How to tie a Tie for dummies!

Many a great man have been defeated, turned down, reject or flat out laughed at simply because of their outward appearance. Time for change my fellow man! Today we start with how to properly Tie a Tie!

I’m no expert, but I have my fair share of tie experience. Though, let us leave the actual teaching up to the experts and the information gathering to us geek folk :). Here are several links to help you tie your tie. Pick and choose as you see fit!

How To Tie A Tie: The Pursuit Of The Perfect Knot

Tie a Tie in Under 10 Seconds

How to tie a Full Winsor

Great little site with good step by step drawings:

And for the lazy-ish folk, here is a Google link to search for “Tie a tie”.

Now go forth and look good!

p.s. my personal favorite tie is the 4 In hand. It’s easy, it’s simple and it looks pretty good even for business. Try it out and see for yourself.

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