Screencasting in Linux With RecordItNow & PulseAudio

Screencasting has been a general pain in Linux. No more. The new application RecordItNow solves many screencasting issues and best of all, it really does ‘just’ work. It’s easy to use and it’s free. Here is my first screencast using RecordItNow about screencasting in linux.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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  • Jarige

    It doesn’t seem to find the package ‘recorditnow’ using Ubuntu 9.10 (gnome) in Synaptic. I might search for a .deb somewhere, but I would like to get updates on this program as they come out. Any tips on this?

    • Piotr Krzyzek

      Hey Jarige,

      Sorry about the late reply. Yeah, you might not find it directly in the repositories at the moment. You’ll have to add an extra repository “”. Or more directly add this:
      “ppa:darcio53/ppa” to your ppa list.

  • Jarige

    Thanks, I’ve found it somewhere else in the meantime. It wasn’t as fast as I expected though :( It was about as fast as gtk-recordmydesktop was. I still didn’t find my solution. I Might try some VPN connection one of these days.
    I must say that I own a netbook, which is probably not as fast as your computer. 1.6GHz Intel Atom dual core. 1,5GB RAM (upgraded it) and i945 graphical card. Not the most advanced hardware, but it works like a charm with Ubuntu 9.10 :D Just this little thing that doesn’t work; recording :(

  • ocd

    Thanks very much for this tutorial :)

    I have tried nearly everything so far and had nothing but
    problems – some performance-related, some where the application
    wouldn’t work at all.

    I installed and tried recorditnow while I was watching your tutorial…obviously you did a good job :D

    • Piotr Krzyzek

      Thanks much! I’m glad I was able to help!

  • RASCRanasingha

    I Was Using The GTK Version Of “RecordMyDesktop”, After Seeing This Alternative I Immediatley Downloaded It… It’s A Great App… Thanks… And Good Work On The Screen Cast :-)