Preparing for the Interview

In another time, in another galaxy, interviews were simple things. This bloke went and talked to that bloke. That bloke gave a job to This bloke. They shook hands. Happiness and smiles all around. Now, according to some experts, interviewing for a job will take anywhere from four to six ‘meetings’, conducted by telephone or

McSourcer Scam – Employment Recruitment Scam & Phishing

McSourcer Scam – Employment Recruitment Scam & Phishing

Has the recession hit your hard and left you in the job hunt mode? Then it’s likely you’ve uploaded your resume to many places and have sent it out to a plethora of institutions. One way other you are bound to receive an e-mail from the folks at So is McSourcer a scam or are they really trying to help you find a job? Well let’s find out.

Update August 11th, 2012: Did some thinking and research. This is what I’ve managed to figure out: is pretty much a scam/phishing. Stay away. This name has NOTHING to do with other McSourcer named companies such as McSourcerTech. DO NOT accept linkedIn invites from anything related, nor twitter. So things to avoid are:

Very had any reply, feedback nor conversation with them. 

Until then, I recommend you stay far far away from them/it.

update April 20th, 2011: So, I wanted to make an update to this post since it’s getting lots of traffic and (sadly) few comments. If this article helped you please comment :) Also, here is the BBB rating of the company (an F … wow)

Quick And Cheap Outsourcing to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

Outsourcing is the lifeblood of any outgoing business. No business how large or small can survive without some sort of outsourcing. If you think you’re hoofing it all alone, you’re not. Where do you get your electricity from? Your TV? Your internet? Your Webhosting? Your food? A lot of what we take for granted today is really outsourcing.

So, what is this magical mystical Mechanical Turk by Amazon? Think of it as a more data oriented version of Get A Freelancer, ODesk and Elance. MTurk allows you to post a job (they call it a ‘hit’), and this job will be done by X amount of people. Where X is the amount your specify. So, in reality Amazon Mechanical Turk is not mechanical, nor a turk. It’s just freelancers willing to do jobs for various prices.

BUT here is where Mturk differs from all other freelances sites: YOU set the price. And the lowest you can go is 5 cents. Yes, you read that right. $.05 USD, 5 American cents. You’re thinking, no one in their right MIND would do a job for 5 cents. Look at this (slightly cropped and reshaped to size) screenshot (click on it to see the full size version):

I put out hit at 5 cents per job, that will take less than 1 minute to do. What are the results?