mail from a completely different person at Bankers saying:

Dear Piotr,

Thank you for your interest in Bankers Life and Casualty Company. I'm delighted to confirm our meeting on Tuesday, September 28, 2010 at 10:00 AM, which is the first step in the application process.

Please allow 1 to 2 hours for our meeting. I encourage you to bring a recent copy of your resume and to prepare a list of questions. We'll discuss our company history, career path outline, training program and compensation package during this session. Business attire is requested.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at [phone number]. I look forward to meeting you on Tuesday.


Bankers Life and Casualty Company
Bankers Life and Casualty Company
1101 Perimeter Drive Suite 425
Schaumburg, IL  60173

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I removed their name and number.  After reading it I thought this and only this: “Well .. WAIT WHAT'? You (Bankers) contacted me … why would I have to bring a copy of my resume. YOU have it … WTF?!” But I gave them the benefit of the doubt.
So in preparation I dress in my full business suit, have a small set of questions ready AND prepare myself for questions they could ask me.
Well, my mistake for not researching them first. Talk about ‘sticker shock'.
  • Thank you for sharing this. Someone left a voice message from this company this morning and I know I didn’t apply there. Therefore, I Googled it. I saw many articles like yours. I’m sorry that you had to go through all that trouble but I am happy that you shared your experience with the World! Best to you! Also there is another scam going on where someone will text you and say that your name was shortlisted to the top because your credential are so great. They tell you to set up a Google Chat or Yahoo Messenger to set up an interview. They tell you to look at a website which looks legit. The one they used was Abacus Limited. The questions start out fine and then they “go left”. I had to end it that conversation. You can Google that too.

  • Thank God for technology, because I just received a phone call from Bankers, and the whole while I’m speaking with the lady I’m saying to myself ” My resume point to m skill in the medical field, not insurance sales” I was very skeptical, and sure as my first mind never fails me it is what it is. BOGUS !!! I WILL NOT BE PUTING ON MY BEST TO ATTEND, AND WAIST MY TIME WITH WHAT I HAVE READ. THANKS!!!

  • Post resume, I received a call. Was told I would be a great fit for their company. Funny thing is my resume states that I was and I am looking for work as a bus driver. Perfect fit my rear.

  • Just got a call from them today. They don’t know I’m retired FBI agent… I can’t wait to see their faces if they even look at the resume.

    • Hahahaha, that should be a fun conversation. OR this could be a plot to recruit more alpha type personalities? (doubt it).

      When they first invited me for an interview, I was rather surprised to have them tell me specifically to bring a copy of my resume. My thoughts were: “So … you don’t have it? Why should I be bringing multiple copies … odd”

  • I just hung up with Bankers confirming my appt. tomorrow at 10:00. Was also told to bring resume. Did they lose the one they received from me already?

  • Thank you for posting this because I was called about a Sales Mgmt. position with them. In fact I’d made arrangements to come in tomorrow for an interview. Something told me to check them out online, and I’m so glad that I have. I won’t be going to that interview Thanks to you and all of these other folks. God Bless you for posting it!

  • Thanks for writing this. I was contacted by Bankers the day after I posted my resume. I was wondering why they contacted me for an “upper management” position when I have no background as a manager. Glad I decided to check them out before wasting my time.

    • Great that you checked Barbara! What I’m really curious about Bankers is that if they are offering “upper management” positions now, does that mean they are actively looking for C-level employees to put on salary?

      Of course, I don’t know your situation, but who knows … maybe you have a skill they really need at the executive level.

      But then again, when someone tells me “upper management” the first thing that comes to mind is the executive (C-class) level of employee.

      Some companies just have weird hiring practices!

  • I just received a phone call today from Anthony Barnes…I thought it was peculiar NOT to mention the position or company he’s representing. Although, unlike a lot of those posting here, I do have a finance and insurance background. However, I only found out this call was related to Bankers Life when I returned the call and left a VM. Mr. Barnes clearly states Bankers Life on his greeting. So like any intelligent person, I searched online to validate it is a real company and behold the multiple links of past scam experiences.
    Fortunately, I am employed and not desperate for a job but even if I was, would not entertain this company after today. But wait….there’s more!
    My husband who was laid off got the same call lol @[email protected] yesterday. I did not find out until today because when I told him I got a call today, he looked at me in disbelief and said, “you’re kidding, right”?
    I knew something was fishy because he is a generator mechanic with no corporate or insurance experience lol but the only reason he did not call the guy back was because he already accepted another offer today…wohoo!! from a serious employer 🙂
    Anyhoo…what I can’t get is why are they asking people to bring resumes?? I uploaded my resume to career builder recently but have my address and number blocked. I only made public the email contact for employee responses but of course the resume has it. I removed my address minus city and state but left the phone number of course. Just FYI, if you leave your number on your resume with careerbuilder, etc.
    Hope my two cents this helps 🙂

    • That’s a good story PT! It’s scary how scripted these people can get sometimes … well, scripted and without thought. Glad you and your hubby have good jobs. 🙂 Glad you’re safe!

  • Ok people, let’s get the facts CORRECT!!!! I work for Bankers Life, I am an administrator at one of their branch offices and also one of the people responsible for contacting potential agents. First of all the interview process is NOT a scam! We do not just look for people with sales experience because not all great sales people have experience in sales. You could be a bus driver who is just great with people, a stay at home mother who is looking to get back into the work force, or a tech nerd who is simply looking for a change and has the passion to learn and grow. Yes, we bring you in for a group interview to explain the company, what you’d be doing and how things work. We also watch you to see if you are paying attention, showing interest or just sitting there like you could care less about what is being said. Those who show interest and who we feel have the right amount of interest/passion we bring back for the second interview. At that point you discuss with the manager your skills, what your goals are, how you’d be a fit for the company, what you feel you have to offer us and more specifically what we have to offer you. Also, one reason we do ask you to bring in a copy of your resume to the initial meeting is because the
    formatting on Monster, CareerBuilder and other websites is often
    different from your paper resume and does not provide the information we
    are looking for in a succinct way. One thing the person who wrote this article is correct about is that Bankers does not initially pay for your license. The reason being is because that license is YOURS, you can take it and go to ANY insurance company you want….so why would we pay for you to get it when you could just turn around and go somewhere else when you do and then we’re out all that money and have no agent. BUT once you are with Bankers for 6 months or so and are a successful new agent, we DO reimburse you the cost of getting your license. Additionally, we provide our agents with extensive training. We are actually recognized as being one of the top 150 training companies in the country. I don’t know what it was like back in 2010 when this man was with us, but trust me it is NOT like that now! My agents are in the office and out in the field training one on one with seasoned agents and the branch manager/field trainer on a regular basis. I have one agent who started literally a week ago and he has been out at least 3 times with different people. Truth be told, insurance sales is NOT for everyone, and there are going to be days like the writer of this article explained where you feel like this is a waste of time blah, blah, blah, but that happens with ANY job. Here’s the kicker though, if you have the drive and passion to succeed, that will not deter you, it will motivate you! If you truly want to be successful you’ll think to yourself this person probably isn’t going to buy, but I’m going to give it my best anyway and see if I can help this person, once you do that guess what, THEY BUY and you make money! The one rule in any sales position is simple: YOU ARE ONLY AS SUCCESSFUL AS YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE!! If you act like this guy did and say forget it this isn’t worth my time, their not going to buy anything then you waste an opportunity to turn that possible denial into a sale. But if you stick it out through good days and bad, I promise you, you CAN do well and make good money.

    • This is probably the best written response I’ve seen! Thank you Jenni for this extremely thoughtful reply! hugs

      @Jenni: I’m very glad to hear that things are different in your office. During my tenure at the Schaumburg office it really was just a phone monkey business where management didn’t give two hoots about you and only wanted their overrides.

      One time we had a joint office training thing, I don’t remember exactly what it was though, and the agents and managers from that other office all seemed happy, cheery, well educated (in insurance) and motivated which was a stark contrast to the general mood in our office. Glad to hear your office is doing well!

      As for the paying for license thing: that can go either way I believe depending on your point of view. Though I have a view akin to the likes of Zappos, Google and Amazon: I put the trust on my employees first so I’ll give them anything and everything they need to succeed which will in-turn give them a very good reason to stay with me. Zappos puts a lot of trust in it’s people, especially upfront and that trust has been returned well 10-fold in terms of commitment, productivity: just look at their public filings and growth rates. I understand the point of view of Bankers, but it’s not one I agree with as it sets a type of atmosphere that I wouldn’t want to be part of. But that’s me. 🙂

      You are certainly right: insurance sales is NOT, I repeat NOT for everyone. Heck, it’s barely for anyone. It requires a certain type of personality to get it done. The other day I met a who had pretty much perfect personality for sales, though he happened to be in the Insurance business:

      He really did know his stuff in and out, even the latest morning news on Obama care, he was very friendly, inquisitive of me and what I do and gave off the wibe of: you talk to me? great. You don’t talk to me? That’s cool too, it’s your choice.

      He’s someone whom I think I’ll talk to more soon just because of the type of guy he is. With this knowledge, I can probably also get him to be on my podcast and book on sales training & leadership!

      Thanks for the really great reply Jenni, would be great if there were more thoughtful people like you around!

    • I understand you not paying for the license initially but do you pay for the training? I was contacted by them and have an interview in 4 days. I have realized that in my 28 years plus in the healthcare field that if the company does not compensate you for your time in training that your experience with that company is not going to be a very pleasant one.

  • I work for Bankers Life as well. Best decision I ever made, and it is NOT A SCAM. This company is highly prestiges, professional, and caring about their employees and their members. They are huge on integrity and growth. They are also very SELECTIVE in whom they bring on board to represent them. There were about 40 people in my initial interview and only a few of us were chosen and brought on board. The office I am based out of inspires us to be great PEOPLE, not “sales agents”. The reason they do NOT particularly look for people with “sales experience” is because that barbaric; aggressive nature, and tactic does NOT coincide at all with our market of members that we serve. These are pre elderly citizens, who are transitioning from structured pay and health care to Medi-care and retirement benefits. These members are NOT to be treated like dollar signs but like PEOPLE who have worked very hard to achieve their retirement and long term benefits and need the most explanatory, informative, and gentle care that can be provided to them; Especially since we are dealing with their ONLY LIVELYHOOD and cross over into their golden years better known as the count down to their final days on earth. I have NO experience in sales, but I have 10 years in the field of customer service..So I know how to treat people and I care about them and want to help… That’s why I was selected. The gentleman that contacted me about the interview doesn’t work in our office but he does work for the home office and the structured email you displayed is just how they conduct “initial” invites to the interview… But once you are there you ARE apart of an AMAZING TEAM with core values and a strong sense of family. Perhaps the branch you worked out of displayed less than stellar tactics. It happens since each branch is operated by a different person with their own vision and plan. But my branch manager is AMAZING and I am grateful to be apart of the team. So while you are spreading your unbelievably ridiculous interpretation of Bankers Life, those of us who are ACTUALLY apart of the BANKERS LIFE FAMILY can confirm that it is a family structured company, who cares about each other and our members. And lastly, We are generously rewarded for our success and beyond that we are given so much support to do what we need to do to succeed. In your case, you were simply not cut out for the position… it takes an open mind and a wiling heart to be in this field and per these statements you and all these other people are making… You are simply not cut out for this type of job. I thank God for this opportunity and Jenni from Michigan is dead on in all that she has stated. #TeamBankersLife4Life.

    • Hey there,

      Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I’m very glad you found an office that is actually good. Though I assure you, when I was at the office in Schaumburg is was nothing near ‘good’. It was all ‘sell sell sell’ and phone monkey work day in and day out. There was no ‘family’.

      My “interpretation” is my experience of that particular office at that particular time, as I’ve mentioned many times before.

      Your office may be good, your team good and your Bankers ‘family’ good … myself and others from that office at the time will tell you similar stories of that particular office.

      You’re also correct: insurance selling to the elderly wasn’t in that office’s type of way wasn’t for me and many others. We had horrible experiences with shitty managers and leaders (or lack-of-leaders).

      It takes an open mind and willing heart to do well in any line of work deary. Best to follow what you preach aye?

    • If there a great company why do they only have about 100 negative remarks on bbb website,
      not to mention glassdoor yelp and consumeraffairs all complaining of late claims, no claims etc,?

      • Not to debate one way or the other, though websites like BBB, GlassDoor, Yelp and ConsumerAffairs are all FOR PROFIT companies and are NOT government moderated impartial parties. A large amount of negative marks would of course be a bad thing, though all those companies ‘marks’ can be bought and changed at will by those companies. So not many negative marks or not many positives showing (either way) is at the whim of those companies (especially the BBB and Yelp who have been known to manipulate listings very selectively based on profit).

  • I just finished my 90 day training with Banker’s and I have to say that it didn’t take me long to understand their process. What they do is hire a group of people at a time, They then hand pick who they want to groom to be successful and ignore the other agents that they’ve recruited. They don’t care about the time, education and training you’ve put into it all. Everything I was told during my interview was not true or accurate. I will be filing a complaint with the Department of Insurance against Banker’s Life here in Indianapolis on E. 75th Street. If you get a call from this office, you would be wire to decline their interview. Call Western Southern Insurance company instead if you’re serious about being a successful insurance agent.

    • Hey Vicky, sorry to hear that you also had a bad experience with Bankers. It really does seem like there is a world of a difference between offices. Some offices I’ve seen (and was told about) really are amazing and great, while others like the ones you and I experienced make us hate it.

      Good luck at your new place. 🙂 hugs

  • Casandra 2 weeks ago
    I received an email from Connecticut for a customer service job, when they wanted an interview I told them I was in the Detroit location the lady on the phone said oh we have an office in Detroit and someone will give you a call within in an hour. I received a call from Bankers a week later, all they said was I heard you were interested in a position with the company. I ask what was the company name but the young lady on the phone only gave me the address and the time she had available, for interviews, so I looked up the address and that how I found out the name of he company. I am not into sells and but I have about 20 years in customer service. I am schedule for an interview tomorrow, after reading these reviews I am not sure about this. I was going on line just to look up the company and research so I will be ready for my interview. The young lady that works out of Michigan you are right you have to have passion for whatever job you have and to do your best.

  • Bankers is no scam, but these complaints are just whiners who have to blame others for their own failure. You have to be “driven” to suced in sells.

  • I sincerely thank you for this post! I have an “interview” with Bankers today and I wanted to do some research before I went, that was when I found your site. I have had experience in the insurance world previous to this (AIL) contact. That is why I thought they called me. Lol! After reading most of the other posts on here, good and overwhelming bad, I now see it is the same as what I experienced before through the other company. Needless to say I will NOT be going to my “interview”. Unfortunately, I have tried this line of work before and had an absolutely horrid experience! It was with a different company (AIL -STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY TOO) but the same thing happened to me. I was an open, honest, caring employee who had a strong desire to help the pre-elderly, so I stayed with them for 5 months with no pay, no actual training, and I was in the field everyday (they chose me for the fast track/to be groomed). I was supposed to get a cut of every sale made (there were several) but my “trainer” wasn’t trained or monitored by the higher ups, so I never received any compensation. I am mentioning this simply because I don’t want anyone to go through what I did and I want others to know that AIL is run the same way.
    I thank you again from saving me from going through this stupid , messed up lie again. Take care and wishing you all the best!

    • Hey Staci,

      Thanks for the update! I’m sad to learn they still do things that way though I guess that’s their business model: they have to play the numbers game. Thankfully not all insurance companies (and offices) are they way, sadly we both got the short end of the stick and got burned. Glad to know you’re moving on. 🙂 Hope you have something new and better planned for the future!

  • The amazing thing is that Bankers Life has been around since the 1800’s 130 years or something .. Lying and cheating people out of money not paying claims wasting peoples time and money and they get away with it…That’s your Gov’t for you. Its ok for CORP to rape and pillage the middle glass… Corp has rape the indivitual and nothing is ever done.
    Can someone tell me why?

    • Money. That’s why. 🙁 There is the saying “this is why we can’t have nice things ….” It’s because of greedy morons (people like Trump and crime syndicates like the GOP) that we can’t have nice things in life.

  • My daughter has a degree and in order for her to get any job in her field, health, she needs a separate certificate. Everything from Medical Aide to Diabetes Educator to Health Inspector. They all require more training and a test that also requires a fee. Why’d she get a degree? What was described in these pages is what it takes to become an insurance agent. No scam about it. Same for realtors, building contractors, on and on.

  • Carl Torres and Will Searle submitted an unauthorized insurance policy that My husband and I specifically told them that we didn’t want them to do.We told them on severely occasions.This is fraudulent and we want them to be disciplined. The policy was submitted in my husband’s name, Besente Powell. Their phone numbers are ie:CT,7273653855 and Will Searle at 1211SR 436 ,suite 149. This is fraudulent and we are in the process of engaging my lawyer. Searl’s license # is P233427.

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