Why I Like The Markdown Language

The Markdown language is a written language created to help writers write more efficiently, specifically on the internet. I think it’s great. It’s what I use for all my notes, on GitHub, writing these blog posts and others. It’s simple (sort of) and rather efficient once you get used to it. Here’s why I believe

Protect Your Business WordPress Site Using Proper Backups

This is a rather nerdy post, so bear with me here. Many of us use Wordpress for our websites, which for the most part is great. Though nobody wants to get to the office one day to find their website in complete disarray, disfigured or hacked. The reality all of those are real possibilities and there is only so much that we can do to prevent it, but that’s for another story.

Today, I’ll tell you a simple way to automate your WordPress site backup along with several options for doing so.

Adding Google+1 Button To Sharedaddy To WordPress Jetpack

Adding Google+1 Button To Sharedaddy To WordPress Jetpack

Jetpack for WordPress is a nifty collection of plugins which helps bring some of¬†Wordpress.com functionality to your self-hosted blog, the problem is that its Sharedaddy module doesn’t include Google+ … which really sucks. So here’s how to properly and correctly add the Google+1 button to your Sharedaddy module of Jetpack AND make it fit properly as well (well, mostly fit at least).

*EDIT*: This will also works with just the Sharedaddy plugin and without Jetpack! Yey!

Top & Best WordPress Admin Theme Plugins

Top & Best WordPress Admin Theme Plugins

Are you bored of your old Wordpress admin layout? Yeah, so was I. It’s bland and every single Wordpress Admin area looks exactly the same. So boring it hurts my eyes!

Fear not, there are several solution. There are only two that really stand out though. The rest are, from what I can tell, kinda sorta just … “meh”. Nothing to special (sorry other guys, but your admin themes really didn’t seem that interesting nor good).

First up are the two best of the best Wordpress Admin Theme styles. Though technically one isn’t even a theme! WOOT!

Disqus WordPress Plugin, I love it but I had to remove it!

Disqus WordPress Plugin, I love it but I had to remove it!

I am a big fan of the Disqus comment system. I even had it installed for a while! I love practically everything about it.

It has a great anti-spam feature. Probably the best around, even better than Akismet! It looks beautiful and it’s extremely functional for commenters. Barely any setup on your part either! It really is that cool.

But … even though I can give it a 9/10 awesome rating in just about every area I still had to uninstall and remove it. Here’s why.

Statpress WordPress Plugin Overview and Tutorial

A special something today. I was asked to do a quick video to help people understand Statpress. A plugin for Wordpress that gives you statistics and analytics about your visitors.

I talked about several great plugins here in an older post, so that’s where all the confusion came from.

In this video I talk about:

* Quickly what is StatPress
* Which version of StatPress from the WP list is the one you want (big confusion about this earlier
* Detailed overview of what each part of StatPress is
* Understanding Statpress 101

Best WordPress Stats Plugin Update – A Social Metrics Plugin

Thanks for all the comments and help on my last post title “Best Wordpress Stats Plugins”. But there is an update for you all. A great plugin, which not only looks really sweet but also does a lot of neato things.

I didn’t find this plugin. All credit goes to Dave, who created the plugin, and found my blog decided to leave a comment. Honestly not 100% if it was a almost spam automated comment, but I don’t care. This is a cool plugin which I had to make a post about!

Best WordPress Stats Plugin

Best WordPress Stats Plugin

There are a plethora of Wordpress Plugins and addons for tracking statistics. This is great because you then get your pick of the litter, but the problem is if you install three different tracking plugins you will get three different results. So what should you do with these choices and discrepancies in results?

Automatically Tweet When You Make A WordPress Blog Post

Tweet Whenever WordPress Blog Post TitleThere are so many social media ‘things’ we have to manage these days that it can be rather tiresome and painful JUST to get one message out to everyone. Well, when you make a blog post now you won’t have to suffer as much because there is a easy way to have your blog automatically make a Twitter post for you automatically!

This great plugin is called “Twitter Tools”. This is a constantly maintained WordPress plugin which will do just that: make a tweet for you whenever you make a new post.

Not a big deal right, why would you want something like that? Twitter’ing isn’t hard! Yeah but think of it this way: if you schedule a lot of posts are you REALLY going to remember to go and manually make a tweet about every schedules post? Probably not. It’s also great for scheduling posts and tweets when you’re out on vacation so that people don’t forget about you! :)

In the post you’ll also find small quick tip on how to add personalized tracking to Twitter Tools (which isn’t available by default). You’ll find it at the bottom of the post.