How To Be A Fierce Competitor By Jeffrey J. Fox – Book Review

How To Be A Fierce Competitor By Jeffrey J. Fox – Book Review

“What Winning Companies and Great Managers Do in Tough Times”, is the tagline of Jeffery J. Fox’s book entitled “How To Be A Fierce Competitor.” As you can probably gather just from the title, this book is rather feisty. It’s all about how to be the #1 company anyone has ever had the pleasure to do business with. I’ll tell you all about this book and give you my recommendation in just a bit, though I first have to answer this question: “Peter, why are you reviewing this book?”

The answer is simple and in two parts: a) the book is a good book and b) Mr. Fox himself sent me a autographed edition! That .. and I also promised to review it a while back. Here is the article I wrote up about the super, awesome, synergistic signed copy:

So let’s get down right into it.

Fail! Inorder to Succeed

note: link to full image download is at the bottom of the post! Remember when you were a young kid just learning to ride a bicycle? First you had had training wheels, then your parents where beside you balancing you and only then you rode on your own. But let me ask you this: How

How To Get To The Top By Jeffrey J. Fox – Book Review

“How To Get To The Top: Business Lessons Learned At The Dinner Table” by Jeffrey J. Fox is a rather interesting book to read and not what I expected (in a good way). I’ve read my fair share of books like this, some better some worse and this book started out rather grim. I don’t

Love Conqueres All! No, Really … It Does.

When I say love, I don’t mean the mushy, icky type. I mean the burning passion type! We all know of the stereotypical movie scene where the hero jumps into harms way just to save the damsel in distress … well it’s that type of passion and love we need not just for ourselves, our jobs or others but as well for everything thing we do in life.

On a wonderful article on entitled “Commitment Turns Stumbling Blocks Into Stepping Stones” John Erdman put it down nicely for us:

To become successful it is necessary to be committed to yourself, your ideas, your desires and your goals.  The word commitment strikes fear in the hearts of many people, but commitment is as simple as setting goals and action plans.

Goal setting to most people is a chore they do only on a small scale, if at all.  To most people, goals are something they talk about but seldom have in a concrete form.  When you have well defined goals, you know where you are going and how to get there.  I define this as Commitment.  To establish the road map to achieve your real potential you must have written goals and desires.  Remember if you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything.

Many people go around complaining that life “isn’t working out for them” or that life isn’t “fair” or even that “life has it out for them.” People make up a lot of excuses to not get their life in order, but really does not take much to get a lot out of life. What most people are missing is desire and a definite goal in life.

In Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (a book everyone should read and study like a bible …), a whole chapter (chapter 2) is devoted to the one subject of desire! Why? Because it is the primary driving force in practically everyone. Bill Gates, for example, did not become rich and famous simply because he had a good idea. Many people have good ideas. But unless there is a burning passion to fuel that goal or aim “ya ain’t goin no-where”.