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Honest, 1st Hand Experience Review Of Renatus & Real Estate Mastery Mentors Meetup.com Group Hosted By Bob Tierney

Update 2 (01/23/15): I’ve written an update to this more specifically about Scott Rowe and understanding Renatus at it’s core here: Scott Rowe Real Estate Scam … or not? Update (11/21/13): Bob Tierney e-mailed me recently and asked if I could post an update about him, his local troops and what’s been going on. If you’re […]

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Just Don’t Forget To Subscribe To Comments Or You Might Miss A Golden Opportunity

Today’s post isn’t your typical run of the mill I’m going to teach you something type post. Today I want to let you in on a little known secret of large businesses.

Oh yes, this is a closely held secret that they never let anyone know. Ok, are you ready for it? Because I’m only going to do this one post about it, and once this post is closed it’ll be gone forever …

Ok, not really. But you read?

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How To Write A Link Bait Article

Most people think “How can I write a good link baiting headline?” That is a good and valid question which you should be asking yourself every time you write a headline.

Think about this though: Once the person has clicked on your link … now what? Of course if you linked them to a sales letter then it’s obvious. But if you’re like me and most of what you write is articles, reports and blog posts then your goal is to drive traffic. And the only way to drive traffic is to have very good link baity text and links.

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How To Create Successful Facebook Ads – Part 1

If you have been around on the internet for more than 2 seconds you know of the most visited site on the internet: Facebook. If you’re reading this you already know that and you know what Facebook can do in terms of advertising. Facebook is the #1 visited website on the planet, it beat out […]

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Don’t Think! You’ll Only Hurt Yourself

STOP! Don’t you dare think another thought. It’s what’s hurting you the most in your business. You think, think and think some more but never do. Some of you do go ahead and start on plans but never complete them because you over think or your mind strays. STOP IT. Stop thinking. Thinking is what […]

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Getting Started With Newsletters

Newsletters are probably the #1 most profitable sales medium for internet marketers. Why? Because, assuming you have a good list, you will have the most targeted product hungry buyers anywhere. There are many thing you have to know and do well before you can actually start selling to a list. Most notably you actually have […]

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