More Digital Scam Update! A Direct Response!

More Digital ( has been sending out e-mails to many blog owners, in many niches, for many months (if not years) in-order toย solicitย text ads (link ads) to be put on those blogs. If you received an e-mail from More Digital saying that they found your website and wish put to their sponsors links on it, then you are one of the many who will want to read this post AND my previous post.

Edit 1 (January 5th, 2011): There is an update regarding payments from More Digital. Read all about it here.

Overview and disclaimers:

My previous post about More Digital was about getting that first initial e-mail and the responses that followed. Also included were stories from people and how it turned out. But let me be clear on a few things:

  • The bad stories I have posted on that article are only a set of people who've had a bad experience.
  • I am not trying to put any biased information here (or there), I am meerly stating the facts as I have received them (thus to be believed as good representations) and my own (paranoid) opinion on them. Take everything with a grain of salt and judge for yourself if you want to do business with More Digital.
  • I have removed names of the people involved (in the e-mail conversations) for obvious reasons.
  • Any updates made to the post were made from information from other people.
  • I cannot say if More Digital is a good nor bad company. It's not something I can comment on nor will I. So do they ‘scam‘ people? I cannot say with 100% certainty. All I do know so far is this:
    • One (or two) confirmed accounts of people not being paid after 1+ week.
    • Their clients links are primarily in these niches: gambling, gaming, health (? not 100% sure it was there). I do not remember off-hand what else. But those, I think, were the primary ones.
    • The people who contact you in the original e-mail will NOT be listed on their company website.
    • They are a UK based legally entity (at least I'm pretty sure they are a proper corporation from what I have read in other places).
    • They do send out mass (templated) e-mails to niche bloggers. This is probably the only part as far as I know which can be considered spam.
    • They have been around for a little while.

The Big Update!

The big update is that I received a direct e-mail from More Digital concerning the article I wrote. Below is the entire e-mail.

from: Sarah Daly <>
to: <my e-mail address was here>
date: Mon, Oct 11, 2010 at 2:20 AM
subject: Responses for you from More Digital
Hi Piotr,
I found your blog and thought I would introduce myself. Sarah Daly. I manage More Digital.
Firstly, thanks for thinking of working with us. If we have a client that suits your niche sites, and you are still open to it, we'll be in touch again.
In the meantime, you've posed a couple of questions about who we are and what we do. I thought I would take the opportunity to answer some of those for you.
1) Do our staff exist? The answer is yes. I'm sitting in a room with them right now. Monday morning. I think they need coffee ๐Ÿ™‚ We don't list all of our advertising staff on our staff page. We instead focus on showing our management and consulting crew. If you do need to get in touch with anyone from the advertising team, you can use the email and we make sure we deal with the query.
2) Why was there a payments delay? We try to get payments to all of our webmasters within 48 hours. Its one of the indicators by which I measure our success. I want to make sure each webmaster gets what they expect, as fast as possible. We rely on third party payments providers, like PayPal and moneybookers, to transfer funds to webmasters. This is where our stated timeframe most often falls down. Unfortunately we have experienced significant problems with PayPal over the last 2 months. At the moment, our average payment timeframe is back to 48 hours. We hope to keep it there.
3) Do we SPAM? Absolutely not. We found your site while searching for pages related to our clients industries. One of our team looked through your site and thought it may be suitable for us to work with. So we found your email address and contacted you. I am glad you responded.
Finally, you give some good advice on how to make sure you, and others, are protected. In the end, it is your site and you are in control over what is placed on it.
Hopefully you can confirm to your readers that we are very real, are keen to do our best to make sure our advertising process is efficient, and are looking forward to working with you and your commenters in the future.
Best regards,
So there you have it! An official response from More Digital!
Quick summary:
  • The people at More Digital ‘exist'.
  • Payment delays are due to ‘something‘ going wrong with Paypal… no word on what said problems might be.
  • They don't spam. They do what most niche marketers would do: go out and select a few sites and mail them specifically. Soooo… is it unsolicited? Yes. Spam? Not really. If you consider any mail which you don't want to receive as ‘spam', then yes. They are spamming. But in that case so have you! Everyone is guilty of spamming by that harsh definition. They are actually not spamming emails as far as we know.

With this my friends, make your own decisions!

  • Richard, 100% agreed… I’m not saying they are doing anything wrong, I’m just trying to get to the bottom of the situation.

    My PERSONAL main area of concern is quality of link and the amount they pay. For me, it’s not worth it. *shrug*.

    Also, updates from Dan which weren’t posted here but to my e-mail:

    Dan ask’s and makes several points: Where is the proof of Google’s terms of service for no-follow links or paid links? Why isn’t THAT particular issue front and center on my article? The Price is a personal matter and not something that is ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ by any means.

    And Dan says there is a response from More Digital:

    “Here is More Digitals response to your claim that their service
    interferes with Google:

    Thank you for your email. I dont see how we break any rules from
    Google. What we’re offering is a simple text-based advertising deal
    with the hopes of providing more visibility for our client. Product
    and service visibility is very essential in online marketing and this
    is what we’re after.

    We have been closing around 600 similar advertising deals over the
    last two years and have yet to receive feedback, from any of the
    website owners, that our adverts caused them problems with Google.

  • Just a quick response to Enx – previous poster.

    I don’t agree with you that no-one clicks on Google Adsense ๐Ÿ™‚

    OK, the Click Through Rate (CTR) may not be very high, but if you nurture your Adsense account and sift out irrelevant adverts on a semi-regular basis, including making sure that the keywords on your pages are the same as the content of your website, you’ll find that the Google Ads actually complement the content of your site.

    I’m looking at my main page right now and I can see ‘Rare vinyl records’, something about ‘The Beatles’, trips to Buenos Aires – which I’ll have to filter out, and so on… a good selection of relevant advertising.


  • I got the e-mail from them, saw this article and cotnacted them anyway (nothing to lose).
    i stated in my e-mail that I’ve heard negative things about them but that I’m giving them the benefit of doubt. I also asked could they send me the paypal receipt number once payment has been made as proof.

    I created the blog post with (subtle link- ) and she told me payment would be about 2 days. 2 days later-nothing. So I emailed back politely and payment was made then within 8 hours.
    So I’m happy with it anyway. The amount isn’t massvie but better than a big fat 0

  • Hey everyone, i just got an email from this company, the lady calls herself Martha. They say clearly they are an english company in an office in London but if thats the case why did they email me at 2am and 5am in the morning, i live in London too and i don’t think their offices are open at that time…. Im thinking this is a scam…

  • LOL. Boo, go ahead and try by yourself. You have nothing to lose. Use paypal as payement method.
    I’m pretty sure they use something like a website scanner, and send the same email to everyone. That could explain that date. They’re not scammers.

  • This was NOT a scam. I dragged my feet deciding what to do, and finally just put up the link-ad that they requested. It didn’t hurt my site to do it. I felt like I had nothing to lose. Then, within a few days, maybe a week, I got the money they promised. I don’t know how long it took, I wasn’t nervously checking my Paypal account every hour for it. It arrived, that’s all I know, and all it took was a tiny link. Easy money.

  • Hi Piotr,

    Found your post via a search after being contacted by this company. Because of some comments by your readers, I’ve decided to try it out (on a website that I don’t care all that much about ๐Ÿ™‚ ). I’ll try to post an update when I get a response!

  • Just had an email from these guys.

    They used an email address that is unique to our domain registration details, so I think that it is highly unlikely that they have actually visited our site.

    I think that we will give this “opportunity” a miss.

  • Hello everyone,

    Im in touch with moredigital since yesterday, and i think i will check it on 3 of my sites. They
    propose me 130$ each.

    Ill post the results.

    Greetings from Poland,

  • Hello Piotr,

    first of all i must say that there’s alot of reading here in this article and more in comment section. About more digital? They’re not fake, they’re real. They pay you and sometimes it can be late but they always pay you, however if someone in their team is messing with the clients by using their name then i Dont think you wouldn’t understand you do!

    They have paid me for like 3 times and i got like 160, 200, 240 dollars from them. and still i will be getting maybe 200 if they agreed to my quotes price for their link to be appear on my site which is i guess going to happen in a day or two.

    Regarding white hat seo and black hat seo, i would suggest to all of you that please use their links on your site wisely, naturally and genuinely. Google doesn’t like blogs selling links by using their PR juice. PR is not intended to be used in this purpose. So if you use any link on your blog post then blend it like its a proper natural link and its not used commercially.

    Final conclusion is that Before making any statements it is always best to ask from people then make strong accusations. I Dont work with them if it imprints something similar lol but i do understand that not everyone is treated the same way and not everyone is wise ;p so its better to ask other wise people ๐Ÿ˜€ Oh and beware Google’s recent update is live and they’re penalizing such websites who sell links so make changes asap and save yourselves.



  • Heh, got an email from them this week too.
    Were interested in a blog that I hadn’t updated in two years (so not sure if they actually looked at it), but it is an old, existing domain, so guess there must be some link juice (and they found out about my blog through some SEO tool).
    They contacted me through whois domain info, which gets forwarded as it’s been proxied.
    Am willing to go along with it, finally making some money, and extend the domain for another year (and have plenty of leftovers, if end when they pay).
    I might add the no-follow until they pay though, that’s a good tip (and something they fail to mention in their terms).

  • I put the ads and they paid , but the google traffic that I had 400 perday now is 130 per day ?!!
    wtf ???
    am I getting slammed by google because of the link ? ( I think I am, happened 2days after I put the link )
    what do I do ?

    • Depends what you put the links. There was a recent update in Google’s algorithms and many many people got their traffic cut by half or more even though they were 100% legit sites! I wouldn’t think that it would be because of a single link, though I can’t be sure without significantly more research.

      Things you can do, find out where your original traffic was coming from and see if you dropped in rankings. If you did, try to see who’s above you or other potential reasons for dropping in traffic.

      • the link that I put on site belonged to a gambling site(Bingo) , I think this could be a good reason if google has blacklisted that site and since I linked to them,I got slapped too ๐Ÿ˜

  • Whether or not they are a scam (it looks to me “not exactly but take a long spoon”), in common with one or two others I’d like to question Sarah Daly’s claim that they actually read the site and look for an appropriate ad partner, and do not spam. We’re a moderately high-end consultancy in the IT sector – if they’d even glanced at our website (perhaps particularly the photo of our building) they’d realise they’re not exactly looking at someone operating out of their garage, nor is it a personal blog where a small amount of beverage money would be welcome – although I do have one of those separately! $140 doesn’t make our hourly charging out rate for a senior consultant; it’s barely two hours for a junior. I should think it would be pretty obvious to them that there’s no place for ads of any kind – much less gambling, dating or whatever – if they had taken even a moment to look at the site.

  • Firstly, thanks for such a meaningful convo, especially the follow-up comments.. I was about to got caught up in their offer, but, some how, read this great-2 post & may be, I have been saved…

    I say, may be, becuase, I unfortunately, wrote their article (which they e-mail themselves) & after about 20 minutes, in my statcounter records, I am noticing google bot has crawled twice & that’s making me very-2 nervous :(…

    Thou, I am myself a blogger & can a lot of rush by mentioning this on my blog, but, hope, PK will remember this gesture of mine & will, hopefully, become a friend for life after reading on :)…

    I have managed to track their IP & location (thanks to the statcounter records)….

    Firstly, let me tell you a bit about my site ::

    We run a particular sports forum & have grown by leaps & bounds in the last 7 months, thanks to our social networking presence..

    So, on forums, as you most will be aware, putting HTML code is not allowed by default because of security reasons..

    So, luckily, when I put in BB code of that external particular link whom they call they call to be their clients, may be, they were unable to check the link via proxy links, so, yes, they actually, opened from their real IP…

    Every one, will ask, how do I know that? I mean, how am so sure, it was their IP from which the link got opened….

    2 proofs ::::::::::::

    (i) Referring link that gets shown on Statcounter clearly shows the referring link is (the email service provider of moredigital is having the IP )

    (ii) Luckily, I had posted their article on a segment which I have on my site as forum integration & on which I have a completely different statcounter code, which helps me to easily analyze & catch every hit very easily ๐Ÿ™‚

    iii) Whats best, they got caught, becuase, they checked with in 10 minutes of my e-mail :)….

    So, now, what will stun you is that they are based in Makati, Philippines…..

    I have the screen-shot of their IP as well from my statcounter records which I will be happy to share with PK again (I repeat, its just that because of this article by PK, that I understood how these scamsters work)…

    Initially, I thought of sharing these details on my blog, but, looked unethical, so shared all this here :)…

    having said that, what they were paying was a peanut for me, I was just trying just out of curiousity & inquisitiveness :)….

    I repeat, I am not saying that they don’t pay…………..

    (i) but, mentioning a wrong address is clear fraud for me…

    (ii) needless to say, when they see, that the client is getting too techy or showing his intelligence, they stop replying…….. e.g. when I said that sorry, I cant put HTML code, whats the harm in this BB code, they will never reply………….

    So, my advise, if you have a blog/web-site which doesn’t need SEO, go for it & be happy with the maximum 170 to 180 USD that they will offer for promoting web-sites which have a 99.99% of killing your SEO…

    good luck :)….

    So, good luck for me & for all my fellow friends, who will read this, guys, they are based in makati

  • Interestingly, I got the standard email from them this morning. I first had a mail from them months ago and I agreed to carry ads, but had nothing more from them. I get the enquiry again today. I certainly would not balk at 100usd per month even if it did mess with SEO.
    This will be interesting. I’ll wait and see what happens!


    • Hey Marty … they offered $100 PER MONTH? Wow … I would take that! They only offered me $100 per year. No thanks. But yes, please do let us know how it goes. I’d be super interested at an extra $100 free per month.

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