Install TweetDeck in Ubuntu Karmic x64 Easily

TweetDeck is a favorite Twitter application of many users. Why? Because of it’s grouping features, functionality, customizability, great looks and it runs on just about any major OS.

For us linux users, there is a version which you can pick up from TweetDeck.com. Though, to my dismay, you need to install the Adobe AIR plugin first. This is done rather automatically so it’s not much of a hassle, but it still is rather annoying and I would rather have the ability to install via apt or a .deb file. So in-order to install TweetDeck on Linux you not only need Adobe Air, but also Flash; and we all know how fun that is.

After downloading from the “Download Now” flash button, it will install TweetDeck and launch it if you want. This will work fine. The problem is if you want to start it up by yourself. You might get this error:

Error loading the runtime (libadobecertstore.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)

Even if you find “libadobecertstore.so” on your computer you will still get that error. The reason is simple. TweetDeck is a 32 bit application and if you are using a 64bit Ubuntu, it will use the 32 bit libraries that you installed. From this post on OssRamblings, they describe all the lib32 steps you need to take. But if you’re a regular user of x64 bit Ubuntu you probably have installed a lot those anyway.

So all you probably really need to do is this:

sudo cp /usr/lib/libadobecertstore.so /usr/lib32

And that’s it. This should be done after installing Adobe Air. Also, just for good measure do “sudo ldconfig” to reload the libraries.

  • http://pithyless.com Norbert

    Thanks for the info, you saved me some googling. :)

    (ps. post has a broken link to TweetDeck.com)

    • http://www.piotrkrzyzek.com Piotr Krzyzek

      No problem, though the link is fine. Just in case your browser doesn’t support it, I’ve fixed the url to be a full URL.