Your Extraordinary Life Podcast Interviews Preview Image!

Photo credit: Tuan H. Bui Photographer

Your Extraordinary Life Podcast Interviews Preview Image!

A little bit before the winter solstice holidays we (Chykalophia / Chykalophia Group) hosted and organized an amazing (and very successful) wedding photoshoot specifically tailored for boutique wedding vendors. Other than a small snow problem that day, everything was amazing and we even had two surprise amazing visitors come and help out! But as the late River Song (a Doctor Who reference) loves to say: “Spoilers” ;). So, you’ll have to wait for the 2nd episode of my new podcast “Your Extraordinary Life” to hear the interviews, thoughts and how to setup such an event.

As a bonus, I’ll also create a special video podcast version which highlights the setup, legwork and background stuff that went on in-order to put on such an event. Of course, some great photographs will be included!

Stay tuned and be ready to learn how to put on a vendor event in episode two of “Your Extraordinary Life” Episode #2. If you’d like to submit a question or comment for the podcast, head over to the question submission page to post your question ( If I use your question or comment on the show I’ll link back to your website, so this is a great branding opportunity for you!

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