Integrate Aweber With Facebook Fanpages


Aweber is an extremely powerful auto-responder system, it’s probably one of the most used as well. In their latest annoucement, you can now integrate Aweber into a Facebook Fanpage. What do they mean by ‘integrate’? Well, you know how Aweber can send out e-mails … and stuff, right? Well, now it can post to your Fanpage wall as well!

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Internet Marketing Resource List Marketing Journal – How I Pick A Domain Name

Whenever you start a new online venture it’s always good to have a ‘good’ domain name. So when I finally got around to pushing forward with the Internet Marketing Resource List I had to get a good, memorable domain name. At least, that is what I thought at first. So let’s take a dive into my crazy brain and I’ll explain how I picked the domain for the Internet Marketing Resource List. I guarentee there are many good questions in here which you can ask yourself when picking a domain name.
The obvious first choice was But holy cow that’s one heck of a long address. No one in their right mind is going to want to remember it. Sure most people will use a bookmark and that’ll be the end of the story, but that’s not what I’m going for. I’m going for long term here, so I wanted something that could be easily remembered and easily marketed.
This brings us to the first set of important questions:
  • Is this going to be a long term project, or a short term fling?
  • Are you going to do only online marketing for it?
  • Are keywords in the domain name REALLY that important to you?

Let’s tackle the last question first:

“Are keywords in the domain name really that important TO YOU?”. We can all agree on the fact that keywords in the domain name (and title) can (really) help with SEO for that certain keyword, but is it that important to you?
In other words, would you want a shorter domain name or a longer domain name. This really is personal preference. I would have liked to get the product name into the domain name, but why?
It’s not that important for me. I wanted a shorter name because I also plan to do offline marketing. And lets face it, what’s easier to remember? or a simple several letter domain name (more on this later)?
Also, looking at this from a competition standpoint, I’d be competing in high cost and in heavily marketed keywords such as Interet, Internet Marketing and Internet Marketing Resource. Sooo … it really won’t help me much, if at all, to put the name in the domain.
I wanted a short domain name. One great way to get a short domain name is to try to get the acronym of your product. For the Internet Marketing Resource List it would be: IMRL. I loved the idea! Sadly, was taken.
The Dot Coms WAIT WAIT. Hold on a sec. there Peter. Just get or .org!” you say. It’s possible, but think of this: when you go to type in ANY domain name, the first thing that comes to mind is `.com’. So if I were trying to market by word of mouth, many people could possibly got to instead of Not so good for me. Plus, most internet browsers auto-complete by default to a .com first!
So not thanks for that. Maybe a .info? Yeah, same problem there. Plus, as much as I love .info domain’s people still percieve them as spammy. I’m going for a good long term project which I really hope to expand.
I am also planning to do lots of offline marketing for this, so I really needed a short name because as those of you who’ve ever advertised in the newspaper (or elsewhere) know that you generally pay by the letter and space is very limited. This helped in my decision to find a short domain name!
Eventually I got thinking, well:
  • Marketing Plan If the domain name won’t really help me with SEO anyway, and
  • I want a short name
  • and I’m going to be doing offline marketing
  • AND I want it to look very professional
  • AND I also wanted the domain name to be the product name!
I needed something that would pop and be short!
Therefore the only possibility left was to brainstorm and experiment.
I loved IMRL, so I tried variations on that and tried to find something that would work well as a domain name AND a product name. I thought:
  • InternetMarketingRL …. no, just looks so weird
  • InternetMRL … this seems too much like something to do with MLM and I dislike those. And it seems to be more of a name for a web 2.0 project than a Internet Marketing venture
  • IMResouceList …. well this is decent, but still too long. God only knows how many people would misspell resource.
And that’s when the idea came to me. A perfect name!

It’s short, and it represents what I want and what the first product is!
Was it taken? Well, it is now :)
And that’s it! That’s how I got my domain name for the Internet Marketing Resource List.
Seems simple, but it took a while and I had to ask many questions before I got there. Before I picked that domain I had to know what I wanted and where I was going to take it.
So before you go trotting off and purchasing your next domain name, consider asking yourself these questions first:
  • Is this going to be a pump and dump product? Ie: Am I just doing to just create this product as fast as I can, then leave it alone and never grow/expand it?
  • Do I really want a long tailed keyword domain name? Is really worth the trouble to people (and myself)? Or am I ok with something shorter?
  • Is it ok to not even have the keyword in the domain name?
  • Do I care if I can’t get the main .com? Is having the .net/.org/.info/.tv/.anything else domain OK with me personally AND as a business?
I hope these questions help you in your next business decision!
What have you done in the past to choose a domain name? Sound off in the comments! I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.

A New Day, A New Product: Internet Marketing Resource List – Part 1: How To Decide To Make A Product?

It’s very rare for a Internet Marketer to survive on only a product or two. It’s out job to keep constantly coming out with new and better products which will answer questions, solve problems and better peoples lives. That is what my latest product is about, making your Internet Marketing life much simpler. Enter the Internet Marketing Resource List!

Now let me be clear about something very important first: This is not a sales letter. This is a article about how I thought of IMRList, how I got the domain, how I wrote up the product, published it, put it online and all that jazz.

But also to be fair and in the interest of time, I cannot give you ever single answer and every detail … There are whole products about how to create products. Thus I will leave some details to that.

Also: This is a multi-part series. I will link each post to the next (and back) so that you can have easy access to each article!

Many times times I’ve been sitting around wondering where on earth can I get so-and-so information. Is there a link, a info page, a product to just give me and answers or help me solve my problem? Well, turns out many times there is!

YEY! BUT, the not so good news is that finding that perfect product is like finding a needle in a haystack. A very big proverbial haystack … one the size of Russia! That’s one big haystack aye?

On my quest to find answers I came across resources, sites and products I found useful. So I bookmarked, took notes and wrote them down (and bought most of them). But there were still many questions unanswered. So I looked to others for the answer to the question: Does anyone have a good list of Internet Marketing resources? (free and paid).

And I got a response alright … I bit response of silence. Sadly I’m not exactly Mr. Popular on the Internet (yet) SO I decided to ask some people directly and scavenge bits and pieces of notes.  I asked the AM2.0 community, and even from them there was only a small flutter of a response. No body seemed to have a ‘complete’ (as complete as any list like that can really be, which to be honest won’t ever really be complete) list of Internet Marketing Resources.

People had a small list here and there, but nothing ever comprehensive. Thus I thought: “Hey, I’ll ask the awesome community in AM2.0 for help in creating a community wide resource list that we all can share!” With my years of experience, quick whit, smart remarks and good looks I managed to get a staggering, earth shattering response! No one replied.

Hmm …

Troublesome lot they are aye?

No one had an answer (or no one was willing to share), so I thought I might as well start my own! My own list of Internet Marketing resources. This is not easy task mind you.

Information, technology and techniques change so fast on the internet that you can be a millionaire one day, and out on the street the next. But surely and slowly I started gathering the best of the best information, tutorials, resources, tools and products related to Internet Marketing in any way.

After a while all I had is a bunch of lists about articles, article marketing, keyword tools, personal development in internet marketing, ………

So many things without order that it made my head spin. But I knew one thing, I had some gold here.

I began to organize all my notes and resources into a make that just kind of stuck with me: The Internet Marketing Resource List. I’m still not sure if the word “the” is part of the title or not. ‘Officially’ it’s not, but it does sound better with it… oh well.

I organized, and still am organizing, everything from the best to even more best resources anyone can hope for.

Now I can finally exclaim that: I, Piotr Krzyzek, have best largest and most comprehensive list of Internet Marketing resources ever brought together. Everything from newbie information to advanced training.

WOOT! It’s still a work in progress and the first version JUST came out, but I’m sure proud of my first product. It’s my little baby and I’m gonna help it grow.

Is there a market for this product? Maybe … I’m not sure. But if I find it useful, and it’s very newbie friend, I’m pretty sure as heck that there is a market for a product which will give people instant access to the EXACT information they want with extremely little effort or searching. Byebye Google 😉

Hello The Internet Marketing Resource List!

I’d love to know how you, or anybody you know, started and thought of a product. This is always something interesting, the question: how did it all start?

Sound off in the comments!

Intermediate SEO Tips For Best Search Engine Rankings – Part 4 – The Title

Intermediate SEO Tactics – The Title:

“It’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it!”

I’ve mentioned this several times above, and it’s worth repeating again.

One of the best ways to target keywords is to use them in your articles. So lets talk about exactly how to set up an article with some more advanced seo strategies.

Title: This is one of the most important areas. If your article is going to go on your own site, then make sure the article title and not the site title is in the <h1> tag. Save the <h2> tags for less important things.

As important you think as the brand name is, since we’re not large retailers, our brand name takes second place to SEO. So, you will want the blog post titles to all be in the Heading 1 tag (<h1>). If you do not understand what this means, no problem. You can leave a comment below and I’ll explain it. You also also contact me at Piotr.Krzyzek at and we can talk about going some SEO work for your blog or site. (Yes, that was shameless self promotion! :) … nothing wrong with that aye?)

But here are some things you might not know (using Quantum Fanpages keywords as examples):

  • Put the keyword at the beginning of the title
    • a title like “Static FBML Free Templates” as opposed to “Best Free Static FBML Templates”
    • Note, there are time you’ll want the latter. But for the purpose of this article and this tip, you don’t.
  • Use the keyword twice in the title:
    • ex: “Static FBML Styles – Best Free Static FBML Styles”
  • Use the keyword phrase exactly as you found it. Do NOT add words to split it up.
    • If the keyword is “Static FBML Styles”, the title should have that exact keyword phrase and not be something like: “Static FBML Best Free Styles”. Bad bad idea.
  • Do not use two keyword phrases in the title. Stick to one keyword or keyword phrase.

Short Title Vs Long Title: This debate is really up in the air. BOTH are good choices. For SEO it doesn’t matter if the title is long or short. This is about personal preference. I have used both long titles and had success. And I’ve had short titled articles that have success.

Length isn’t important. “It’s not the size that matters… it’s how you use it!”

In this case, it really is a matter of how you use it. You have to know what you are targeting and what

Let me give you two great examples of long and short titles, both of which get me organic traffic each and every day. On this blog I made a post a long long LONG time ago in a galaxy far away about a Kimono I bought from Japan. I wrote all about what a male kimono has and where everything goes. I titles the post “Formal Male Kimono –  Parts Of A Kimono“.

That’s pretty simple aye? It’s descriptive, it’s short and it has the the keyword phrases (it counts as one but ranks for all): “Kimono”, “Male Kimono” “Formal Male Kimono” and “Parts of Male kimono”.

BIG thing to notice. The last keyword is not completely in the title right? It’s split up.

Even though the your aim is to have the whole keyword phrase in the title is really doesn’t have to be. It CAN be split up, but it is not recommended. If you do split it up, you will rank much lower for that keyword phrase. That’s why I rarely get traffic from that keyword, but I do. So it’s important to know that you can get it to work.

To be safe and a rule of thumb:Use the keyword phrase in the title exactly as you found the phrase.

Proof enough that short titles work? I could have even used “Formal Male Kimono” and it would have worked just as fine! :)

How about a long keyword? Be prepared for this. I created what must be the worlds longest working keyword phrase:

NVIDIA CUDA SDK Gcc 4.4 Problems Solved in Kubuntu/Ubuntu Jaunty 9.10: “/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lglut” And __signbit/__signbitf/__signbitl/__signbitd “cannot be declared weak”

Oh yes, that IS one keyword phrase! Fun part is this title includes many other great keywords. At the peak of this article (before I messed a few things up in tests) … this article received 50+ unique visits a day! WOOT! I still rank high for many parts of that keyword. Kinda cool aye? 😉

Though let’s be honest here, not all keywords make for good titles.

Taking a page from the Quantum Fanpages story, let’s say I want to use the keyword “FBML”. Well, that’s a very very general keyword. So in-order to rank for that I would have to have many articles with that keyword in them and do a lot of other things (which I’ll talk about in future posts).

If I have the keyword FBML I will want to work with it a bit to not only target longer tail keywords, but also to make it more reader friendly. By reader I mean the person reading and not an rss reader or something.

So I would turn FBML into these possibilities:

  • How To Add FBML
  • FBML – How to Add FBML To Your Fanpage
  • FBML – Best Uses of FBML
  • Why use FBML

See? One keyword and a heck of a lot of possibilites. The most common addons to any short keyword phrase are:

  • How to ….
  • Do I ….
  • Doesn’t work …. / Broken ……
  • Where to buy ….
  • Buy …..
  • Top 5/10/15……

And so on. Be creative.

Now it’s time for me to ask you: What are your “Top Title Tips?” What has worked for you and what hasn’t? Leave me a comment below!

Intermediate SEO Tips For Best Search Engine Rankings – Part 3

Keyword Research automation:

For those of you who know me, I love automation … mostly cause I’m lazy :). If I can automatic and systemize something I’m a very happy man.

Let’s be honest here: Keyword research isn’t easy or all that fun. It is A LOT of work. Especially if you’re going into niche marketing.

There are tools to help speed this up and make things a bit easier. Some tools are very well known and others are a bit ‘under the table’ type of known. Before you read on and complain that I missed an extremely popular tool, I purposefully left out some because I do not believe they deserve to be mentioned and/or I haven’t tested them. And partially also because they either do not have an affiliate program or I can’t get in for one reason or another. Just letting you know I purposefully left some out.

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Intermediate SEO Tips For Best Search Engine Rankings – Part 2

Welcome back everyone. Today is Part 2 of my Intermediate SEO Tips, Tricks And Tactics series. Today I’ll cover something very interesting and that is very deep keyword research.

Deeper Keyword Research:

So you have your basic list of keywords you want your site to target. In the case of it’s Facebook Fanpage related keywords. Now that I know those there are plenty of options for some serious R&D!

There are several steps to this:

  1. First, figure out what your site is currently targeting
  2. Expand the keyword list (use NotePad or something to keep track) using keyword tools
  3. Update site with picked keywords
  4. Post new keyword optimized articles on site and off site

I’ll talk about #’s 1,3 and 4 a bit later. But what I want to focus on in this post is #2: Finding the best keywords.

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Intermediate SEO Tips For Best Search Engine Rankings – Part 1

Most people know the basic SEO tips of keywords, titles, and meta. Don’t worry if you don’t. There is plenty of time to learn and to make changes to your site. Today though I’ll talk about some more advanced intermediate SEO strategies and tips I employ on my various websites in-order to rank on page 1 of Google for several great keywords.

Kathy Griffiths made a good introductory post about keyword rich content, keywords and seo, you can read that here for some good information. What’s important to know is that even though ‘content is king’ it is not everything.

This is part 1 of a long series for Intermediate SEO Tips. This one deals with setup. Nothing can be done with a good setup. Read on for part 1 – The SEO Setup!

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Don’t Be A WiseAss Marketer

Simply said it’s a question of how you market. Do you really think people are idiots? No, they are not. There is the odd exception here and there, but in general people are rather smart. People also don’t like being sold on things, though they can be. But being sold on something doesn’t mean they are an idiot.

I bring this up because of a recent label I read on a package of meat wrap (translated from Polish): “Warning, do not place plastic on grill.”

Well, gee goly! I almost did, good thing I read that! ………

I hate HATE HATE stupid marketing labels like that. The title image (link to the original authors post of the image at the bottom of the post) of this post goes to illustrate my point: “Contains peanuts. May also contain nuts.” May? It either contains nuts or not! I admit, this is more of a rant than a informative post, but it does have a point.

Several days ago I received a forwarded e-mail from my mother about a internet marketing product she wanted me to check into.

note: fair warning, this is a long article. It’s also partially a rant on bad marketing I see. Actually, mostly a rant on bad marketing :)

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