Trine 2 Ubuntu Linux Audio Stuttering & Pop Sound Workaround

Trine 2 Ubuntu Linux Audio Stuttering & Pop Sound Workaround

I love Trine 2 as much as the next guy, though technologically speaking there are some issues. Just check the forums and you’ll know what I mean. Thankfully though I only came across one issue, and that’s where when playing, no matter what resolution or graphics settings, there is always serious lag in some areas and the audio constantly stutters, pops and lags. It really sucks since that makes it barely playable, actually after about 10 minutes it’s completely unplayable.

So what could be the issue? Well, it’s not as simple as we thought. Let’s take a look at why this happens first, then I’ll give you the solution.

Creative X-FI Titanium 5.1 Digital Surround on Ubuntu

Creative X-FI Titanium 5.1 Digital Surround on Ubuntu

The Creative X-FI Titanium card has, for a long time, not worked on Ubuntu … until now. I’ve gathered what information I could and found a solution to get it working 100% of the time. This doesn’t mean it works to 100% of it’s potential; some features are still missing such as the Crystalizer and fun features like that. Though it does record audio well, processes extremely well and with my help you’ll have it blasting at full 5.1 digital goodness.

Enter Safe Graphics Mode In Ubuntu Or Kubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Live CD

Enter Safe Graphics Mode In Ubuntu Or Kubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Live CD

So you downloaded the handy-dandy Kubuntu Live CD to play around with. YEY! But for some reason it won’t display any graphics on your monitor. You might get: pixelated images, distorted views, a blank screen or even a blinking LCD power button. Oh yey … kinda screwed there because you can’t even get INTO the boot cd in-order to maybe change the video settings or install updated drivers.

Fear not! There is a solution … or two!

XBMC 9.11: Camelot Finally Out!

XBMC has finally hit it’s latest milestone release: 9.11 Camelot. This release marks a great step forward in the media world. Why? Because this release offers plenty of space to create plugins, skins and plenty more. If you are using Ubuntu or any variant of it, you will already have the update ready in your

Install TweetDeck in Ubuntu Karmic x64 Easily

TweetDeck is a favorite Twitter application of many users. Why? Because of it’s grouping features, functionality, customizability, great looks and it runs on just about any major OS. For us linux users, there is a version which you can pick up from Though, to my dismay, you need to install the Adobe AIR plugin

Automatically Add XBMC To Your Ubuntu Repository List

A few people been wondering how to easily enable or install XBMC on Ubuntu. It’s rather easy and I have said how to do it before. BUT Ubuntu Karmic makes life a bit easier if the repository used the PPA system. The old way to add a repository to your source list was to go

XBMC Beta 2 Now In Kubuntu Karmic Repos!

Rejoice! The newest latest and greatest version of XBMC is almost out. Their latest release, which hit the repo’s early today morning (for you us in the EU) or late last night for ya’ll back West, is the Beta 2 release. What is in this glorious Beta 2 release? Well, just like in the Beta

NVIDIA CUDA SDK Gcc 4.4 Problems Solved in Kubuntu/Ubuntu Jaunty 9.10: “/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lglut” And __signbit/__signbitf/__signbitl/__signbitd “cannot be declared weak”

Nvidia’s CUDA is a great technology though it’s not without it’s problem. I’m not here to talk about CUDA and it’s up’s and down’s. The issue at hand today is installing the SDK in Kubuntu Jaunty 9.10.

See, the main issues here are that a) Jaunty is rather fresh and tries to use new technology b) Jaunty isn’t exactly the best coded OS out there, they have plenty of ‘quality’ bugs to iron out c) CUDA isn’t made for the latest and greatest, it’s made from stable sources!