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Integrate Aweber With Facebook Fanpages

Aweber is an extremely powerful auto-responder system, it’s probably one of the most used as well. In their latest annoucement, you can now integrate Aweber into a Facebook Fanpage. What do they mean by ‘integrate’? Well, you know how Aweber can send out e-mails … and stuff, right? Well, now it can post to your Fanpage wall as well!

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Internet Marketing Resource List Marketing Journal – How I Pick A Domain Name

Whenever you start a new online venture it’s always good to have a ‘good’ domain name. So when I finally got around to pushing forward with the Internet Marketing Resource List I had to get a good, memorable domain name. At least, that is what I thought at first. So let’s take a dive into my crazy brain and I’ll explain how I picked the domain for the Internet Marketing Resource List. I guarentee there are many good questions in here which you can ask yourself when picking a domain name.

The obvious first choice was www.InternetMarketingResourceList.com. But holy cow that’s one heck of a long address. No one in their right mind is going to want to remember it. Sure most people will use a bookmark and that’ll be the end of the story, but that’s not what I’m going for. I’m going for long term here, so I wanted something that could be easily remembered and easily marketed.

This brings us to the first set of important questions:

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A New Day, A New Product: Internet Marketing Resource List – Part 1: How To Decide To Make A Product?

Creating a product doesn’t have to be hard. Join me on my quest as I walk you through my FIRST product launch. Learn from my mistakes so you don’t have to make them! I’ll tell you everything I did.

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Intermediate SEO Tips For Best Search Engine Rankings – Part 4 – The Title

I’ve mentioned this several times above, and it’s worth repeating again.

One of the best ways to target keywords is to use them in your articles. So lets talk about exactly how to set up an article with some more advanced seo strategies.

Title: This is one of the most important areas. If your article is going to go on your own site, then make sure the article title and not the site title is in the < h1 > tag. Save the < h2 > tags for less important things.

As important you think as the brand name is, since we’re not large retailers, our brand name takes second place to SEO. So, you will want the blog post titles to all be in the Heading 1 tag (< h1 >). If you do not understand what this means, no problem. You can leave a comment below and I’ll explain it. You also also contact me at Piotr.Krzyzek at gmail.com and we can talk about going some SEO work for your blog or site. (Yes, that was shameless self promotion! 🙂 … nothing wrong with that aye?)

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Intermediate SEO Tips For Best Search Engine Rankings – Part 3

For those of you who know me, I love automation … mostly cause I’m lazy :). If I can automatic and systemize something I’m a very happy man.

Let’s be honest here: Keyword research isn’t easy or all that fun. It is A LOT of work. Especially if you’re going into niche marketing.

There are tools to help speed this up and make things a bit easier. Some tools are very well known and others are a bit ‘under the table’ type of known. Before you read on and complain that I missed an extremely popular tool, I purposefully left out some because I do not believe they deserve to be mentioned and/or I haven’t tested them. And partially also because they either do not have an affiliate program or I can’t get in for one reason or another. Just letting you know I purposefully left some out.

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Intermediate SEO Tips For Best Search Engine Rankings – Part 2

Welcome back everyone. Today is Part 2 of my Intermediate SEO Tips, Tricks And Tactics series. Today I’ll cover something very interesting and that is very deep keyword research.
Deeper Keyword Research:

So you have your basic list of keywords you want your site to target. In the case of QuantumFanpages.com it’s Facebook Fanpage related keywords. Now that I know those there are plenty of options for some serious R&D!

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Intermediate SEO Tips For Best Search Engine Rankings – Part 1

Most people know the basic SEO tips of keywords, titles, and meta. Don’t worry if you don’t. There is plenty of time to learn and to make changes to your site. Today though I’ll talk about some more advanced intermediate SEO strategies and tips I employ on my various websites in-order to rank on page 1 of Google for several great keywords.

Kathy Griffiths made a good introductory post about keyword rich content, keywords and seo, you can read that here for some good information. What’s important to know is that even though ‘content is king’ it is not everything.

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Don’t Be A WiseAss Marketer

Simply said it’s a question of how you market. Do you really think people are idiots? No, they are not. There is the odd exception here and there, but in general people are rather smart. People also don’t like being sold on things, though they can be. But being sold on something doesn’t mean they […]

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