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Google Places Renamed To Google My Business Plus Upgrades!

Google My Business (formally Google Places formally Google Local) is Google’s latest iteration of the local business listings. They’ve made a few upgrades for business owners worth knowing about. Though not much has changed for the front-end user (yet). Here’s what it looks like and what you can expect. Even with all of Google’s name […]

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Use Location Based Reminders To Improve Employee Productivity

Location Based Reminders can help your business by letting your employees know that X task needs to be done once they are near (or at) a specific location. This can be used for delivery reminders, appointment checklists and even simple things such as ‘remember to take your hat’. There’s so much opportunity for this that […]

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How to Display Your Profile Picture in Google Search – Authorship

Have you ever wanted to get your profile picture into Google search results right next to your articles? You’re in luck because it requires very little effort on your part and just a bit of waiting. Having your profile picture in Google search results is done through the Google Authorship program. Adding your profile image […]

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Fix T-Mobile + Google Voice Voicemail “call forwarding connection problem or invalid mmi code” Problem

You love your Android on T-Mobile, but hate the T-Mobile Visual Voicemail App. You love Google Voice, but can’t seem to get it working. Thankfully, I have a good explanation for you and solution! For whatever reason, the instructions Google Voice provides you don’t work and when you do try them you get this error: […]

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Monthly Goal Success: Adsense Revenue At $1 Per Day!

Getting consistent Adsense revenue isn’t always an easy task. Depending on your blog niche and topics it can be anywhere from non-existent to making you a millionaire to anywhere in between. Though I had a goal for this month, to achieve at least a $1.00 per day average Google Adsense income by 23:59 on April 30th, 2011. Suffice […]

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Top 17 Google Chrome Extensions To Improve Chrome

Chrome is great in many ways, but it also severely lacks in features. Now don’t get me wrong. Chrome pioneered in many new features. BUT Firefox beat’s Chrome without breaking a sweat in the plugins/extensions department. As we all know, Extensions can (and do) add A LOT of needed (and some not) functionality to the browser. The […]

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Best WordPress Stats Plugin

There are a plethora of Wordpress Plugins and addons for tracking statistics. This is great because you then get your pick of the litter, but the problem is if you install three different tracking plugins you will get three different results. So what should you do with these choices and discrepancies in results?

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