Honest, 1st Hand Experience Review Of Renatus & Real Estate Mastery Mentors Meetup.com Group Hosted By Bob Tierney

Update 2 (01/23/15): I've written an update to this more specifically about Scott Rowe and understanding Renatus at it's core here: Scott Rowe Real Estate Scam … or not?

Update (11/21/13): Bob Tierney e-mailed me recently and asked if I could post an update about him, his local troops and what's been going on. If you're interested, read Bob's update: Bob's Progress Update At Renatus.

Searching around for networking events and groups I came across a rather large local group on Meetup.com called “Real Estate Mastery Mentors”. As an entrepreneur it's essential to connect with as many people as possible, you never know who will be able to take you to the next level! As of this writing the Real Estate Mastery Mentors group stands at 291 which is rather impressive, so I thought “heck why not. Let's join this large group and network!” Even more impressive was the outline of what is offered on the Thursday night events! I was so impressed I joined up and went to the first available meeting. So let me tell you the story of what I experienced there and how I was introduced to the Renalutus group and their programs. I'll tell you the good, the bad, the awesome and the ugly. It can be assumed that at any business related Meetup group (or any business group for that matter) will be some sort of a lead generator or have some service or product presented. Going in, I knew that at one point or another they would do a sales pitch so I was mentally prepared for that. What happened next is a true account of what happened (as best as I can remember). So please read the whole thing before making judgement because there were many unexpected turn of events … most of which were pleasant. I half expected the meeting to be at a office or something, but what I found was rather amazing. They have a rather large (~10,000sqft) office which is well decorated and well organized. A very good, calm yet exciting, professional setup. First thing they do is ask me to ‘check in'. I thought that was kind of weird, but ok. So I give them my name and I get a pretty sticker with my name on it. YEY! Upon entering the classroom area, yes they have an actual conference/classroom/seminar area that easily sits 200 or so, I hear the presenter talking about real estate and methods. I'm already impressed! There are four project screens, two on each side of the room. Very comfy indeed. AND! They even had comfy chairs. … Yes, I'm a sucker for comfy things. But this is were my excitement died. After settling in and finally paying attention to the presenter I noticed he was talking about the company and their products only. So I thought, ok … maybe they are just presenting their stuff first? Sadly I was wrong. I wasn't too happy with this. Why? Because this is what they promised on their Thursday meetup (according to their current Meetup.com group and Thursday event description):

Join us in Downers Grove for an overview of the real estate market and some of the current investment strategies that investors are using to make amazing profits on real estate deals right now. Topics to be covered; Short Sales, Foreclosures & REO's, Subject-To Purchases, Creative Financing strategies including Joint Ventures, Self-Directed IRA & 401K strategies (SDRP), and a host of other strategies that are being used in what most investors are considering the best market for investing we have seen in our lifetimes. Well wait a minute … Where during that 1.5 hour sales presentation did they ever cover anything other their own products? **Sadly … never. **

  • Thanks for your opinion. I was just introduced to the Renatus group here in Phoenix last night. I agree with you, the folks I met last evening were up front and honest. My head is still spinning with all the facts that were presented but I’m excited about starting this new journey.

    • Well Tom, there are a lot of ups and down about Renatus. The big minus is that it’s just another real estate MLM program, and I’ve checked out their actual real estate material and it’s ‘ok’ … nothing ground-breaking, new nor well presented. The actual videos are horribly recorded and sound quality is a joke. Though the networking possibilities of the group are very high!

      • Piotr You keep using the work MLM Renatus is NOT and I repeat a MLM. Its direct sales. When someone enrolls in their education you get a commission. Is selling cars MLM? No! As for the education its stellar!!! compare this to ANYTHING else out there. Wealth Builders Fortune Builders Trump Montelongo and the list goes on and on. Wealth and Fortune Builders will cost you upwards 60K Trump can top 100k Rich Dad Poor Dad can run 60+k. Nobody else has as many practioning instructors teaching in the field of their expertise. The education that Renatus puts out combined with LOCAL support and Mentorship for 15K cant be matched by anyone! Fact. The faxt that you keep calling the marketing side of the business MLM speaks volumes towards your ignorance in these matters. Yes its network marketing yes its direct sales there is a HUGE difference between these. As for getting this knowlege at the library really? Ive never known a doctor who became a doctor by reading a book, Ive never known a lawyer who became a lawyer from reading a book. This is why as a real estate investor I truly have little competition in the market place. Im a highly educated sophisticated investor with a bunch of guru and book reading investors as competition. Thats no competition at all.

        • Unless things have changed, the sales of the Renatus RE training is MLM. Networking marketing is simply one level of sales and no more; in network marketing / direct sales there is the manufacturer (Renatus) and then there is the distributor (you / the affiliates). No more, no less.

          In MLM, there is the manufacturer, then you the distributor and you get commissions for any sales you make personally, but you are also encourages to build your own sales force and get overrides for (pretty much) anyone under you: thus, assuming the structure is the same still at Renatus: it is MLM.

          I may be ignorant about many things, that’s for sure, though if you are going to call me ignorant at least have the common decency to back your statements up with correct facts.

          If they have changed their model please get me in touch with Bob and the other Bob as well and a few of the other’s I used to be in contact in the inner circle and I’ll talk to them about my article and I’ll update it accordingly. Since I originally posted this article way I talked to Bob (no the owner bob, the other Bob way up high) and he rather liked this article and didn’t have any changes to it only updates. Updates which I happily posted in an adjunct article.

        • Good evening to all. So, I am heavily considering joining up with Renatus on the RE Side. I have done considerable amounts of research and noticed one thing. People on this blog seem to almost all join a common misconception, this is a business opportunity. A chance to be your own boss, make your own income, guide your own lifestyle. That in itself is OBVIOUSLY NOT FOR EVERYONE. The marketing spectrum of Renatus seems to be a good idea, however this is clearly not the same as the RE Investing information. It is mind boggling how many people take offense to the fact that Renatus charges for information. Our society has been doing this for thousands of years, we now currently call it COLLEGE. This does not get you a degree but it’s the same concept. Much like college, once the education is completed, you are offered opportunities to meet people with what you came into the business wanting (Money to invest). In college it is called job services right??? In short, if you don’t want to take the time to read a few statements about the business, save your money. Being an independent business man/woman takes research, research takes time AND educated decisions. You clearly lack in one of OR all of those departments. Anyone with any positive feedback for Renatus, feel free to get in touch.
          [email protected]. This also goes for people wanting to form a partnership in the Washington area.

          Best of luck to all.

  • Mr. Krzyzek,

    Are you for real, I see you are from the Chicago area where I no there is a huge Renatus group. I have been approached by this group in North Carolina. I don’t have alot of money, I am intersted in the education, they sound good, what i like about them, they claim to have alot of networking possiblilites. I would love to hear your real take on them either by email [edited out], or phone [edited out]. For the past 20 years I have been in the Mortgage Field Service, so i do have a little bit of experience, I just don’t know some of the strategies.

  • Don’t listen to this trash talker he’s a paid advertiser for the ‘MML group renatus. Renatus is a multi level marketing scan. This “author” of the article really does want you to join so he can make money off you. If you get the class or anything else he gets half of what u buy. If u pay for the 15000 dollar class he gets 7500. This place has pretty much nothing to do with real estate and everything to do with marketing you to buy their ” real estate class “. After u spend the money you realize the real estate portion is bull shit and now they only way to get your money back is to sucker someone else into buying the class. MML scan through and through. Don’t call this guy and don’t spend 15k on a BS course. Take that money and buy a property Instead.

    • Hey Rick,

      I’m not a paid advertiser of Renatus. I’d like to get some monies from them, though I don’t. Renatus IS a multi-level marketing company though it’s not a scam. The quality of their training program isn’t the best, though it’s on par with other real estate courses I’ve experienced.

      The particular Renatus group near me (and by near I mean a 40 minute drive) isn’t a scam, it’s largely about selling the product (of course! Everyone wants to make money) though they also focus VERY strongly on community, quality weekly/monthly training and strong relationships. There are many people in that particular group who did ‘make it’ in real estate. And there are those, like me, who didn’t.

      Would I like for someone to purchase through me? Yes. Would I get money for the first 5 (total) or so people who bought through me? No. Because I’m not ‘fully certified’, and I don’t ever plan to be. I kinda think that’s BS. But whatever. That’s MLM for you. They are nice people trying to make an honest living.

      Rick, have you actually been to one of their actual meetings? And to the group meetings that I have been? If you had, you wouldn’t think it’s a scam. It’s not. Is MLM a scam? no, it’s just usually perceived to be because of some past shady companies. It’s not always a glorious system and it’s pretty much all about selling. If you can’t sell this affiliate product, then maybe selling and MLM/affiliate sales is not the thing for you.

      What I do think is BS with Renatus is the $125 (or whatever it is) required to sell their product. WTF? Since when do I have to pay to sell an affiliate product? I think that’s complete bullshit. But whatever. They are upfront about it, you accept it or you don’t. Simple as that. Nothing hidden or ‘scam’ about that. They are also upfront about selling the product and the MLM structure. I didn’t like that I have to get “certified” to make any actual money … but that’s my opinion.

      So please, please tell me how is this a scam when (the people I have dealt with) have been upfront about everything?

      You may not like the MLM structure, and I know I don’t (unless I own one) … but MLM is a very legitimate business structure that is very lucrative for the right type of person. For me it wasn’t a good fit. Though I might go back for the community and networking aspect.

      So far I’ve made more monies hosting, doing websites and it’s all an easier sell and a heck of a lot less driving and I get to keep all the profits.

      You’re mileage will vary with them. MLM? Yes. Do I agree with all their business practices? No … Is it a scam? Uh … no.

      Unless you dealt with a douche-bag seller. Then that’s just not cool at all.

  • I have been involved with the Renatus community in Downers Grove and have purchased the education. I will say the education on it’s own is definitely not worth the money. All the information is very general and a lot of it is just basic common sense. The expert teachers are out of state and what they tell you may or may not be applicable to your area. After all the classes you will still have to read local statutes and pay to sit down with a real estate attorney. What they really try to sell you on is the network and mentorship but they have blown me off for the most part. Not answering calls or emails and wouldn’t even provide a proof of funds letter. The truth is they only want to ‘mentor’ you so that you can do all the work and bring them deals so they can loan you hard money at a rate that you could get anywhere else. They are interested in their success. Not yours. Spend your money somewhere else. I recommend flip2freedom.com they have podcasts that offer more information then renatus and it’s free.

    • Hey Jeff. I’m pretty much right there with ya. The educational info isn’t anything stellar … same things I can get from a library book for the most part. Some of it was interesting though. The videos I has were sub-par quality though, not worth the monies IMO.

      Thanks for the link idea Jeff! I’ll check that out.

  • Hey,
    I just got into Renatus after one year looking for something better online. I spent around $3 K for different kind of mentors with ‘live support’ and got no results. In Renatus I got a partner and a deal at my first day. I used to sell real estate before, but if you know nothing about it, videos would be very helpful. It’s mlm, but support that you get makes it to stand out. Nobody will make money for you there; some people get in and just look around for few months. I didn’t want to wait; it’s my firs week and I got few deals to work on. There are many opportunities around, and it’s up to you only which one you take, nobody will push you if you are afraid to move forward.

  • About http://www.flip2freedom.com ; I know that site. What you get there is just automated emails and bunch of pitch videos. They closed the access, you can’t get in. There is even no phone # to call. Renatus office is right here, in my city, and I can use it for my business.

  • if the real estate school is so great, and there is alot of money to be made selling and buying real estate then , why are they sharing it with so many readers. If it is so great, then why aren’t they actually doing it themselves. The teacher is the one who actually does it, the one has a proven track record for profits. But you don’t see that. You see alot of busy activity that looks like selling going on in the services that are not directly related to the actual flipping of property in a town. The best way to sell and buy property is to follow Donald Trump in what he does, the proven leader in real estate pioneering. He developed the inner workings of real estate in the city. He is worth 7 billion dollars as of November 22, 2011. As they say money speaks louder than words, and it is this money in flipping real estate property that Donald has done so well. He is a giant real estate pioneer in my book. All the power to you Donald Trump. The Trump Organization sold Swifton Village for $6.75 million in 1972.[49] In 1971 Trump began by landing the rights to develop the old Penn Central yards on the West Side.Trump renovated the Commodore Hotel and created the Grand Hyatt with the Pritzker family. He also renovated the Trump Tower in New York City and several other residential projects. He later bought the Eastern Shuttle routes,[56] and Atlantic City casino business, including acquiring the Taj Mahal Casino in a transaction with Merv Griffin and Resorts International.[57]In 2001, he completed Trump World Tower, a 72-story residential tower across from the United Nations Headquarters.[62] Also, he began construction on Trump Place, a multi-building development along the Hudson River. Trump owns commercial space in Trump International Hotel and Tower, a 44-story mixed-use (hotel and condominium) tower on Columbus Circle. Trump currently[when?] owns several million square feet of prime Manhattan real estate,[63] and remains a major figure in the field of real estate in the United States and a celebrity for his prominent media exposures.The Miss Universe Organization is owned by Donald Trump and the National Broadcasting Company (NBC). Trump became the executive producer and host of the NBC reality show, The Apprentice, in which a group of competitors battled for a high-level management job in one of Trump’s commercial enterprises. The other contestants were successively “fired” and eliminated from the game. In 2004, Donald Trump filed a trademark application for the catchphrase “You’re fired.”[4][5][6] If you are to learn from anybody, learn from donald trump. He can teach everyone alot, and of course doing it the right way.

    • Robert,

      Your wrote, “If it is so great, then why aren’t they actually doing it themselves. ”

      We are! In fact, if you come out this Friday afternoon at 3, we’re looking at a deal in Willow Springs being done by one of our members. You can talk to other members about their deals.

      C’mon out and see for yourself, instead of believing rumors!

    • Well Robert the accomplishments of Mr Trump are Elite. All that you typed though is truly a waste because what you don’t have is access to Trump. What you do seem to have plenty of is negativity, so ebvne with the help of Donald you will get the same results. “Nothing” as most people do who’s primary motivation is, “IF”

    • I know this is five years later but your high esteem of Trump is unfounded. Trump acts like he pioneered the art of the deal in real estate transactions but he was only a rich kid given a lot of money to play with. Trump’s grandmother and father had built a large Real Estate empire worth tens of millions even before the guy was born.

  • Bottom line about Renatus and the R.E. education they offer: 1) the investment education is outcome based, meaning they design their classes just the same way colleges and universities design their curriculums. 2) because they don’t spend money on advertising, they offer people the opportunity to earn a SECOND stream of income via their Afilliate Marketing program. I’ve was recently fired from my job. Renatus has given me the opportunity, through its IMA program, to support myself and my family without me having to go out and get a part time job while at the same time, spend 5 to 6 hours day learning how to be a r.e. investor. The support from the community has been AWESOME! So I don’t know what y’alls problems are, but Renatus has been very, very good to me! EVERY industry…every large company will always have a handful of people who have had a bad experience with them. Not everything is for everybody.

    • Steve,

      We’ll spoken! Really enjoyed your post.I’m getting ready to get in and have had nothing but positive experiences with it! Can you call me at 843-509-4823 as I would like to hear how you’re doing now.



      • I am also trying to find my path here REI is something I have been wanting to do for a long time but lived in an area where real estate sucks now I live in myrtle beach and id love to get going and to be honest im broke I work a w2 job that pays me shit and am super paranoid I am going to end up giving my last dollars to some scam. where I live there are no local workshop’s so that kind of sucks, to me it sound like that opportunity I’ve have been praying for especially since I don’t know where to start ur area code is south Carolina correct? maybe we could help each other

  • Ok folks, here is my take on Renatus and the office(s) in the chicagoland area. I learned about the Chi office (Downers Grove) through a friend that came down to the now famous “thurs nght meeting”. This friend didn’t like the marketing aspect of the meeting (which is only covered in the last 10min) but did like the RE (real estate) info and possible networking for deals. So, I got the number for Bob T. to get more info. I called and left a quick message. Within a half hour, I get a call back from Bob. We ended up talking for an hour while I was in the parking lot of a famous tool store in my area. Bob and I have similar backrounds in which we both were and are remodeling/painting contractors. We both built small businesses from the ground up, all the while experiencing the heart aches of growing a self-employed business. Especially in this unforgiving economy, hence, why I was on the lookout for another stream of income.
    My first impression of Bob, Scott & Nancy Rowe’s office was not a Thurs nght, but a RE workshop weekend. Bob asked me to come out and it would only cost me $50. Ok, that’s fair. Then he follows up with “If you can look me in the eye, and after 2 days you didn’t think you got $50 worth of info. I will give you your money back!” Ok, now you got my attention!
    The first day is Fri (3pm-6/7pm) which past/current students come and give details on deals that they are working on and in some cases the group travels out to the actual properties for a q&a, nice. The 2nd day is when a Renatus “Instructor” or other RE investor teaches. The workshop almost always has a Renatus instructor. In this case, however, it was a local lawyer that the “community” uses. He did an amazing job on covering RE transactions including getting a business entity in place, which I already had and understood. I was impressed with the group and info, but wasn’t quite ready to pull the trigger on purchasing the education.
    Let this be known, I’m as skeptical as they come! The education was a no brainer, but my hesitation was in the following. If I’m going to invest time and money into this group and myself, I want to know this is not a “scam or otherwise”. Everything that I witnessed, told me that this group was on the up and up or legit. So, with no pressure from Bob, I purchased the essentials which is the first “foundations package” for $2k which was a stretch for my family and I. But, I was able to finance it. Bonus!
    Here is where it gets interesting. I came into this company and education only interested in doing RE, not the marketing aspect. As I got through the essential 8 classes and a ninth which helps you determine which vocational tracks to move into next, I was absolutely blown away. Other people in this blog mentioned that it is basic RE info. They are absolutely correct! After going through this “basic” info, I realized that I left $15k-$20k on the table on a fix and flip that I did 5 yrs ago. The reason why? I didn’t know what I didn’t know! It amazes me that people think they can go out and be “investors” without proper training and networking, knuckle heads. I can honestly say that because that is exactly what I did 5 yrs ago.
    As I plugged myself into this office and education, I soon realized how powerful it really is. One who comes on occasion or only once cannot fully understand what this education and company is about. Most people come into the office with preconceived notions or what they “really” know about this kind of business. “Pity the fool!”
    Since sept. ’11 when I bought the essentials, I have purchase the AIT (advanced investor training) which has 5 vocational tracks (each track contains 5+- courses within) and once again have been blown away with the content and value for the money. And the education is constantly updated with newly recorded online classes and live events.
    I mentioned previously that I was only interested in RE and not the marketing of the education. As I got through the classes and started to put offers out and talk about what I was doing. People wanted to know how and where they could learn, too. Being a business man, I soon realized that this was another income stream that I could use to buy Real Estate with and fully take advantage of this unprecedented RE market. This is the main reason why this affiliate program was setup, to pass on the income generated by the purchasing of the education.
    People, don’t be ignorant! This is exactly what the “Real Estate Gurus” do, they sell way over priced education to the masses with no “community” or support system and then turn around and buy RE or whatever.
    The Renatus opportunity allows the average person in on the secret of the “gurus” and gives back to the little people that build the business for the company, all the while offering an affordable education. Affiliate programs are popping up in all industries and with huge companies, google it!
    So in closing, thank goodness, right! I have decided this office and company is for me. It might not be right for you, but it is up to you to figure that out. There is no such thing as job security! I created a small contracting business over that last 10 yrs that is not currently providing for my family, due to the current economy. Instead of complaining about it and looking for others to take care of me, I’m doing something about it. The Renatus opportunity has now given my family and myself a new outlook on life and the ability to create financial freedom. All the while helping others through the education that I have learned and will continue to learn. Thank you.

  • Hello, Piotr,

    I have a distant relative named Piotr in Poland who does a dachtera.org website for family history.

    I wanted to post here and correct a few mistatements.

    First off, about the marketing side of Renatus – you *ARE* aware that there *ARE* two sides to Renatus, right?

    The marketing side of Renatus is *NOT*, repeat *-N-O-T-* Multi-Level Marketing!

    How can you tell the difference?

    In MLM, your commissions are determined by how many people you have under you. The higher you are in the “pyramid”, the higher your “overrides”. The deeper your “downline”, the higher your payscale. So, you never really make any kind of money in MLM until you’ve recruited at least half of the Metropolitan Chicago area (population: roughly 9 million).

    The marketing side of Renatus cannot be called a “pyramid” of any kind. It’s more like a two-story home: there’s you and your team, and the people your team recruits – THAT’S IT! Although Renatus does use the MLM term “override”, overrides are only 5% of gross and are only paid out to the third person away from you. Commissions, on the other hand, are 45% of gross and are paid to the person making the sale (after certification). Their mentor, their mentor’s mentor and their mentor’s mentor’s mentor each get 5%. Note the Renatus does NOT use the MLM word “downline” – because we have none!

    D’ya ever see those pictures in stories about “flipping houses”? You know, the ones where the house is upside down and sitting on its roof? That’s actually a good picture of the compensation plan on the marketing side of Renatus: the people on the ground floor – the ones who make the sale – make the most money on each sale, while those higher up make the least – the EXACT OPPOSITE of the MLM model!

    As always, prove me wrong.

    Note also that not everyone chooses to do the marketing side – some just do deals, instead. Good examples are some of the young people who rent office space at Downers Grove. The don’t recruit, they just do deals and go on vacations when ever they want.

    Now, as to the real estate side of Renatus…

    The first thing we need to understand is that Renatus deals ONLY in real estate investing education. Period, end of statement.

    When you’re talking about the group in Downer’s Grove, that is *NOT* “Renatus” – in fact, there is no single entity there. Bob Tierney, Scott Rowe, and all the other individual investors there are entirely separate individuals and entirely separate business entities. The group in Downers Grove are active investors, student investors and those doing their due diligence before they make their decision.

    Now, do we lend to each other? Absolutely. Do we partner with each other on deals? Absolutely.

    Do we do each other’s deals? Absolutely not! Each investor is responsible for his or her own projects and income. That may be where people come in with inappropriate expectations. If you have a deal, it’s YOUR deal! No one is going to do it for you unless you transfer (“wholesale”) the deal to them, and then you’re out of that picture and need to go find another deal.

    So why the two sides? Real estate and marketing?

    Ask yourself: would YOU want to partner with someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing?

    Do YOU want to take your time to make sure that all the numbers work in the deal someone just asked you about? If you’re smart, you will, but do you REALLY want to repeat the entire process because you can’t be sure the other person knows what they’re doing? Can you trust that they’ve done what they were taught to do if no one taught them?

    Are you an investor or a gambler?

    Investing is our life, our income, our future, our PROFESSION! It’s not a hobby, a job or something we just dabble in. We don’t “try it and see if it works” – we DO IT! …until we MAKE IT WORK!

    We take the time, effort – and yes, expense! – to educate ourselves so we avoid costly mistakes, take a pass on deals that make no financial sense and we use our knowledge to help each other bring deals to fruition.

    Then again, some folks may want everything “done for you” (it never is), and “ten clicks to unlimited income” (never happens). That’s o.k.

    …but they won’t find what they want with Renatus or the group at Downers Grove.

    Hey – investing is not for everyone! Marketing REALLY is not for everyone! So I you didn’t find nirvana in Downers Grove, that’s o.k.! That’s fine! We’re not trying to be everything to everyone!

    However, if you didn’t find what you want with us, all I ask is that you please accept us for what we are: not what you wanted. It doesn’t make you right and us wrong, it just means we weren’t a good match for you and your goals.

    We’ll let you be who and what you are. Please allow us the same courtesy.

    I speak only for myself, my understanding and experience of Renatus, and my view of the group at Downers Grove. My opinions are my opinions. No one asked me to post this, and if I spoke out turn anywhere here, I beg pardon.

    Take care – be well!

    Much Success!

    • Tony Scott wrote, “I feel renatusis close to armondo montelongo just not has aggressive. and not as much access to $$$$”


      Do you have first-hand experience with Armando Montelongo? It seems you do not have first have experience with the Renatus students group at Downers Grove. If you did, you would know that we have access a large pool of private lenders and that we are not “aggressive” – we want people who make INTELLIGENT, informed decisions, not impulsive people. We need people who can think for themselves not those who are easily swayed.

      It’s important to note also that Armando Montelongo and his crew make their money off their TV shows and off their road shows selling their courses – they do not invest actively as a primary source of income.

      The group at Downers Grove are ALL active investors, student investors and those doing their due diligence before they make their decision to become part of the community.

      Oh, yeah – did you check out the local Armando Montelongo community? You couldn’t have – there is none!

      How ’bout the local Rich Dad community? You couldn’t have – there is none!

      How ’bout the local Mark Evans, DM, DN community? You couldn’t have – there is none!

      How ’bout the local Nate Kennedy community? You couldn’t have – there is none!

      How ’bout the local Dean Graziosi community? You couldn’t have – there is none!

      How ’bout the local Jim Fleck community? You couldn’t have – there is none!

      I could go on and on, but I think you’re starting to get the point. The local REIAs try to do what we do, but they lack the resources and the dedicated members.

      If you find something better than the Renatus Community at Downers Grove, do share it with this site’s following! We’d love know about it! We’ll join you there and help you achieve the success you desire!

      In the meantime, why not join us?

      We’ve got a big workshop coming up this weekend, Sept 14 and 15, 2012 – you won’t want to miss it! Renatus instructor Brian Sump is coming out to talk about market analysis and short sales. See, with us you can actually sample our education before you invest! We hold workshops every month.

      Who else does that?

      Contact me via my blog website (click on my name) and I can get you registered!

      Take care – be well!

      Much Success!

  • Piotr,
    I really think you could benefit from an editor, your grammar is wrong in many instances especially in the last third. You have even used the completely wrong word in some cases.

    • Hello Mika,

      Thank you for letting me know. I completely agree with you. My writing is horrid at best usually, especially when I write a blog post. I guess I could go and hire an editor off of the web somewhere to do part time editing for me.

  • This is a really great thread. Here’s my $0.02 – I have been affiliated with Renatus since 2008 when the college was totally live and held in Phoenix, AZ over the course of two years, every other month. Now it’s almost completely online with a few courses (when they are recording new ones) held live in Utah.

    I am also an active real estate investor as a result of the education, which I found exceptionally well done, instructed by real estate investors who are active in the field that they are teaching and “accredited professional” investors (IRS designation) – in other words, real practitioners. Granted, I am an engineer and have had some construction experience, which certainly helped.

    But I have to say that there are plenty of eye-rolling moments at the meetings which, as was pointed out, are primarily directed at recruiting students for the education. Without attempting to sound like an ass, I think that the more educated you already are, the less appealing their meetings are. They sound like so much hype. The only reason that I stuck was because the person that brought me in was a trusted friend that I knew didn’t go for bogus stuff.

    AND it’s too bad that the meetings are this way, because the education is top-notch and as powerful as some of my graduate classes in engineering. I was engaged and riveted in every single course that I took. My take-aways have been huge; the education has served me well and brought me a new life.

  • Just discovered your website while looking for some kind of independent review of Renatus. I attended a Thursday evening meeting last week at the Downers Grove office. What a set-up they’ve got over there!
    I have not yet attended a Friday afternoon or Monday evening follow-up meeting, because I wanted to do some kind of a scam search first. Like complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau or pending Federal Trade Commission investigations. An article in Consumer Reports magazine would be really handy! A brother-in-law (retired bank executive) says it sounds like B.S. But then, he’s always been a very conservative person who takes the “standard” approach to business models and investment strategies. The slightest hint of glad-handing or sales hype will make him growl.
    Your article and your readers’ comments have been helpful. The Thursday evening meeting was certainly inspirational, but it was primarily about the organization and its education program. But, from my perspective (an under-employed lab technician), the presenters looked, well…kind of slick, like the stereotype of the person who is good at everything (or can convince others that he’s really good at something).
    My biggest concern is: how much of a personality change would I need in order to get anywhere with this kind of program?

    • Hello WireTwister,

      There are two types of people that will make it in Renatus type things (MLM and real estate):

      1) The person who loves MLM’s and is very very good at selling people. Generally, these are the well connected people who love to talk to people who have enough money to buy into these kids of programs.

      2) The MOTIVATED real estate investor. If you are going to do the real estate side, you seriously have to be motivated to take action. Some of the information you will learn will be crap, some of it will be great. The Renatus office that I visited (this is years ago now) was largely about building a community and network of fellow RE people who can help you. So you would have to be ‘into’ the community thing in-order to survive there.

      Either way, the renatus people that I have met are largely about selling things, taking action and building communities. If this is something you would be happy in, then it might be worth checking out.

  • My question is, seeing as they are fairly new, does this group as a whole do what they say that they are going to do. I have come across and they are nice people with good intent. It looks like it could get out of hand with the selling but the money you spend should be tax deductible due to it being educational expense. The marketing sounds simple, you introduce someone to the school, they like and join then you get paid advertising from the school. I don’t know, you could either do this and get paid from the school and use their mediocre education system (because its not professional enough i guess) then spend more money somewhere else for about the same info and not get paid for introducing someone to the system… im not knocking it yet. it seems like a young idea and a few kinks need to be worked out with the equipment, and mentoring system according to these comments…

    • Hey Tina, their system is nothing new. It’s a MLM system. Though they’ve also made sure to craft a strong community around getting actual results …. or so I’m told. When I was there the community was pretty useful, with people who are willing to help and introduce you to others. Fun place. It wasn’t a fit for me at the time, so I left. The education quality is … I don’t know. Personally: I think you can get a lot of that same info from the library. But that’s just me. Also from many internet forums, blogs, articles and stuff people give away for free. I don’t think it’s worth the heafty price tag. What is worth it though is the community aspect of things. I’m an introvert, but when I’ve stepped out of my shell and networked the community I’ve build and network have done amazing things for me (I mean my own community and network, not Renatus).

      I suggest you go there a few times, meet with team members and see if it’s something for you.

    • Heh, alright, so the simple answer is this:

      They ARE an MLM sales company for video training real estate products. I can’t say one way or another on their current/latest training material, though I highly doubt it’s worth 25k as from what I saw previously it’s stuff you can learn from the vast articles, books and videos available for free legally online and at your library. Though, the Renatus office I visited really was community orriented and they did have decent leadership and people making money in real estate there, especially through doing partnerships and finding investors there.

      Their sales said is 100% MLM. If you think MLM is a scam, then it’s a scam on that side of things. Their quality of current training materials: I don’t know. Valued at 6K to 25K? I also can’t value it for you, but to me, no it’s not worth that much. The value of the community though seems to be worth it.

      Take that all with a grain of salt as I haven’t talked to any of the higher ups in a few years now, and I’m highly biased against MLM.

      • Well, the Federal Trade Commission has fairly specific definitions of a pyramid scheme and MLM, to which the Rentaus marketing model does not apply. It is more accurately defined as a direct sales model, the difference being that independent marketing affiliates are not employees of the company.

  • Hi! My name is Dale Walker. I read your entire post after researching more about Renatus. I noticed that you mentioned Bob Tierney and that he is the head honcho basically. Is he in charge of the entire company(Renatus) or just that little meetup group?

  • READ THE WHOLE RESPONSE CAREFULLY, JUST BEING FAIR TO THOSE THAT ARE LOOKING FOR A REAL ESTATE EDUCATION OPPORTUNITY AND ARE BRAND NEW TO THE REAL ESTATE INVESTING INDUSTRY – The classes (online – part of a package that you purchase) are exceptional – great Real Estate topics and teachers. Because they are online you can watch them as often as you would like (my package allowed one year access) rewinding, reviewing and participating in them any time of the day/night when it’s convenient for you. They are pre-recorded and you are given access to them via the web. That is a great advantage. What most people that are brand new to RE Investing want is to have experienced people to help you to actually “DO” what it is that they teach you in the classes – taking action is usually where most people have the challenge. In many cases a popular RE Guru comes to town offering a FREE seminar (usually a 2 hour presentation) then encourages you to invest in a LIVE class that is anywhere between 2-5 days for a significant sum of money. The problem is, most brand new RE Investors with no experience are shy to take action after the 3 day intensive is over, they want guidance, help with the details etc. If you have never “done a deal” and have ZERO RE knowledge, sadly, many end up not doing much. Some of the GURUS offer mentorship at a hefty price later on (in excess of 20 K). Renatus is different in that they offer the “community” because their offices are local (in this case NYC) and they meet several times during the week. It sounds excellent when you attend their first informational meeting, because you are made to feel like you will be associating regularly with a group of REAL ESTATE Investors that are available to help you with RE deals and that they even offer a study group weekly to discuss the classes you take. However, this is NOT the case, make no mistake about it – the “RENATUS COMMUNITY” is about MARKETING the education (to you and others) and they spend 85% of the time trying to get YOU to market it after you have purchased an education package. The “meetings” during the week are ALL MARKETING RELATED – mostly about how you can improve your skills in order to get more people to invest in their Renatus education packages. They are undeniably MARKETERS that do a little bit of Real Estate on the side – again 85% of the time is spent MARKETING the education. After you purchase your package, they offer monthly Real Estate seminars (a full day on one Saturday a month) for a $50 fee each time. They work hard to convince you that you need marketing skills to do real estate anyway. This has some truth to it (needing marketing skills to do RE), but marketing is disproportionately focused on instead of learning about RE. You will not get any mentorship or Real Estate related help unless you purchase a package that is 20K or more. Another deception is the idea that this “community” will assist you with deals and that there is a study group that discusses and goes over the online classes (who wouldn’t think that if you can associate with a group of people interested in RE Investing on a weekly basis – how could I NOT get help ?). Again, do not be fooled and clearly understand that the meetings are focused on presenting an overview of the classes that they offer and How to Market 101, 201. 301 etc. all the way up to Advanced Marketing. The study group is extremely inconsistent and barely given an hour a week, they do not even have it on their calendar. It doesn’t have a regular start or end time, it is whatever. It seems that the lowest man or woman on the totem pole is burdened with being in charge of the study group. Complete waste of time as no one in it or running it has significant Real Estate Investing experience to share with those that are trying to learn something significant. It’s an after thought that no one really cares to put time into because they are focused on MARKETING. Just be aware so that you don’t think you’re getting something that you are NOT. When you talk to someone promoting it, ask them how long they have been involved, and how many actual real estate deals they have done. If you are interested in making money marketing the education for RENATUS then this is a great fit for you, however if you are interested in learning how to invest in real estate with real support from other Real Estate Investors maybe NOT, consider yourself honestly informed. Just want to save somebody with investor intentions some aggravation and frustration so you know what you are getting yourself into. These are the real deal facts. No one can deny this.

  • @chykalophiagroup:disqus

    minus reading all of the head pounding information and thoughts of everyone else…. allow me to introduce my self. my name is chris im 23 and looking to start my life up in the real estate and marketing world. good choice bad choice? idk but at this point damn it im willing to try. im new to this i called a number i saw on the side of the road. my parents are very protective and very close minded especially when it comes to this type of situation “SCAM OR NOT”… im tired of living pay check to pay check. tired of feeling like i cant go out and have fun or do much of anything because bills just keep racking up and this whole full time job aint working for me. lets be real one job 10$ an hr for 40 hrs basically pays nothing but my car payment, insurance and phone bill. but im not going to stand for it any more… this call back i got, made me more interested in this “meeting”. including the fact that the sign i got the number from also said “make $1000- $20k a month.. well sounds good sounds like a promising job but as i read its only schooling and a bunch of mentors how the hell are you supposed to work and pay bills with that? all i hear is about giving money to them for your schooling. i dont hear anything that shows its a job. and of course making that kind of money is obviously if your certified right? well how can one become certified if you dont even have 50$ for the first class let alone even their so called “packages”? hell im lucky if a make a full tank last til the end of the week and able to put 40$ in and that still doesnt suffice.. i however am not closed minded and interested in broadening my horizons and i thought it would be my best chance to say F it and take a risk and call that number. so i did,. the call i got back today and was asked to come to the thurday night meeting oct 1. next week will be my FIRST introduction to the RE and marketing world. now in regards to this post or blog that you wrote that is 3 pages long at the end you said to give you a call… well you never posted a number email or any contact information so i guess it makes it hard to call you. i personally would like to get some more information on it and how it has successfully helped you, as you said its not a scam and its great… i would like to meet in person and actually get a full understanding before i walk through those doors and figure out if its really worth it… in the end of reading all of this, it doesnt sound to promising doesnt sound like its worth it, it sounds like a more a marketing scam and all schooling then it is to actually to help you build your way up. ok so you got the schooling you got their information now what do you do? how do you go out on your own and start making money in the RE and marketing world?… perhaps im being prejudge-mental and not getting a full GRASP on this. it would be much obliged if you could get ahold of me via email. i know i sound so nieve about this well go figure im just now getting into it first time and starting out young so i can become established. build credit earn money my own place. perhaps this isnt the place to start…im actually trying to get on my own feet and grow up. they say its all about making connections because you never know who your going to meet and who will take you under their wing…. maybe im losing my mind but if you could please email me back that would be great! my email is [email protected]

  • I started with Renatus a few years ago, but i do remember the first time i seen the details of the business, Everything sounded good but i was still a little skeptic of the program. because i seen so much junk out there, it was a little difficult to decided if i was with a good company or not? Luckily i kept checking it out kept coming to events and meeting different individuals having success. I started realizing that this business works as long as i apply what i was learning. Im so happy i made the decision to get started & its been the best financial move i ever made hands down! Im now a full time real estate investor & business owner & help many others do the same. i m a real person pushing forward to make a difference. If you need help getting started or just want to talk with someone about their experience, feel free to connect with me on Facebook. Best regards!


    • Hey Landon. Thank you for being so informative and providing your Facebook page. It was nice to be able to put a face with a positive review. I learned of Renatus about 2 years ago, had some doubts and thought nothing more of it. Then it came up again a few months ago, so I figure this is something to not take lightly. After much research, will be moving forward with the courses this year. I also checked your page and see that you are indeed a real person and appear to be successfully working as a Real Estate Investor as a result of the Renatus education. Credibility is everything. Again, thanks for the post. You rock! ?

    • Landon thank you for being honest and wanted to help other, i just heard about Renatus this week and attend yesterday to the meeting, i all ways wanted to do Real State but hard working too many hours to get the money to survive; this is a taft decision to make and worries me that this is not real, they told us that we will have access to the course for life because it will be update frequently, so i will keep researching it a little more i’m hard worker and don’t want to waste my time. thank you again for providing your Facebook you are the best.

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