McSourcer Scam – Employment Recruitment Scam & Phishing

Has the recession hit your hard and left you in the job hunt mode? Then it’s likely you’ve uploaded your resume to many places and have sent it out to a plethora of institutions. One way other you are bound to receive an e-mail from the folks at McSourcer.com. So is McSourcer a scam or are they really trying to help you find a job? Well let’s find out.

Update August 11th, 2012: Did some thinking and research. This is what I’ve managed to figure out: McSourcer.com is pretty much a scam/phishing. Stay away. This name has NOTHING to do with other McSourcer named companies such as McSourcerTech. DO NOT accept linkedIn invites from anything McSourcer.com related, nor twitter. So things to avoid are:



Very had any reply, feedback nor conversation with them. 

Until then, I recommend you stay far far away from them/it.

update April 20th, 2011: So, I wanted to make an update to this post since it’s getting lots of traffic and (sadly) few comments. If this article helped you please comment 🙂 Also, here is the BBB rating of the company (an F … wow) http://www.bbb.org/chicago/business-reviews/human-resources/mcsourcer-in-chicago-il-88258709

Before doing any internet research let me tell you about my story with McSourcer and my ex job-hunt. Sending out resumes to thousands of corporations isn’t my cup of tea, thus I decided to post it on Monster.com and see what can come of it. Sadly nothing, though I did receive a plethora of templated spam-type e-mails from various insurance companies. That aside, I received an e-mail from McSourcer very similar to the templated e-mails I received from other companies. My general response to those e-mails is:

  • Who are you?
  • How did you get my e-mail? (ie: where did they see it)

So I sent this reply to McSourcer:

?Hello Mike,

I’m wondering how you received my e-mail and who referred my resume to you?

After see’ing my resume you should be well aware of my skills and knowledge. How is it that I can help you?

Warm Regards,
— Piotr Krzyzek

I’m not one to take kindly to unsolicited e-mails. Especially one that looks very boiler plate and generic:

Hi Piotr,

Your resume was referred to me recently. Please let me know if you are currently in the job market.

If you’re interested in hearing about our job opportunities please register with us online below:


We work on searches across all of the U.S. and some in Canada. Look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Mike McCarthy
Phone: 312.277.1986
McSourcer Recruiting and Staffing
40 E. Chicago Ave. Suite 131
Chicago, IL 60611

Remove your email from my contacts by clicking the link below and I promise to never contact you again:

Who can guess what happened next?

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  • I hate this stuff. With today’s economy, so many are falling on harder times than before, it really preys on them. To me it is a scam, I have seen a few like this before and it drives me nuts. I will admit I looked into the first one only to find out they wanted a sign up fee from me. I had to leave my other career to come home to care for my disabled wife, and it was a tough transition. I love being here with her. But I hate it when companies like this are able to stay in business lying and scamming.

    Great post


  • Shellie

    I have already asked them to remove me from their database, but alas!!! Another email has appeared. This is the 3rd! I have been out of work 2 1/2 years. I have heard from so many insurance companies (that I’ve never heard of before) that I could paper a wall. I HATE sales.

  • Kent

    If you will check with the Illinois Secretary of State’s office, McSourcer Inc. is not registered with the State of Illinois. That doesn’t mean they are not registered in another state, but nothing in Illinois. Also, if you check with the Better Business Bureau, they have given McSourcer a rating of “F”, due to failure to respond to requests for information on the business, etc. Just a heads up.

    • Hey Kent!

      Great point about the BBB.

      After reading up more and more about the practices and the like from McSourcer … seems they deserve that F-.

      — Piotr

  • Chris

    Thanks for the write-up. I just got that same e-mail – and was about to reply – but something just felt “off.” Beware, job hunters; Monster.com is loaded with tons of scams.

    • Hey Chris,

      Yeah, it is very fishy and it’s complete BS.

  • John Doe

    When is someone going to report this fraud directly to monster.com?

  • Noland

    Thanks, you saved me time and I avoided some unwanted headaches. It seems that most of these online sites are made to sell you some work at home scam or credit checks and loans for school. The jobs that they have posted are word for word straight out of the local news paper.

  • Jon

    Yeah, just got this email. The email seemed strange to me too so thought I’d search around to figure out who they were.

  • Jay Silva

    Piotr, you’re terrific for posting this. It’s great to have folks like you helping us from going astray. Nice job.

  • Ned

    Thanks for posting this. Agree with Jay above. It’s great to have people that are proactive about phishing emails. Thanks again.


  • Juan

    Thanks for the information provide. Does anyone knows where can we report this kind of mail? Because I’ve receive several of this mails.


  • J T

    I too have received Mike’s emails. They came directly because I listed mysefl on “monster”. I too got some emails from insurance companies and other “career advisors”. To McSourcer I naively responded three times (ok, I’m both slow and desperate); one sent me to register on “ladders”, another sent me to register on another website (6 figure jobs maybe?), and one was their “own” where they wanted your name/salary requirements etc. How many times do I need to register? Since “registering” I keep getting emails to register again. My guess is that they are somehow an aggregator of names for websites, probably getting a fee of some kind…..who is funding it would be a great question, somewhere someone is cashing in. I’m hopeful they are not involved in something nasty….imagination runs they are matching this info up with credit card info they get elsewhere and coming up with complete identities. I guess we need to be more careful.

    I’ve heard “ladders” is on the up and up (but would be curious if anyone has had any result either way). Anyone ask them about this McSourcer?

    • My GUESS is that McSourcer is funded through e-mail spam, e-mail list selling and e-mail list generation JV’s. Try to contact any of the people McSources represents and see if they respond!

      Best of luck on your job JT!

  • Kristi

    Wow, awesome article – Thanks for the heads up!

  • Christina Lewis

    Thank you for posting this Piotr!
    I’m sure my email asking them to remove me from their database will be met with the same enthusiam… i.e., ignored.
    But I am grateful to you that I didn’t waste my time.
    Ladders however keep writing to me but at $70 a month I am not going to bite that cherry either.

    • Good thing you checked first. Places like that are just time wasters and spam site.

      Keep safe! Cheers!

  • Hollie K

    thanks for the info and listing other phishing sites. I’m beginning to think none of the jobs listed online are real. I’ll keep my search much more local and low key as another post suggests. Again, thanks for the heads up.

    • Hey Hollie,

      There are plenty of quality jobs listed online. Monster and CareerBuilder have lots! You can also try looking at freelance work on Freelancer.com, ODesk.com and others!


  • Tatjana Meerman

    I just got the exact same email from McSourcer and smelled a rat. Did a little search and your blog came up second on Google, which is a good thing for I hope it is sparing many others from being taken advantage of. So thanks for having done the research and posting your results!

    Another organization preying on the umployed is HRP Staffing with the bizaare email address of job@hrpstaffing.comcastbiz.net. Stay away.

    • Yikes! Thanks for giving us the heads up! These scam companies are scary!

  • Joe Russell

    I spent an hour last week on a webinar with HRP Staffing. They were “recruiting Executive Recruiters” for $199 supposedly to cover “training materials”. I inquired as to how I could become a “Client to be placed” rather than the recruiter postion and got the same email back. I pushed back and they replied by saying they were recruiting for clinical positions in heathcare. I am in Healthcare marketing so I backed down. Then this week Mikey reaches out to me. Are they connected? I feel played

    I’m in Dallas and the first week I was out of work in June I thought I was going in for an interview that turned out to be a scam too. “TOP” emailed me a week or 2 later and wanted to know if I was ready to sign up , for a mere $5000! I had done some research and emailed back that if I could “MEET & SPEAK” to anyone they had helped and could point toward anything to confirm their legitimacy I might consider.


    The US economy seems to favor scam artists like these over sincere people just wanting a JOB. SAD. Maybe the new American dream is to start ones own scam instead of actually working. I’d prefer work. Waaaaay too many seem to want to join them and I’m loosing faith that they can be beaten.

  • Jeff Morrison


    Any job site that has you provide information (email, name, job info…) before allowing a job search – think unsolicited emails, id theft, and worse. Just stay away!

  • netsuke

    Monster and Career Building (like other sites) sell a service which these scammers use to find addys for their junk mail. Avoid.

  • Jim

    Pete- Thanks for posting this info. Just got the email from Mike. Felt like bs and you’ve confirmed it. Curious if anyone has called the number?

  • Mary

    Thanks for drawing attention to this ‘company’. I posted my info. on Monster last week & received the email yesterday. I supplied the first bit of info. but when the next level took me to TheLadders that seemed strange (I already use TheLadders). I proceeded to click through, without supplying any further info. When I saw the list of web sites they were offering to post my information to I began to get uncomfortable. That’s when I Googled them. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Annmarie C

    Yes, I got this email today from McSourcer. I opened the link and was tempted to input my info; then took a step back and began to ask mysef the very questions you posed. I did a bit of ‘Googling’ and you are one of many who has concluded this is a phishing scam. Thanks for the info.

  • Patti

    I have gotten at least 3 of these from “mike.” I have asked to be removed at least twice. I plan to file a complaint with the FCC. They are breaking the law by not honoring removal requests (I’m sure my email came from Monster.com also).

  • Dave C.

    Well, I found an “actual” full website. Whether it does any more than the page linked to in the e-mail, I am not sure.
    http:// mcsourcer.com/

  • Bob

    Excellent digging, for I am searching for an Executive Headhunter to help with my endeavors. Marc is all over the place, including Linkedin. I will send the administrators a note unless you have?


  • Nello

    Thanks a lot Piotr. I just got the exact same e-mail from McSourcer earlier today and thought something was up since it appeared in my spam mail. That is when I decided to do a little research and like with Tatjana I came across your blog through Google as the second thing listed in the search. Which like she said is a good thing cause it spared me to like her, and I’m sure many others from being taken advantage of with a scam like this. So once again thanks a lot for doing this research yourself and posting the results for all of us to see. It’s especially helpful to people like myself who are recent college graduates, who have graduated within the past 2-3 years and are still looking for jobs and have just recently signed up for sites like Monster and/or CareerBuilder. With me recently signing up for CareerBuilder myself.

    So I know I’m going to have to be even more careful with a lot of the e-mails I receive and respond too. Since I have started receiving a lot of job related e-mails since signing up with CareerBuilder, that I have to now try researching a lot of times before I respond or give a response like the one you said you used above. One that actually recently came up that I received today as well that looked like it might be fishy as well that I responded to with a response similar to the one you mentioned you used above is for Achieve Career Employment.

    The e-mail I received said this: Hi Nello

    Recently I came across your resume for a media position our company was looking to fill. Your resume appears to be a good match for some of the media employers who regularly use our recruiting services in Chicago. If you are still actively looking for a job in your field, press here. If you are looking for a site specific to Chicago, try here. Remember that it is important to keep your online resume up to date.

    Best of luck,

    Irene Price
    HR Director

    , if you no longer want to receive career messages please press here.

    2250 N Rock Rd. Ste 251-118
    Wichita, KS 67226-2325

    So I was wondering if you came across any e-mails such as that either, or no anyone who has and thought it was a scam as well? Cause like I said I thought it was, but responded to it with a response similar to the one you used above and now I’m just waiting to hear back and see what the deal is with it. Thanks a lot for the help again to and this blog post from saving me that time.

  • Donna

    In response to Nello. I just recently posted my resume on CareerBuilder as well and oddly enough I received the exact same e-mail from Irene Price at Achieve-Career-Employment in my Spam box. The only difference is that it was talking about my field of experience vs. yours. It was verbatim other than that and the state. If it looks like a scam, it likely is. I did the same as you and searched it out and found this web page. I would NEVER click on a link like they sent. They could be phishing for your information via cookies or could attach a nice little virus on your computer. If it was legit, they wouldn’t be sending “mass” e-mails and would be more clear with company logos etc. Even then, I would be hesitant to trust anything like that. Good luck!

  • Jen

    Nello, thank you for posting the information from Irene Porter. I received a message very similar (except for position and state of course) to the one you received. Did you ever receive a response to your email? I definitely think it is a scam as well, which is why I goggled.

    Piotr, Thank you for providing this information.

  • Jeff

    @nello I got an nearly identical e-mail from Mrs Price at career-employment-listings.com. Just replace “media” with “IT”, and my city is different. Intellius says that the only Irene Price in Kansas is 96 years old, and a separate search suggests she is deceased (my apologies to the Price family).

  • Constance

    I received the email from the phantom Mike as well today. Thanks to your
    Information I was able to recognize this scam!!! Good job
    To all who posted!!! CS

  • Wanda

    I posted my resume on Monster and Career builder. I received an email from Mike through Monster and an email from NextOpp.com from career builder. All are scams.

    I am looking for a job and know that from a previous layoff a career counselor can be of help especially when paid for by your former employer. I talked with NextOpp and signed after being pitched a high sales pitch. However the next morning I cancelled the contract and sent no money. I realize he stilled had not shown resumes relevant to my industry and job classification and did not introduce me to the program manager I would be working with. There were also several complaints about this company. It is so hard to be fulled when you just want a job; but the money we would give them would be better served to pay our bills.

  • Airnoterr

    Nello & all the others, I have gotten several e-mails from Irene Price the last was the most agressive, I would never click on their link – very unprofessional – ever notice there is no phone number? :
    “I’ve tried to contact you a several times by email without success. Your listed business skills are a good match for our local employers in Philadelphia. If you are still active in your job search, take a look here.
    See below if you’re no longer interested in career help and we will no longer try to assist you. If you are still looking, remember to keep your online resume up to date.
    Best of luck,
    Irene Price
    Philadelphia HR Director
    ___ if you no longer want to receive career messages please press here.
    2250 N Rock Rd. Ste 251-118
    Wichita, KS 67226-2325

  • Rich

    Thank you for this post. I was getting the same email and started filling out the forms when it directed me to a resume service…that’s when my radar went off. I started checking and came across your posting. Thank you for doing the digging. I did not complete the enrollment with Mcsourcer.

    Thanks again,

    • Glad I was able to help Rich! McSourcer is a scam through and through as far as anyone can tell ….

      HAHA, and Oh the cool coincidence. As I’m writing this comment to you guess what e-mail I got? “Recent Resume”! from “m.mccarthy@mcsourcer.com”. Hahaha …

  • mike

    Thanks for this site -add it to the scam list. Best so far is a call from someone who saw my info at Monster and wanted to talk about opening a franchise. Not in my wheel house….

  • Juat received this e-mail; however, when I clicked the link “Register Here”, it took me to a generic page on the Ladders, which said that I was already a premium member. I phone the number in the signature line, explaining what I experienced; let’s see if I get a response.

    Mike McCarthy mmccarthy@mcsourcer.com
    4:35 PM (40 minutes ago)

    to me
    Hi Richard,

    Please complete this registration form that includes comp requirements. Register Here.


    Mike McCarthy
    Phone: 312.277.1986
    McSourcer Recruiting and Staffing
    40 E. Chicago Ave. Suite 131
    Chicago, IL 60611

  • A. Headhunter

    my two cents… if a recruiter has a real job to fill and a legit client who will pay them a fee for placing you there, said recruiter will CALL you rather than just blasting out emails. It is in their interest to call you before their competition does. If you post as confidential w/o a phone number, then of course they’ll email you but will probably include some info about a real job. Always be weary of “log in and register with us” type emails.

    ~ A. Headhunter

    ps – if you are in the job market, know your strengths and seek out recruiters who place people with your skill set(s) and/or within your industry. Recruiters are paid by their clients to find/screen people who can fill a specific niche in the company. The worst thing you can tell a recruiter is that you’re a Jack/Jane-of-all-trades. The client can find Jack or Jane on their own and probably for cheaper than you’re willing to work for. A recruiter who knows that you have something specific to offer can be your best friend. Good luck.

  • Steve Breard

    I just got this email and decided to check out the company before I sent anything or replied. I came across your articles and I appreciate it. Not the first one I have gotten but this one caught me on a day where I was more open than usual. Thanks for bringing me back to my senses

  • Transition Pro

    Piotr, and all the contribuitors,
    Thank you so much for your contributions and valuable experience. Very enlightening and validated my intuition, sure wish it was not so suttle. So my questions are:
    a. What are my next steps to be rid of these ‘e-mails’ ?
    b. If I ‘block them’ does that alert the sender and that develops another avenue of entrance ?
    c. Should I select the ‘unsubscribe’ option? or will that put me into a more aggravating situation?
    Look forward to your reply…

    • Hey Transition,

      The best and easiest way to get rid of these e-mails is to block with them with your spam filter or blacklist. The unsubscribe link in the McSourcer e-mails doesn’t do anything. And no sending won’t care, nor notice any of it (they aren’t alerted).


  • Dave


    Great post and comments. Nothing more to add but to say that I did receive the same email and many inquiries from Insurance companies, etc. once I began my search via the internet. I have had huge success via LinkedIn. Do you have any experience with HundredKplus.com? I’m an executive working with several retained recruiters but have found that the best results are working your network and leveraging the internet. I recently rec’d an email from HundredKplus.com and they seem legit basis my limited research. Would appreciate any feedback…..and thanks for the post!

    • Hey Dave,

      thanks for writing!

      Alas, I don’t have any experience with HundredKplus though I also had trouble finding the website. I wasn’t able to locate hundredkplus.com, there is hundres k plus jobs .com though. For a site that claims to offer 100K+ jobs, it’s a really crappy designed site, simple … yet overly simple to the point of looking incomplete.

      That’s all I have to say about it. Don’t know much else. Who knows, they might be legit. *shrug*.

      As a headhunter, yup: go with LinkedIn and I heard Quora is decent too. Though I haven’t really used Quora as much as I should.

      Best of luck Dave!

  • Catherine

    Thank you all for the information on McSourcer, especially Piotr. I just received an email from them and Mike was the one that sent this email, well Lord and behold I went to the site and they did not give any information about their business. I started to put in the information cause thought that when I did it would give me something of the company. Well, when I went to the first page and saw Rabbit was on their page I said no and backed out of the site and erased my information. How in the world does these people have the gaul to ask you for money to search when we are UNEMPLOYED and looking for a job. If we had the money that would be different but when one is unemployed they are making ends meet just to get by. I also went to their website and that is how I found this site and thank goodness for that, cause so many people get scammed now a days.

    Thanks again for the informative site Piotr if you did not put this site up, many more would be taken.

  • Tracy

    They’re still at it! Today I received an email titled “Recent Resume” from Mike McCarthy. I thought it was a bit strange so before I clicked on the link in his email, I did a search on McSourcer and found out it was a scam.

    Here is the email I received:

    Hi Tracy,

    Your resume was referred to me recently. If you’re currently in the job market and would be interested in hearing about our opportunities please register with us online below:


    We work on searches across all of the U.S. and some in Canada. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Best Regards,

    Mike McCarthy
    Phone: 312.277.1986
    McSourcer Recruiting and Staffing
    40 E. Chicago Ave. Suite 131
    Chicago, IL 60611

    Remove your email from my contacts by clicking the link below and I promise to never contact you again:

  • Ichiro

    Thanks Piotr!
    I received from Mike McCarthy a day after I updated Monster.com information.
    Email body is as sama as Tracy’s.

    Best regards,

  • I got this email this morning, and when I clicked through to their website, all sorts of “red flags” went up, so I decided to Google the company, and found this page. I have been in a job search for THREE YEARS and have run across so many scams that it’s nauseating, ranging from the blatant (stuff like McSourcer) to the quasi-semi-legit (The Ladders).

    Interestingly, the McSourcer “offices” are in my neighborhood, but their address is for a little tiny UPS store in the basement of a brownstone at Chicago and Wabash … so there ARE no offices, just a mail drop.

    I write a job-search blog, The Job Stalker, for the Chicago Tribune’s “Chicago Now” blogging site (http://jobstalker.info) and am always looking for interesting guest bloggers for that. Would you be interested in doing a post dealing with this and similar scams? It’s one of my “bête noir” topics, but I’ve pretty much beat MY take on the subject to death, so I’m open to having other voices warn about these things there.

    – B.T.

  • Jody

    Thanks for these messages. My antenna was up when I didn’t hear where they got my resume from and they didn’t provide feedback on the employment they had. I searched the company name prior to responding (got my email today which was also like Tracey’s). Thanks for posting and sparing me the heartache.
    Another organization that rates F with the BBB is Direct TV so don’t use them either!!!!

  • Catherine

    Thanks for writing this article, I just recieved my first email from them. I will be ignoring it. unreal….

  • Job Ready

    So after reading through all these post to sum it up:
    -McSourcer……………………………………………………………”F” , per Better Business Bureau
    -http://achievecareeremployment.com/……………………..NO RATING, per Better Business Bureau. Still be cautious. Piotr what is your take on this company?
    -Freelancer.com & Quora.com…………………………………Piotr approved
    -Career Builder/Monster………………………………………….offers a percentage of good exposure to good companies recruiting with the same amount of exposure to bad companies offering scams and phishing prospects.

    -Tried and True job finding sites
    -National Sites
    -Local Sites (Georgia – my personal request)
    -Specialty Sites (Ex: Admin. Assistants, Entry Level Management, Entry Level Legal Assistant, Executive Assistant, etc.)
    -Post your experiences with sites that have given you excellent results

    This would be greatly appreciated. The information posted was wonderful information but I think in this economy we need all levels of information as well. Piotr you are the best and I thank you with my whole heart for providing this platform for your followers. Your responses to the post are very much what I seek and appreciate.

    • Hey there,

      I’ve never heard of Achieve Career Employment so I can’t say anything about it … except that that’s one heck of a long website address.

      Craigslist is another alright place to look for jobs. Networking places, chamber’s of commerce and your local service providers of advice. Works amazing well.

      I provide quality service, so that answers your quality service site question. 🙂 But really, everywhere you do you’ll find crap, spam and the like. Referrals is the least ‘crappy’ way to go. Other than that, not much you can do about it.

      There’s eLance, Freelancer, oDesk, Craiglists just to make a few major ones for quick work hunting.

      OO! LinkedIn! I’ll have to write about that soon. 🙂

  • Floyd

    Still happening just as you stated… over a year later.

  • Amy

    I just received the exact same email from “Mike McCarthy” and it wasn’t in my spam. Because I posted my resume on Monster and have received nothing but crap, I search anyone who contacts me, and most were scams. I never click the links in emails, or even go their “official” website. This lengthy thread of very helpful comments was at the top of my search. Lots of scum out there…as too many have come to know. Thanks.

  • Dan

    I just received this e-mail today with a slightly different twist. Previously, my spam filter blocked other e-mails from Mike McCarthy. Thanks for the post. I’ll ignore Mr. McCarthy again. This time the e-mail said:

    “If I already emailed you then please ignore this, but I’ve learned that some of my recent emails were not delivered.

    I have a copy of your resume and was touching base to see if you are currently in the job market. If so, please register with us at http://www.mcsourcer.com/register so I can easily update you regarding opportunities.

    I’m based in Chicago but our current search engagements are spread nationwide.

    Best Regards,
    Mike McCarthy
    McSourcer Recruiting and Staffing
    Phone: 312.277.1986
    40 E. Chicago Ave. Suite 131
    Chicago, IL 60611
    Remove your email from my list here and I promise to never contact you again:

  • Sarah

    I am so happy I took the time to look up McSourcer.com and happen to stumble upon your article. Thank you for informing us before responding to their emails!

  • Shayne

    These guys are still in business. I got the email today and of course was excited to see it. But I like to go out to Google before I start filling in forms.

    Thanks for this post. I have deleted that email and will keep a closer eye out.

  • Corey

    I figured these guys were BS so I emailed back in a similar fashion to what you did, not giving any information, but asking what positions they had in my area and if they were just a spambot. Got nothing back. A little googlefu brought me to your blog and a few other places to confirm they are just a scam. Something I was curious about is the plethora of emails I get about supposed IT jobs in my area. I’m guessing these are small 2-3 man “companies” that are fullfilling govt sub-contract slots that are required by the govt of the primaries. (example L3 wins primariy, but is written to sub out 25% positions to small “disadvantaged” companies. I rarely respond to them, but can tell by the info provided that they are actual positions. Im guessing these slots are “jump ball” slots that lots of tiny companies go for and first to fill gets it. Any idea?

    • Well, things get a bit complicated when government stuff comes into play. If you think they are real job postings and you need a job, I’d say go for it. There is a lot of leeway in the job search industry for all sizes for recruiters. Big, medium and small all fill a certain role in the industry. To me, the potential job seeker: I don’t care if it’s Bill Gates himself or a crazy druggie off the street, if they can get me a quality job or at least an interview it’s all the same to me.

  • txhrc4

    Really appreciated your info on this company! I got an email from “Mike”, and I’m not even looking for a job!

  • Thanks. I just heard from McSourcer today, and had my doubts. This article was the first thing I found with a web search. Good to know the Interwebz is working to protect its own, if one knows to check things out.

  • Hector G.

    Thanks for the heads up Piotr.
    Just got one early this morning this time I checked them before doing anything.
    Before reading your article did little digging myself. Google this ‘McSourcer’ first thing that pop
    was SCAM.
    Yes so true a lot of companies are out to scam you especially ones that don’t give out
    much info. MLM usually ones to try and snag you.

  • These are the same twisted minds that write viruses and send emails that say “tell everyone you know”. It’s all meant to waste your time and resources, as well as solicit your information giving you false hope.

  • Simon Roper

    I received the saim e-mail today. It SOUNDED very promising. And the web site LOOKS very good.You are given the impression that this is a company that will get to know who you are and then find the right job.I got suspicious, however, when their registration process just kept pointing me to resume posting sites, etc that simply wanted money. Monster, CareerBuilder, and DIce don’t ask for money. And they are recommended by genuine recruiters I know. But nothing is perfect. You will still get those annoying e-mails from people telling you that you have the perfect skill set and experience to be an independent insurance agent!

  • Simon Roper

    One more thing …

    If you go to http://www.mcsourcer.com, you will see that there is no way for “registered” users to log back in. Interesting, to say the least

  • Tom L

    I, too, wondered how my resume got in its hands, and further wondered how it would not correlate a resume with a job search. Enter Google, BBB, and your blog. Thank you for saving me time!

  • Mel

    Thanks for this. I’ve received e-mails from recruiters before, but when I went to their website, something seemed fishy, or phishy, as it were. So before giving them my info, I did a quick Google search which reveled this article among others which have led me to believe this is a scam.

  • Laramie

    Thanks for this blog. When I received the email it sounded SCAMISH!

  • Holly

    Thank you. Just received the same email from Mike. I am glad I checked around before responding!

  • Peter Holt

    Read their privicy policy. They are right up front saying

    “10.2 What does company do with collected information?

    (a) PERSONAL INFORMATION. We will share any and all personal information you submit to our Company with third parties, who in our sole discretion, may have products or services you will find of interest. We will share your information without your additional consent.”


    • chykalophiagroup

      Yeah. They really aren’t that kind. I wonder what they do with our info and if there is a way to erase ourselves from it.

  • WiseOne

    Just by their title on their website they sound like a company that will gladly take your money for their (aham) help in finding you a job. Don’t fall for it!
    If you are searching for a job, here’s a sound advice DON’T PAY ANYONE ANYTHING!
    Keep searching! If you need help, search for free help places, your city library , chambers of commerce, small business bureau. DO NOT PAY!!!!

  • WiseOne

    Just by their title on their website they sound like a company that will gladly take your money for their (aham) help in finding you a job. Don’t fall for it!
    If you are searching for a job, here’s a sound advice DON’T PAY ANYONE ANYTHING!
    Keep searching! If you need help, search for free help places, your city library , chambers of commerce, small business bureau. DO NOT PAY!!!!

  • I just got one of these. It looked pretty phishy to me as well given the spammy domain name in the link. (emailverifications.com?)

    Spamming from jobsites is enough of an ethical violation for me to never want to work for them. Phishing is worse!

    • You are so right Dana. Lately I’ve been getting similar type of spam, except for SEO, and they wonder why I never ever answer?! Have they thought maybe it’s because they are spamming with me completely generic BS that’s not even relevant to my business needs?

      • Hey Dana,

        The only way I can think of to help stop these emails is to use spam filters and then blacklist the people who send the spam.

        Don’t give out your info to scammers. Do your due diligence! If if smells fishy, it probably is.


  • Chanel

    I just received an email from McSourcer. The fact that it’s called McSourcer had me guessing it was spam but I decided to Google the company anyway. The website was to blah for me to be interested in it. I then googled McSourcer Spam. Sure enough, this article was the first option. There has to be a better way to stop these emails. I’m currently unemployed and I would hate to get scammed out of information. I would also hate to miss out on an opportunity because the company website looked weird.

  • Art L.

    This mcsourcer Is still at it. I hope I never filled out any forms etc.

    If they are not doing anything illegal I guess they wont be stopped.
    I would like to report them somewhere to help stop them.
    That kind of email is crappy unsolicited SPAM.

  • Geo


    I just read your informative article about McSourcer. I did register with them today, only giving them my resume, which is the same information that is posted on other job boards. The site gave me job offerings, but the site did not ask for any personal information (Credit Card, SSN). The website did lead me to “ResumeRabbit,” which is a paid service for resume posting. I did not sign up with them. After finding out about information on McSourcer from past users, I decided to unsubscribe from the career list that was sent to me, and to block the email and report it as a phishing attack. I was curious to know if there was anything else I should expect to happen from this.


    • Hello,

      It’s good that you didn’t proceed further with them. What most likely will happen is they sell your info and/or try to spam you in various ways.

      Don’t ever pay anyone to ‘push’ your resume anywhere. They most certainly are a scam/crap. All the quality recruiters take monies on the back-end when they actually do their work of finding you a job!

      Good luck! Let me know if you have any other questions or if there is something else I can help you with.

  • Kristi M

    I just received an email from McSourcer, and have been receiving the same scam recruitment emails from other placental week. I find it disgusting how people are taking advantage of those of us working hard to find a real job! Thank you for this article. It is nice to see there are some who care.

    And for other readers, avoid job offers from Bankers Life. They are also a scam. It is a real job, but you are only paid on commuting. Saw a few people go further in debt because of that company.

  • frank ocean

    Just got an email from this. Luckily I had training in this type of stuff so I knew what was going on. But to the other people who don’t know this is a good site. Thank you for sharing your story I’m pretty sure you helped a lot of folks.

    • Hey Frank,

      Glad to hear that you avoided this scam. What type of training have you had? I’m curious to learn. Maybe we can share some of your insights on here! 🙂

  • Demetria

    I received an email a short while ago and immediately decided to research them. Thanks for this article. I, like you, am not a fan of unsolicited/generic emails pushing employment opportunities that, in all likelihood, are nothing more than bait to get a nibble on the line to set some poor unsuspecting victim up for a scam or simply to be annoyed by further unwanted calls/emails.

  • Jacq

    I too got emails from them. They are a bit more sophisticated now so it really did seem like they were replying to my emails at first. I got different ones telling me to regisiter here and ones sending me job listings etc.
    What i don’t understand is what they get out of it? They pulled my resume from Monster, so they already had my email,and phone. They did not ask for any addtional info, so why contact me? Dop they get some kind of comission if i get my own job from one the websites they sent me to?
    If anyone can shed some light on this, I’d appreciate it.
    Ps. The linked in site he has up has a bunch of misspellings, etc. not what you’d expect from a real recruiter…