top_10_collabe_title In light of the previous post about a wonderful collaboration tool EtherPad, LifeHacker has a good roundup of the top 10 web based collaboration tools. These range from project management to documenting to simple text ‘stuff’. I admit, not all are so called ‘web 2.0’. But they all can be after the Web 2.1 patch.

They list their top 10 picks, with explanations and all. Here is a short version of their list:

  • Cc : Betty
  • MediaWiki
  • TimeBridge
  • Google Groups
  • TextFlow
  • DimDim
  • MindMeister
  • present.IO
  • Campfire
  • Zoho

I remember reading about a few of these, such as MediaWiki is, as I remember it, a wiki-software that you can install on your own servers. And we all know Google Groups. Read the post to find out more.

Link: Top 10 Web Collaboration Tools (That Aren’t Google Wave) [via Lifehacker]