Scam Or Not? “Subject: Enquiry regarding ….” Email!

Many website owners have seen a rather ominous e-mail floating by their e-mail boxes lately. An e-mail from a person at a UK based company More Digital ( It seems like a rather random e-mail, especially when it's unsolicited!
A quick search on the internet will pop up many other's who are thinking the same thing … Are these people a scam or not? Sadly that question cannot be answered as of yet. So far they seem very legit. Or do they?

Edit (Sept 28th, 2010): Just heard back from them. In the original e-mail I told them that sure, we will allow text ad links on our site(s) assuming they agree to our conditions (detailed below in the original article). They finally replied, saying that everything was ok on terms, except they had no clients meeting our criteria. We have niche specific websites so their original niches of “Health/Gaming” (and a few others which I don't remember) really didn't fit. So they asked if they could “keep our site on record” to be contacted later. So we'll see how that goes. To be continued!

Edit 2 (October 1st, 2010): So here is some updated information about More Digital:

They have a very bad WOT (web of trust) rating: … It's all in the red (ie: bad). That really doesn't help their case. Also, as one of the readers pointed out whoever you are talking to from More Digital may not even exist. For example, the commenter was talking with “Alex” though they aren't listed at all on the contact page for the company:

Now, does that prove anything? NO! Most companies in the world will NOT publish a full roster for very good reasons (privacy, security ….). So ‘Alex' might just be a freelance e-mail sales person, a independent contractor or just someone hired from a freelance site (or off the street). So, it's possible they aren't listed people USUALLY only the executive C-class employees are listed.

But you'd think a sales person might be? Who knows.

Huge Edit 3 (October 13th, 210): So, I got an e-mail directly from More Digital about this article and it's response. Check out what they said and let me know what you think!

But the import thing here to note (from the readers comments), is that the link was up on their site FOR A WEEK! and they still haven't been paid. Then More Digital asked to put up more links and never even paid the reader. Now that is complete B.S. and scammy action.

BE WARNED. You might not get paid by More Digital. So far no one came forward with saying that they were paid. Only time will tell!

Edit 4 (January 5th, 2011): I have some updated information about who gets paid and who doesn't. Click here to read my article about payments from More Digital.

Let's take a look at the original e-mail. It is a template e-mail which they mass send out to people:

Date: <date be here>
To: <FIRSTNAME> <you @ yourwbsite adress>
Subject: Enquiry regarding <YOURSITE<.com


I work for More Digital; a UK based Digital Marketing Consultancy.

We represent clients interested in social media marketing on smaller sites with little or no existing advertising and we're currently looking for advertising partners.

We pay a fixed upfront annual fee which we will agree on with you. Once the ad is in place, payment is made within approximately 48 hours.

Would you be interested in placing a small text-based ad on

Kind regards,

This e-mail message is strictly confidential. It is intended solely for the person or organisation to whom it is addressed and contains confidential or privileged information. If you have received it in error, please notify [email protected] immediately and destroy this e-mail and any attachments. You must not disclose, copy, distribute or take any action in reliance on this e-mail or any attachments. Views or opinions presented in this e-mail are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of More Digital.

More Digital does not accept liability for any data corruption, interception, unauthorised amendment, viruses and delays or the consequences thereof relating to this or any other email. Any e-mail or attachment is opened at your own risk.

To help protect you, this email (ID-<10 DIGIT NUMBER>) was scanned for viruses by Norton AntiVirus.

E-mails like this always put me off a bit honestly. I'm not one to take lightly to unsolicited solicitations. Life has also taught me to take everything with a grain of salt … and then some!

So I researched and checked out their site and it seems rather legit. So I thought, ok. Let's e-mail them back and let's see what they say.

There are a few things I made 100% clear to them though. These are things that you should also do inorder to protect yourself.

Why protect yourself?

Simple, you protect yourself legally and you won't get the Google Slap.

What More Digital is offering is a paid link. Paid links are not allowed under Google. BUT there are ways for it to be ok with Google as per their article here:

  • Adding a rel=”nofollow” attribute to the < a > tag
  • Redirecting the links to an intermediate page that is blocked from search engines with a robots.txt file

So just make any link they give you a no-follow link and you'll be ok!

What to tell them to make sure you are protected:

One of the first things you should tell them is that you will have to approve any links first. Also that they will be no-follow links. Here's a list of what you should probably tell them (in these words or preferably in your own words):

  • The links will be no-follow links
  • You will have the option to approve links before they go live (ie: you can check out the websites you'll be linking to)
  • You will set the time frame or amount the links are seen
    • They offer one set price for one year. Turn this down. Say them instead something like: monthly payments for unlimited views
    • Price per estimated clicks
    • Price per views of page with the anchor text on it
  • Add option to remove links if the linked-to website ever becomes a ‘bad' site. Ie, if that site ever becomes a spam/maleware site/illegal content you have the right to remove the link with no recourse on their part.
  • If you have a higher traffic site, obviously ask for more money than what they offer. They offered $100 USD for links on our sites. Umm .. yeah, too low for the traffic we get. But the price really is up to you.
  • Optional suggestion: tell them the price is PER different website link. Ie, if they want to link to and then it would be $200 not $100… for example.
  • Ask for which niche's the sites are in that they want to link to from your site.

Stuff along those lines. I'd copy the e-mail I sent to them here for you guys and gals, but we (More Media and my clients) are currently in talks so it might ruin things if I do. Sorry! But once things are ok or once they fall apart I'll post it here.

So what did they reply with? Well, they said things like this:

  • “More Digital only work with contextual, natural adverts”
  • Their writers will write the ad for you to “match” and “blend in” to your site.
  • If you're not happy with the anchor text, you can suggest a different one.
  • The ad will just be an text link somewhere on one page
  • You will be paid via Paypal or Moneybookers
  • You'll get your money 3-4 business days after the link is put up.

So, lets take a look at the company More digital.

They are up on Web Of Trust:

They got a lot of complaints of spam … presumably from the mass e-mails they sent out.  It doesn't look too good from Site Advisor either:

There is a small disccusion on this forum about it:

The people there haven't decided if it's a good deal or not yet. My recommendation would be exactly like what one of the thread replies said: Just go for it. You've got nothing to loose. Just make sure to protect yourself from the Google Slap and other things.

Always use a CYA letter … a Cover Your Ass letter which let's you pull out of anything goes bad (see above).

So what did we do?

We are currently going forward with it. We'll see if they pay up and agree to our terms. I'm not going to go forward with something if I'm not protected legally.

Ultimately the choice is yours.

Have any of you gotten such a e-mail? What do you guys do or respond with? Let us know in the comments!


  • Just wanted to say that I was approached by this company recently and am happy to report I didn’t have a negative experience with them. One of their link builders offered me a flat rate, which I found to be fair and commensurate to my sites level of visibility. I was pretty skeptical after reading the comments posted here, so I brought these comments to the link builder’s attention. They explained that they did have some problems initially with paypal, but in time everyone had been paid. After some consideration, I decided I didn’t have anything to lose, so I agreed to their proposition and they paid me within two or three days. I can’t speak for anyone else, or to the truth of the claim that all their prospects were paid, but I can say that I was able to do business with them without any issues.

  • I got one from More Digital as well and they seem a little shady however another company paid me over $300 for one link and they initially contacted me by an email that I thought was spam. You never can tell who is legit these days. My advice. If you have never heard of the company best not to risk being black listed by Google.

  • I also did not have a bad experience from them.Although at first i wasn’t sure what their ad had in common with my website (Punk Rock shows in Los Angeles) but after a few emails back and forth we agreed on a price and i was paid in full.It’s been a full year since then and nothing bad has come out of it.

  • I was contacted by this company today as well. Usually scam is full of typos and also their mail server was not blacklisted on the usual spam houses so I googled around instead of simply trashing the mail.

    When I found your site I replied to the mail explaining that I am so not interested and asked to delete me from their system. I also added some of their staff members to CC according to the mail address pattern I figured from your blog, my own mail and another example on the net. All mails hit a box so I guess I somehow spammed back.

    One hour later I got a reply from the sender: “I understand. We will ensure you are noted as ‘not to be contacted’. All the best.”

    Hope this is it. I also can see no reason how someone might even come to the idea to place ads on our website.

  • Hi there, Piotr.

    I’ve recently received an email from More Digital regarding their interest in advertising on my website. I’ve replied to them and am very keen on what would they reply.

    After I’ve bounced on ur site, i’ll think i’ll give them a shot. =P.

    • Hey Random Apples,

      Thanks for your comment. So you are going to give them a shot? Please let me know how it turns out!

      Interesting site by the way! What is the topic/theme of your site?


  • I didnt see it as a scam at all, they gave me the email and after 48 hours and many requests, they paid me the $120 that they said they would. I have not been blacklisted by google after having the ad up for a week, but I well see what happens next 😀

  • Hello everyone,

    Yesterday, I received that same email from More Digital everybosy has received. I don’t use Google AdSense, so Google can’t complain or slap me.

    I will do some more research about them before moving forward. Thanks for your comments.


  • Hello-

    I just rec’d an email from them today and I replied back. This is the second company to contact me asking for something like this and its been very lucrative. I am interested to see what kind of money they’re offering

  • lol i was thinking about that too tom, about how many ppl that were actually from more digital that were vouching 4 the website and its legitimacy im still confused some ppl say they got they;re money some didnt i still dont know if its a scam or not, And Piotr Krzyzek what exactly would put me in violation of the google adsense program when it comes to placing ads on my site?

  • I received “the email” 9/5/11. It sounded interesting but I wondered how they found me, so I wrote back telling them sure, send me the details. They did, $100 for a text link and $150 for a whole page for 12 months. I didn’t think that was enough money. Now that I’ve read these posts, I think I will pass.
    Thanks much!

  • I got the email from moredigital less than a month ago, same conditions like everyone else. They offered me $150 for posting a post on my page with the anchor word. We negotiated and agreed on $75. My website is urban celebrity entertainment gossips I mostly cover hip hop news. So they were going to write a content for me with the anchor word inside of it. They chose a topic about band Kiss which doesn’t fit in with my content on the website. Their anchor word was “party poker” for the italian poker website. I decided then to write my own post and just put the anchor word inside of it, which I did and emailed to them. They told me to go ahead and post it. The post is about Nicki Minaj on a Cosmopolitan cover it’s still on my website so you can find it and the anchor word is highlighted in red. I’m telling all these details to prove you that I’m not working for moredigital or anything like that, I’m a real person who decided to go ahead and give them a try. The next day after I posted I got $175 transferred to my paypal account. Even though they said 24-48 hrs, but it was there in less than 24 hrs. So I had a really good experience with them. If anyone needs proof I can email screenshots of my correspondence with moredigital

  • Wow! Such a wealth of information. Like others, we have to wonder how many of the posts are shills.
    Also worth noting is that, so far, no one has responded to Piotr’s questions about types of link, etc.

    We have hundreds of highly-ranked websites, and thought it interesting that they picked one, which, while successful, is hardly our largest or highest-ranking. Dozens of our sites are at the top of the search engines for multiple keyphrases, so, that raised a question.

    More to the point, perhaps, Piotr, you are a regular, everyday hero. Entirely generous of you to provide this service. Plus, it’s great that you’re at the top of the search engines.

    We will tentatively go ahead, using the guidelines you provided in this post, and, out of both gratitude to you and a wish to see scummers squashed, will be happy to keep you guys posted

  • I had a smiliar sketch experience. I didn’t go as far as getting to the payment option. Their whole pitch comes off as a scam, hence how I ended up here.

  • Same here. Put up a link, after 5 days they asked for a change. I changed it. Required payment immediately. No reply, so the link is out.

    Sad that they take advantage, and some may just leave their link up not knowing what to do.

  • Well, they’re pretty real. I’m not sure why you guys weren’t paid but after being skeptical at first i decided to just go through with it (won’t hurt since they’re the one who’s gonna make the content of the ad as well so you’re not risking to lose any time anyway), I got paid 140usd for a not-too-flashy ad post and i’m very happy with it.

  • Thank you for posting. My webhost got the email word for word (about a year after the email got to you!) and I’m “on the fence” because the terms of service include not revealing their name or relationship between MOREdigital, their client, and me. I regularly meet with other bloggers, and contracting with them and fielding questions would be a dilemma for me.

  • Hi folks,

    Just got this email too from an “Amanda McRae” – with text identical to that above.

    I thought it sounded a bit strange but I said I’d reply anyway – asked what information they’d need from me etc. – but glad I found this site now. Something just didn’t sit right to be honest with it.

    Think I might have some fun with them and see if this “Amanda” really is real. Couple of emails back and forth – especially if it is a scam!!

  • Hay Guys,
    Received the same email from them yesterday. I replyed requesting more info, just to see what they say. Don’t feel I’m going to go ahead with it anyway, sounds too scamy to me.

  • I had this mail but it said they definitely wanted to place an add. I phoned after the email came in, the robot-like answer was that they had decided to go with someone else!!

  • Piotr,
    I received a similar e-mail and responded in interest but haven’t heard back from them yet. The information you provided is very useful and am not certain I want to deal with them. Thanks for sharing. ps: are there legitemate companies out there that offer this same service as well and has an excellent payment processing reputation?.

  • Hello Piotr,

    I got an email this morning from Z a c . I wrote back to him, that I am not really interested in putting ads on a private project. After about 30min I got an answer where they offered more information about the ads they would like to place on my site. That they offer around 125USD for a 12 month ad placement and he told me that tehy have an unobtrusive style that they tailer to my site.

    I asked them a couple questions couple minutes ago. Waiting for an answer. I post it when I get it.

    Thanks for your posts here. Helped me to understand their emails.

  • I also received and email from this company yesterday. I asked for more information and Donna replied back rather quickly with very similar responses to those already listed in this thread. I let them know I would get back to them today.
    Thanks for the article and letting this thread run. It has been very useful to me and my websites.

    • Hey there Mobile Marketing company! Hmm, I’m not sure if I should allow keywords in the names, but you name a quality comment so I’ll let it slide this time 😉

      Though please do let me know how it works out with you and More Digital. I’m holding off on writing a “conclusion” article until I gather a lot more information.

      Best of you to you mate!

  • Hi,

    Yes – I have received three enquiry emails (all for different sites) from Adrian of ‘Moredigital’, and the same pattern of emails follow, all as per your article – I don’t understand what he (or the company) gains from this?

    Answers on a postcard please…..



    • The company gains links for the well paying clients. Quality PR links at that. The big question becomes whether you want to risk being ‘sandboxed’ in Google because it is against google’s policy to accept paid links in that form.

  • Hi
    Me too. Janet at More Digital has promised $125 USD for a text link
    on my blog. I shall let you guys know how it goes and indeed if they pay.

  • I also got contacted by them and after a few e-mails I wrote:
    “Hi Joanna,

    you may send more details, but:

    1. Google does not accept paid links. This means I will have to add a rel=”nofollow” attribute to the “a” tag or redirecting the links to an intermediate page that is blocked from search engines with a robots.txt file. If you have any other idea please let me know.
    2. If any of the linked websites becomes a spam/maleware site/illegal content, I will have the right to remove the link.
    3. If payment is not made within 48hrs all links will be removed from the website.

    Let me know if there is a problem with the above points.

    ……………….. ”

    and 2 days later she relied:

    “Hi …,

    Thank you for your email.

    I’m afraid your suggestion doesn’t match any of our clients’ current campaigns.

    Best regards,
    Joanna ”

    seems like you have to play buy their rules….

  • I got contacted by them few months back requesting for ads placements with an offer of 120$ for 1 year ads placement.
    it is my habit to always do some check on the advertisers website or account before doing a deal with them.
    guess what? found so many bad reviews about this company on google.
    Just search ‘More Digital Scam’ and you’ll find bunch of disappointed bloggers.

    But i thought.. ok i’ll give it a shot. And i replied to their email stating that i am interested.
    They replied back saying that we’ll be in touch. It was on November last year.

    Three days ago i got email from the same person who contacted me last year, saying that they have an advertiser ready for me. and they will pay me $140.
    Again I googled about this company, still got the same result, saying that this guys is scammer.
    I said to them that i will only put the article live after i receive the payment. He said No.
    After few long argument then finally he agreed to pay me first. And there goes.. they sent me 140$ before i create an article for them on my site.

    So this company is actually paying, well at least they pay me .

  • Hi,
    after spending 1 hour reading this post, after evaluating my talks with MDigital (coz I received the email too), I can ensure this has to be a kind of Indian people living in the UK and doing their own business.
    A lot of comments here are from themselves, I’m pretty sure.

    I do not know if someone got paid by them, it can be, because all this seems a way of scam to place some sites in a well google rank. So, they earn money for this, they can spend 10% of their gains in lying people. We are the lied people, who got paid defends the site. It’s a tactic, these indian guys are a bit clever, but don’t thrust on them at all. Perhaps you can try to get that “pittance”, but you will be working for them, they will earn money from thirds to position other sites, and the business rules for them.

    I think I’m not in a bad way, I spent time on this conversation and this sounds like a perfect SCAM.

    Have a nice day

  • Just read this because I got the email too.
    A point of interest was that they sent the email through my whois contact info and not the email address that I advertise on my website.

  • Just to add that I’ve also been contacted by these guys. I’m going to give them a shot with all the usual prerequisites to adhere to Google rules since I’m using AdSense as well. The way I see it, at the very worst, I have a text link on my site for 48 hours, and I don’t get anything.

    What I did find odd though is, the email was addressed to me by name – my name is not listed in my domain whois, nor is it the name set on my outgoing email address that they contacted me with. One possibility is that they actually visited my website, and came across my about page (logs show the about page WAS visited 2 times and that is fairly rare for me) which is the only place (that I am aware of) that my name appears unprotected (FB/Twitter are completely private) on the Internet. Interesting/odd…

    Either way, as I mentioned earlier, I’ll give them a shot and see if it works out. No harm trying I suppose. Will post back with more information if and when available.

    • Allow me to clarify further before we move forward. We can not work with an additional ‘nofollow’ attribute NOR a redirect via intermediate page. Apologies if my last email was unclear on this matter.

      This was in one of their replies to me. I’m going to proceed with them and see what happens.

  • Nice work, Piortr.

    When I was upfront with them about the Google ‘nofollow’ rule, they put me off saying their client found another site to target.

    My advice…unless you don’t care about your site, be patient and don’t be penny-wise and dollar-foolish.

    The Sports Archives

    • I hear ya Mike. That’s a true and tried statement, all too many people are “penny-wise and pound-foolish”. Sad sad world.

      In this day-in-age were SOPA and ACTA are everywhere, I’d be VERY VERY careful about who I link to.

  • It’s weird Biatch0 that you mention the name thing, as the addressed me my nickname which isn’t listed anywhere except on my Commission Junction account and I recently just added this site to my CJ account. Funny a few days later I get an email addressed to “[email protected]” and referring to me as “Nickname”. I’m not saying there is any link i just found this very coincidental.

  • I received payment to my Moneybookers account approximately 16 hours from the time they replied to my email with payment information. The ad chosen for my site was a poker site; which involved creating a page with some template text (which appeared to be an article) with a link to said site which fit in to the article itself – pretty much looked like any article you would read on a blog. I actually delayed in replying to them for a few days after the article had been published and approved by them, and they actually contacted me asking for account information for payment.

    All is well… However, to address the other comment that came later…

    Google “nofollow” rule – This would likely be a fairly major issue for some people. However, my site has very, very, very low traffic. For reference, I’ve been using AdSense (on and off, mostly on) since 2004… and at the moment I have US$40 in my AdSense account. At this rate, my first cheque of US$100 from Google will be received some time in 2024. Essentially, my Google AdSense revenue is low enough that I’m prepared to forfeit it if need be. This is the only reason I chose to proceed with this “experiment” – besides the theoretical US$40 that I might lose, I would gain far more with these guys (MoreDigital)… not to mention I get to share that information here.

    If there’s any other information you guys may be interested in, drop a comment and I’ll try to fill in the blanks.


    – MoreDigital appears to pay on time and with little hassle
    – they appear to have a new rule with regards to “nofollow”, which is not allowed
    – redirect via intermediate page is also a no

  • I got the exact same email about two weeks ago and have been ruminating on whether to take them up on their offer because it just sounds scammy. Thanks for the advice about avoiding the Google slap, I had not even considered that. I think I am going to try them out and if they don’t pay in a timely manner or change the links, I will drop them. I will also follow up with you here to let you know what te experience is. I do not have a huge amount of confidence in this site though after reading this page and several others.

    • Hey Patrick, my biggest worry about the google slap is the concern in Google’s policies about paid links that use the ‘do follow’ tag … basically, any sort of advert ‘should’ be ‘no-follow’ …. or something along those line. Best of luck to you mate!

      • Hi Piotr,

        I have received a few requests from moreditigal and found this thread when researching their company. The thread is extremely intgeresting, but I am a bit confused about the Google tie-in that keeps showing up in this thread.

        I maintain several small websites, but all are virtual domains on shared servers that I pay for – none of them are “on” a google server. They currently enjoy good search results on most search engines including google when the search is relative to their subject matter. So – if I put these ads from more digital on my pages – will it affect my search results on google searches?

        • Hello Hank,

          It’s ‘possible’ that you would see a penalty IF you do not put the “no-follow” tag on that link. Google’s rules prohibit buying paid links like that. It get’s more complicated than just that, but basically … as long as the link is no-follow you ‘should’ be fine. No guarantees though.

  • Piotyr,

    I answered them stating that I would do it with the conditions that it would be a nofollow link and that I would have to pre-approve any links before they go live with the additional caveat that if the links are later redirected I will pull the post without giving them a refund. They replied with the following form reply:

    It’s great to know that you’re interested Patrick. Your site is currently being assessed by our technical team to see if they meet the criteria our clients have set for us. I’ll be in touch with you as soon as I receive their response.
    I’m glad you’re keen to keep working with us and I’ll be in touch soon.

    I know its a form reply because they sent it to me three times with three different names. It almost feels like I am playing games with Nigerian scammers corresponding with them.


  • I JUST got this email, verbatim.

    It’s a very tempting offer, depending on what kind of money they are talking about. However, I try to stay ad-free for my readers.

  • Hi Piotr,
    I got that email today from More Digital, and they sent me a link within the website to show me what the text ad would look like. The site was a UK based site about visiting Disney theme Parks, and the implication was that Virgin Atlantic Airlines was the advertising client. I sent an enquiry to Virgin Airlines about this. I hope they reply. If it turns out that Virgin did not pay them to put this text ad on this site, then I would have to ask why they didn’t send me an example from a “real client”.
    Another thing that bothered me was the fact that they were sending these emails to owners of websites that “had no advertisements”. My site is full of advertisements from banner ads, buttons and a featured services directory of paid text advertisers. Kinda looks like the email was sent without someone actually looking at my site.

  • They e-mailed me just now actually, so a quick google search led me here.

    The first thing I found fishy about the e-mail was that they never checked the “Meet The Staff” page on my site, which says my real/legal name is Nick and that “Nico” is my pen name.

    The fact that my site is hosted via a WordPress blog also set off the alarm bells for me. Under the T&C, I’m not allowed any form of advertisements on my blog/site UNLESS I host it via (which is too costly for an unemployed person like myself).

    Plus the only advertising I do on the site is just a free UK gig listing which I checked was okay with the guys at WordPress.

    Anyway, after reading your article and several discussions in forums, etc, I’m staying clear of MoreDigital.


  • I have an experience that might be valuable. Got the same email to which I replied “Yes”. They sent me the text with a link so I published it. 5 days after they paid me via Skrill. I was very happy. Anyways, today I log into my Skrill account just to find out that they canceled the payment. It is a fraud after all.

    • Ok, I need to update this.. They didn’t cancel the payment, Moneybookers did. The reason is, I didn’t log in to accept the payment in 14 days which is the limit.
      I contacted Moredigital and they will resend the money. Sorry for this.

  • Thanks for the information. I got this email too, they contacted me through my gmail instead of my domain email. Anyway, I’m confused. What about Google? As in Google Adsense or their search engine?

  • >