(One Way Of) Turning Laziness Into Productivity

(One Way Of) Turning Laziness Into Productivity

I normally try to write about some powerful idea and give actionable advice on it, though this time I’m unable to do that. Partially because I have yet to figure out how to explain this, but also because I have yet to figure out exactly how to turn laziness into productivity on a regular basis. There

Using A Cafe As a 2nd Office Can Boost Productivity

When working from your home office or regular office just isn’t cutting it anymore, try working from a cafe to give your brain a change of pace and get things done. It’s a good change of pace and the scenery can potentially unlock your rather creative and great ideas. Having a home office is great,

Turn Off The World To Dramatically Improve Your Life

Turning the world ‘off’ could dramatically improve your life by removing so many distractions, stressors and problems. Part of this is getting away from all the social distractions, but a big chunk of it is finally being able to focus on one single task and get that done. You may think that multi-tasking get’s more

It’s OK To Fail. Actually, learn to be friends with failure.

The worst thing you can ever do is stop trying. You will stumble. You will fall. But in time, you will learn and grow. With the exception of the lucky try, you will fail a lot in the beginning. Even when you succeed you will still fail more and more because you try more and more. So why try? Because it’s those successes that make everything worth it.

It's OK To Fail. Actually, learn to be friends with failure.

Most of us weren’t straight A, 100% all the time students. Why? Because that’s a really hard thing to do. But more so, that 100% on everything all the time is near impossible and most of the time impractical … but that’s a story for another time. Since we weren’t always getting 100%’s on everything, what were we getting?

Hopefully you learned a bit in class, had some homework that you struggled through, messed up on, re-did and eventually took a small test to brush up on your skills. Slowly and surely your knowledge base expanded and you learned newer and better methods and ways to do the work, especially as new types of problems approached.

But the thing is, for most of us: we sucked at pretty much everything the first time we did it. And that’s true for everyone on pretty much every subject in school, in real life, at work and even in relationships.

Heck, once humans make first contact with aliens we’ll probably suck at that too!

But that’s ok! We’re not perfect and neither is anyone else, even if they seem like it.

Single Best TODO List Manager Of 2012 (And Forever)

Single Best TODO List Manager Of 2012 (And Forever)

There are so many TODO list manager out there that it’s hard to tell which is good or bad or even worth using. But this here is one that is not only the time tested champion of TODO lists, it’s overall ranked the best (there was a Lifehacker post about it, but I don’t remember

Top Daily Productivity Tip: Keep A Journal

Time management is a topic so tough and gargantuan that it requires specializes courses at colleges like Harvard and MIT just to understand the basics. For those of us who cannot afford (in money or time) to go study productivity and time management we’re gotta help each-other out and figure it out ourselves.

Here we’ll talk about how to do this simple time management and productivity ‘tip’. And how to get it working with Open Office, MS Office (any version really), NotePad and ViM.

Getting Life Done – Coffee And TV

Being a freelancer is not always easy. The biggest problem you will face as a freelancer is not competition, rude clients nor finding clients, it will be you. You yourself are your worst enemy in freelancing.

Unlike in a 9-5 job, as a freelancer you are your own boss, which usually is great. Though being your own comes with it’s own responsibilities, such as bossing yourself around. In a great article on FreelanceApple.com, the author says about controlling yourself and your drinking habits (about coffee):

Sleep, however, is probably the worst part of drinking caffeine containing beverages. There are 5 stages of sleep and “deep sleep” is in stage 5 where you are getting a real rest. Drinking coffee will rarely allow you to pass stage 4 and you will never enter stage 5 for your real rest. If you drink a cup of coffee, there is still a considerable amount left in your blood stream twelve hours later to disturb your sleep pattern. This just means that when you wake up you will need more coffee and will slowly be edging toward a full addict with only minute differences from a addicted smoker.

Be More Productive With The Middle Way Method

Productivity, or being productive as a person, is always an issue for us. Some people are better than others, though most of us could use a helpful nudge in the right direction from time to time. This is where the “Middle Way” Method comes into play. Most productivity schemes are categorized into two sets, says