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Top Tips On How To Hire Any Freelancer, Writers & Others

Hiring a brand new unknown freelancer is always a pain. You have to deal with first finding one, then vetting them, then making sure they stay up to par and one schedule and even the whole problem of having part of your business done by someone you don’t know! It’s a scary process.

Ruthan Brodsky wrote a wonder article entitled “How To Hire Freelance Writers.” If you’re not hiring at the moment, read it. If you are in the process of hiring writers, read it. If your hiring someone who isn’t a freelance writer … read it anyway!

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Quick And Cheap Outsourcing to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

Outsourcing is the lifeblood of any outgoing business. No business how large or small can survive without some sort of outsourcing. If you think you’re hoofing it all alone, you’re not. Where do you get your electricity from? Your TV? Your internet? Your Webhosting? Your food? A lot of what we take for granted today […]

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