The Justin Bieber Calvin Klein Photoshoot Is Great Marketing

The Justin Bieber Calvin Klein Photoshoot Is Great Marketing

Think what you want of Justin Bieber and the Calvin Klein brand, you cannot deny the Justin Bieber Calvin Klein photoshoot was exceptionally good marketing and PR for them. Both benefitted greatly from the deal and for fans of either brand, it was something new and interesting to see. Love it or hate it, you probably heard about it and talked about which is what they were going for.

The Justin Bieber Calvin Klein Photoshoot Is Great Marketing

There’s an interesting saying: “There is no such thing as bad press.” While I don’t think that’s true, I do believe that most press can be turned into good press irrelevant of what type of press it is. The recent Justin Bieber Calvin Klein photoshoot is a great example of this for many reasons. Let’s start with the actual photoshoot and it’s results and marketing campaign.

The photoshoot is pretty much the point of that marketing campaign: the point is to promote both brands in-order to increase market awareness. Translation? More eyeballs on us! The photos look great, the ads are well crafted and the campaign did exactly what it was intended to. Though it had a unexpected side effect.

I don’t much care for Justin Bieber nor Calvin Klein and as such whenever I see something about either pop up I scroll right past it. Others are not as passive with their disdain for JB. Just as there are people who are fans, there are ‘anti-fans’ or haters. Someone, probably from the latter group, posted what they claimed was a: “pre-production un-photoshopped picture of Justin Bieber at the Calvin Klein photoshoot” which make Justin Bieber not look as good.

That picture took the internet by storm and on Reddit there was even a whole thread dedicated to making fun of this picture. Now here’s the thing though, they didn’t start making fun of this picture (a lot) just because, it was because Justin Beiber threatened the sue over the original manipulation.

So yes, if you think the ‘pre-production’ photo was real, sorry. It’s a fake. Though JB’s reaction was very real which is what caused this mass media coverage. Here’s the thing though: you might be thinking that this is bad publicity for him? Hmm … I’d wager that everything surround this photoshoot and the ‘fun’ images going around are only helping him.

Remember how I said that there is no such thing as bad press? In this case it’s very true. For one: you, I, the next door neighbor and even my dog has heard about the Justin Bieber Calvin Klein photoshoot and the fiasco that followed. Many people were talking about this, news stations covered this and it was extensively shared online and on social media.

Whether his ratings went up or down is of no concern, what’s important is that more people talked about him, about his new business ventures, talked about the brand and even shared it more with their networks. If this isn’t free viral marketing I don’t know what it.

It’s exposure that you simply can’t fabricate because it took off so naturally and quickly. But then again, maybe some genius marketer on the Justin Bieber Calvin Klein team was behind it all? *Shrug* Either way: great PR for both and a very nice boost in revenue as well!

Understanding SEO For Local Business (owners)

Understanding SEO For Local Business

SEO for local business, especially if you are the business owner, is not complicated though it can get tough to understand what’s important and what you need to do in-order to keep your SEO rankings up (and is it worth it). Today we’ll explore SEO for local business and how to go about it and when to NOT do more.

Understanding SEO For Local Business

SEO for local business (owners) is different than if you’re doing SEO for an online marketing program or for a Fortune 500. Internet marketing experts have to know (some) SEO in-order to be financially successful in the long run and larger companies can easily hire full time experts for it, though for those of us who either can’t afford to hire an SEO expert (though I’ll venture to say there really is no such thing, but that’s another story) or don’t have the time to learn it what are we to do?

With limited time and resources your options are limited to:

  • Hire someone small and local to do it partially for you (or fully depending on their prices)
  • Go learn it yourself bit by bit then go do it yourself
  • Don’t do it

If you have the spare money, I highly recommend that you do hire it out. Find someone local who is a trust worthy person with a good reputation and let them handle it bit by bit. Though even if you have the money to hire it out a bit, you should learn enough to understand the basics so that you can invest your resources properly.

So let’s teach you the very basics you, as a local business owner, need to understand about SEO.

Understanding SEO for local business (owner) – the basics

The #1 thing to understand about local SEO is that is it a lot like the real world rat race, and it’s not something you can win. Just like with casinos, in SEO the house always wins where the house is the search engines. Thankfully we can stack some cards on our side.

Simple SEO for local business initial on-site setup:

First and foremost you can’t have good SEO if your website isn’t setup well. If you’re using a system such as WordPress you should use an SEO plugin such as WordPress SEO by Yoast. Other systems will probably have their own plugins or extensions for SEO as well. If you’re not using a CMS like WordPress, but instead have a simple HTML (usually the pages on your site end in .html) then it becomes a bit tougher and I’ll cover that in another article, so for those of you not using an CMS system: you should be, though you can at least get the basics from this article.

When setting up your SEO on your site you will want to give each page and post it’s own proper treatment. The front page is one the most important. As a local business here are the basic settings you’ll want to use for the front page:

  • Title: your companies name
  • Tagline/description: either your tag-line if you have one or the what you do and where (e.g. Chicago Plumber)

That’s it. You don’t have to play around with keywords or stuff like that. Keep it simple to get started.

The rest of your pages would have the title in this format: [Page title] – [Company name]. The description for the page needs to be kept short, so write something that describes exactly whats on that specific page. For the About us page it would look like: “About Us – John Sheppard’s Family Plumbing”.

It also helps to have your service type in the name, if not you can alway tack it on at the end of your page titles. And yes, each page should have it’s own unique title and description!

If you’re running your local business site from WordPress, then each blog post should also have it’s own title and description.

And that’s it for On-site stuff! There is more you could do, but you probably have other work to do (like running your store) so let’s set to the stuff that will get you results!

Simple SEO for local business initial off-site setup:

This part is easy and most of you probably have already done some of it: create social profiles and local listings that point back to your business website. That’s it.

Gather a list of where you want your website listed, an excel spreadsheet works well for this, and write down the usernames, passwords and public URL’s for those profiles and pages. You’ll want to create accounts (or pages) specifically for your business on at least these websites (assuming your based in the USA):

  • Facebook (create a Facebook Page)
  • Twitter (an account)
  • Google + (an account and a Page)
  • Yelp (an account, the free one)
  • Bing (use to create an account easily)
  • Yahoo Local
  • LinkedIn (a business page)
  • and possibly on Pinterest if you have stuff to show off (jewelry products, clothing, cars, ect…)

You can also try to find more hyper local directory listing sites or service sites (like Angie’s List), though that’s something you can do in the future when you have more time and energy to devote to this.

The best part is that creating all those accounts above is free to do (except it’ll cost you your time) and all the information you put in there is copy and paste! The only variation on information you enter should be to make it fit in their data sizes: for example you can’t have a long description on Twitter, so your description will be short. On Facebook on the other hand, you have some space to play around with words.

Make sure the URL (link) points to the same place on your website. So if you’re website is then all your profiles will point to

You’re done with setting up your initial local SEO.

Really, you are. If you have more time to invest: great! If not, this will work well enough for you for now.

When not to focus on SEO

So now you know the basics, at what point should you stop? That’s a very good question to which I give them same answer to all my clients: what’s more important for you as this very moment: SEO rankings or getting customers in the door? They all answers getting people in the door.

SEO takes time … a lot of time. If you truly have lots of time creating LOTS of content then yes: it’s good to be on social media and create SEO worthy high quality content. Otherwise: I recommend you focus on brining in sales either via ads/marketing, networking or even plain ol pound the pavement knock on doors.

If you’re just getting your site going: focus on getting people to know about you and your business the conventional ways as they are more direct and will give you more immediate results.

“What if I have time to do the SEO thing?” If you have the time, then you should invest it in creating and doing marketing strategies along with creating CONTENT that you can then optimize for search engines.

What to watch out for?

Many companies (and people) claim to do SEO well, though if they are promising you “to get you to the #1 spot on google” or just “building links” all for the low low cost of a few Starbucks’ lattes? Run. To do SEO properly takes a lot of time, money and expertise. No reputable company will do quality SEO work for cheap because it is that labor intensive. Why? SEO is largely about content, and the strategy of using that content: thus you have to be making quality content.

You can expect to pay a minimum of a few hundred dollars per month for on-going quality SEO that gets ‘some’ results, all of which cannot ever be guaranteed.

Speaking of guarantees: there are none in SEO. If, for example, you invest $1000 USD in a several month SEO campaign and somehow you did get to the #1 position for your keyword, there is certainly someone willing to spend $2000 for twice as much effort/content/links/whatever that will push you down in the rankings and them up. Think of it this way: there is always someone bigger, better, stronger, faster to market and with more time, money and expertise who can (and will) eventually out rank you.

So is it worth investing in SEO then? Yes, to a point. Be careful not to invest too many resources on it when you have other things that will get you more immediate (and long term) returns. Though if you have the resources (time or money) it’s worth investing more effort into it.

If you guys have any other thoughts on SEO, speak your minds below in the comments!

Having A Little Bit Of Fun With Advertisements & Deals

You have to have a bit of fun in life, so in our latest ‘hot deal’ on our local Chamber of Commerce website we decided to make something … different. It’s witty, it’s silly, it probably won’t get us any sales but it’s PR gold.

Very internet, much seo, wow.

Our latest ad was very silly. It’s colder than Mars outside, so we thought eh … what the heck. Might as well do something different. Below is what we wrote for the Glenview Chamber Of Commerce Hot Deal:

Title: Internet Marketing – Very Internet – Much SEO – Wow.
Tag Line: Very internet. Much SEO. wow (results) ……..

Very January. Much Winter. Wow …….

Look at this cute puppy first before you read on! He explains
everything in this hot deal:

Since no one is going outside in this -52F (with wind chill) weather,
you’ll need the internet to get customers in the door, buy stuff and
be amazed. Amazed at what? At my quick witted dry humor and the
results you’ll get from having an amazing website and marketing

All this and a hot cup of coco includes:
– Bad puns Silly meme’s Great
– Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy
– Pretty darn nifty marketing strategies for us local Glenview businesses.
– Award winning websites & design (it’s true. I even gave myself a gold sticker for it!)
– < something something marketing > RESULTS!

Now, the thing you’ve all been waiting for. Here are some buzzwords to help you feel more comfortable:

Synergistic, immersive experience, ROI, snackable content, engagement,
viral, ideation, advertainment, growth hacker, 360 campaign, agile

Excited now?

Ready for Your Business 2.0?!

Yes? Good. It’s 2014 already! You, your busienss and even your customers deserve to see better, and do better, than a website that looks like it was designed by a 12 year old kid with no design nor programming experience back in 1990. If you’re website looks like that, give us a call and we’ll fix it and make things work.

One more bad joke to finishi this hot deal:

If there’s somethin’ strange in your (network) neighborhood Who ya gonna call?
Chykalophia Group!

If it’s somethin’ weird an’ it don’t look good Who ya gonna call?
Chykalophia Group!

I ain’t afraid o’ no SEO I ain’t afraid o’ no SEO

If you’re seein’ things runnin’ through your marketing funnel Who can you call?
Chykalophia Group!

An invisible man abandoning your shopping cart Oh who ya gonna call?
Chykalophia Group!

I ain’t afraid o’ no design I ain’t afraid o’ no design

Who ya gonan call? Chykalophia Group!

This month’s special hot deal since apparently hell HAS frozen over,
so let’s spice things up:

10% off all web, design, marketing and consulting services if you sign
within the month of January. Also take an additions So, for example.
Let’s say you want to ‘donate’ $1,000,000,000 to us. With 10% off,
that would be: $100,000,000. If it’s -10F in glenview, then that would
be an addittional 10% off! Which would make your total: $10,000,000.

Now, who wants to pay 10 million for a website? Anyone? Hm? Oh …
only the US government huh? Ok, well. For us local business it’ll be
something very fair and reasonable for local Glenview businesses.

Visit us at: to … well, get a
quote or to simply contact us to chat over a nice late use and click on one of the options
on the left side.

You can also call us at: (877) 413-9613 … yes yes, it’s a toll free
number. We’re local, we just wanted to be fancy.

How To Create Viral Videos That Are Extremely Persuasive

No matter what career path you are in, more than likely you’ll eventually want to or have to make a video presentation. It can be on Youtube, Vimeo or even self-hosted, but the point is that you’ll have to create a video and publicly post it. This means you’re video will have to educate and persuade. For today’s short-attention spanned audiences, a 10 minute video is usually pretty perfect. If you’re creating a sales video, something even shorter would probably work.

How To Create Viral Videos That Are Extremely Persuasive

There are many scenerios, styles, methods and variables but thankfully the post (and video) on Social Media Examiner .com by Michael Stelzner lights the path! His post comes in text form, video (links) and podcast format! Woot! I recommend reading it first, then watching the videos.

The link after the jump.

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Honest, 1st Hand Experience Review Of Renatus & Real Estate Mastery Mentors Group Hosted By Bob Tierney


Update 2 (01/23/15): I’ve written an update to this more specifically about Scott Rowe and understanding Renatus at it’s core here: Scott Rowe Real Estate Scam … or not?

Update (11/21/13): Bob Tierney e-mailed me recently and asked if I could post an update about him, his local troops and what’s been going on. If you’re interested, read Bob’s update: Bob’s Progress Update At Renatus.

Searching around for networking events and groups I came across a rather large local group on called “Real Estate Mastery Mentors”. As an entrepreneur it’s essential to connect with as many people as possible, you never know who will be able to take you to the next level! As of this writing the Real Estate Mastery Mentors group stands at 291 which is rather impressive, so I thought “heck why not. Let’s join this large group and network!” Even more impressive was the outline of what is offered on the Thursday night events! I was so impressed I joined up and went to the first available meeting. So let me tell you the story of what I experienced there and how I was introduced to the Renalutus group and their programs. I’ll tell you the good, the bad, the awesome and the ugly. Continue reading

Don’t Be An Idea. Be A Idea Creator And Leader!

“1% Inspiration, 99% Perspiration.”

Many people have ideas. Many people have many ideas, but only a few people create and implemented their ideas. Even fewer people create original ideas.

Why care though?

It’s simple: it is those people who stand out, make a difference and create original ideas (and implement them) who “make it” in this world. They are the old money, the international rich bankers, the leaders of the new free world.

You never ever hear the story of Mr. X down from the south (not to make fun of any southern Americans … even though it’s fun too) who washed his car again. No. You head about Mr. Richy Rich who implemented this new marketing strategy for his company and took his company public all while creating better products, getting more customers and increasing revenue for everyone.

With internet marketing you could stay in the dark for a long long time really. You could use aliases, and hire out work to anonymous sources … but why?

Life is short and those who stand out generally have the best lives.

Let’s take an example from the comic books. Spider man is extremely popular, I know I have a few Spiderman Vs Venom comics laying on my old shelves. Superman is a classic. Green Lantern is a great hero but yet stay hidden-ish.

And how, let’s take a look at Tony Stark. President and CEO of Stark Industries. Iron Man. He is a playboy, a super star and has a claim to fame to powerful that he, ever since the comic original release, was the #1 super hero (in terms of popularity). He is also the best liked super hero in the comic books because he is known and is different.

He didn’t hide, he didn’t run. He had brand new ideas on how to get things done and he did them. He lead the way in many occasions. Rock on dude.

In Asian countries, people are trained from birth to NOT stand out. And most don’t. They become, more or less, mindless slaves to “the system.” They’ll whine and complain about everyone else making the monies.

But let me ask you this, have you ever seen one rich and famous Asian person who DIDN’T stand out? Make a difference? Create new ideas? Lead the way?

Nope. Whether it’s the “kawaii” J-pop stars or the old school Toyota CEO, they all took their ideas and made it happen.

In my own life, this has never been more true. Having been raised in lower middle-class American society I got to experience the joys of the USA public school system. Trouble as it may be, it is the best school system I have ever known to teach this: Diversity.

Out of all the students, guess which students where the most popular (of course excluding the hot blonde chicks and the jar head sport ‘dudes’): those who stood out and made a difference.

We had one classmate who I can’t say was a looker and he was probably odder than me (which says a lot). But boy, he loved to sing. And sing he did. When he sang everyone listened, and when he ended all you could hear was the roar of applause.

He stood out, took his love of music (and singing). Added his own ideas into it, his own persona into it, and flew with it. Sadly I dunno where he now, but I bet you it’s probably somewhere in the music biz.

So you you my friends: when you have ever tried to ‘stand out’, be creative/innovative and a leader? I’d love to know how it turned out. Because I’m very sure just by finally being different and being an idea CREATOR instead of a follower you got far.

Just Don’t Forget To Subscribe To Comments Or You Might Miss A Golden Opportunity

Today’s post isn’t your typical run of the mill I’m going to teach you something type post. Today I want to let you in on a little known secret of large businesses.

Oh yes, this is a closely held secret that they never let anyone know. Ok, are you ready for it? Because I’m only going to do this one post about it, and once this post is closed it’ll be gone forever …

Ok, not really. But you read? Good:

The secret is:

Talk to people! Get to know them and most importantly: Follow up!

I was thinking of making that bigger just to emphasize the importance, but there isn’t enough computer screen space in the world for that. So the <h2> tag will have to do.

Gather ’round ya’ll and listen to my stories at this here campfire.

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How To Write A Link Bait Article

link bait title Most people think “How can I write a good link baiting headline?” That is a good and valid question which you should be asking yourself every time you write a headline.

Think about this though: Once the person has clicked on your link … now what? Of course if you linked them to a sales letter then it’s obvious. But if you’re like me and most of what you write is articles, reports and blog posts then your goal is to drive traffic. And the only way to drive traffic is to have very good link baity text and links.

Now, I have to attest that I am no headline expert and I almost failed high school English … twice. But I can sure as heck spot an awesome written article/post when I see one and analyse it.

So today we have a case study of Martha Giffen’s Blog post entitled: Welcome Back! (30 Day Blog Challenge). Now don’t worry, this isn’t going to be some boring math filled, study oriented thousand page thesis paper.

I’ll go over all the article pointing out the good parts (which you should follow), the bad (stuff you should avoid), and the GREAT (which you should do as well).

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