Unfollow Useless Spam Twitter Friends/Followers

Twitter spam sucks in so many ways it's not even funny. One good way to reduce the amount of spam you get AND to reduce the load on twitters servers is to simply unfollow the bad and the ugly. Why unfollow? Because by following back spammers and useless ‘stuff' you are only serving to aid the evil swarm. But this isn't all about spammers. This is about removing followers who are just bad, annoying or down right useless (or hindering) to your cause/goal/aim.

I previously wrote about Twitter spam (and my plans for a anti-spam twitter project) here, so if you have a minute check it out and let me know what you think. Also, there is a lot of good info for you on using TweetDeck to cut down on Twitter spam.

Before reading on, I have to state this: This article is only about unfollowing users on Twitter in-order to clean up your following's list. This has NOTHING to do with whom you choose to follow in the first place nor about how to grow your followers. It's also very likely that following any tips will decreases your amount of followers. You have been warned 🙂

So lets talk about something very important first.

Why You Should Unfollow Twitter Followers:

Unfollowing Twitter followers will clean up your profile, improve your following/followers ratio and help you manage your followers. Cleaning up your profile doesn't actually ‘do' anything per-say. But it will help make twitter a better place and help stop the grown of the spam cancer. Plus, you'll probably feel better for knowing that everyone you follow is a genuine person who doesn't spam.

Having a better followers/following ratio makes you look better, sort off. If you have 10,000 followers and follow 10,000 people then people will know that you have some authority. People are also more likely to follow you if they know that you will follow them back. But on the other hand, you'll have people following you who will never contribute to your cause and follow you only so you will follow them back and improve their numbers.

If on the other hand have something like 10,000 followers but only follow 3,000 then people will really perceive you to have a lot (more) authority. People like authority. But then again, a bunch of people will also not follow you because you won't follow them back.

That all depends on how you and others use Twitter. But as far as I have ever known, seen, read or learned … there is nothing wrong with having more followers than whom you follow. Might actually be good for you too!

As for helping you manage your followers: why would you want to follow ‘bad' users? I'm using bad very generally here, mind you. Sure there are Twitter lists and groups/lists/folders/whathavenots in programs (like TweetDeck and HootSuite), but still why follow users who will not contribute to your Twitter experience?

Top 3 Types Of Twitter Users To Unfollow

The most obvious reason is:

tweetdeck_anti_spam1) SPAM.

If you get any spam from a user or notice someone spamming, block them immediately. Better yet, “Block and Report Spam” (as you were taught in the video on the other twitter post). The big question with this one is:

Is this person really spamming or are they just over zealous with their marketing?

Fair question which I'll cover in another post. But for now, it's generally safe to say if it smells like spam it probably is.

2) Obnoxious, mean or generally annoying users.

Why keep following someone who is mean and rude? That just doesn't make sense. If someone is pestering you, especially in ‘real life', what do you do? You usually ignore them and stay away. Doing so on Twitter is very easy and it'll save you a lot of headaches.

No body likes a bully, so don't give them power by remaining a follower.

3) Users constantly Twitters useless tweets

Whether it's a form of spam or it's just the way they use Twitter, someone use constantly tweets useless things (like quotes all the bloody time) is probably not someone you'd wanna follow.  Of course that is your choice to make, but by follow someone who is:

  • only tweeting quotes
  • only pushing their products and nothing more
  • Tweeting completely random tweets that don't seem to do anything with one another

by following such people, you only waste your time and precious Twitter resources (as anyone who's been on Twitter for a while will tell you that Twitter doesn't exactly have a lot of computing resources).

Stop spinning wheels and remove useless people from your Twitter life!

Clean up your account and take out the garbage! It's starting to smell!

Phew, spam smells the worst.

Those are the three types of ‘users' I plan to start unfollowing tomorrow. What types of people do you unfollow on Twitter, do you not unfollow? How about Follower/Following management? Do you use any of that?

Let me know in the comments. Hopefully together we can create an awesome “Twitter Special Report: Efficient Unfollowing” together!

  • I agree… the constant quote tweeting drives me crazy. Instead of being annoyed… I just need to remove them.
    Once in awhile, I get a crude tweet… and they are deleted from my twitter base immediately.

    I also eliminate folks who twitter one tweet after another telling about their personal life. I deleted a gal who twittered about a fight she was having with her boyfriend. It was a knock down drag out. Don’t ask me when she had time to tell us all about it. Between blows I guess.

    I don’t have any trouble getting rid of a few folks….. I just want tips on how to get focused twitter followers… but that’s a subject for another day.

  • Thanks for the input Kathryn, and you are so right. Many of us as marketers on there on Twitter do not ‘really’ care about people personal lives. We don’t care what color socks you’re wearing! 🙂

    We are there to do business in a fun, ethical and (mostly) professional manner!

    Gotta clean out the garbage sometime!

  • I don’t mind occasional quotes, business links from time to time….but someone who only does quotes, I would stop following. Someone who only links to their business, I would stop following too. People need to mix it up. My favorite people to follow are those who actually interact with me back and forth. This doesn’t happy if you spend all your time on twitter making announcements!

  • I also use FriendOfFollow.com to see who I follow who isn’t following me back, because sometimes you have someone follow you and interact with you just long enough for you to follow them and then they unfollow you.

    As for the random tweets. Most of my tweets are about blog posts I write or like or random thoughts. So I’d likely be one of those people you’d unfollow. I try to do interacting but let’s face it there isn’t enough time in the day to reply to everyone.

  • I agree with the article, after my tolerance is exhausted I usually unfollow anyone who is constantly selling. Anyone know which app or website, is behind the I saw a bad blog/picture DM spam

  • Beware of spambots. These will have a photo of someone that will appear like an everyday person. The tweets look like they are posted by a person but are actually just generated. Most tweets generated look like social commentary on typical everyday life, but one in 10 is a link trying to sell their product. I had one today claiming “she” just got a free Apple Ipad by emailing. Scrolling down I noticed that the apple ipad tweet was posted every 5 hours. Technically if this where a real person shed have about 5 Apple ipads a day by now.

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