How to Display Your Profile Picture in Google Search – Authorship

Have you ever wanted to get your profile picture into Google search results right next to your articles? You’re in luck because it requires very little effort on your part and just a bit of waiting. Having your profile picture in Google search results is done through the Google Authorship program. Adding your profile image next to your posts on the Google search results helps increase clicks to your site and looks more professional (ie: gives you an expert status). Want to get them on your website? I’ll show you how to do that on HTML websites and the easiest method to add your profile picture in Google search results through WordPress.

So what do profile pictures in Google search results look like? Well, it’s that cool little picture next to your posts. Here’s an example search for my name:

piotr krzyzek google search

Let’s quickly go over the benefits of the Google Authorship program and why you should be part of it:

  • Higher click through rates on your posts.
  • Looks more professional on the Google search results.
  • Improves your the SEO quality on your website.

So let’s jump in first with setting up and getting your profile picture on Google search results!

Requirements for the Google Authorship program

  • You need a website
  • You have to have a Google+ profile
  • Your website is ‘attached’ (or linked to) to your Google+ page. (I’ll explain this shortly)

Steps to get on Google Authorship

1) **Create an About Me (author) page on your website

This page should talk about you a little bit, but what’s important here is the following bit of code that tells Google that this is a profile and that it links back to your Google+ profile. You’ll need to add the following code to that page specifically:

Where YOURID is your Google+ ID. You can get this by going to your Google+ page and looking in the URL. It’s the long digit looking like thing:

piotr krzyzek google+ profile

Replace that number you find for the YOURID part of the code above.

2) Place a link back to your profile page on every post/page you have using the code below:

Replace YOURWEBSITE with your website like and the author-page-link with the address of your author page.

3) Set yourself up as a Contributor on your Google+ profile page

Open your Google+ page, then click on “Edit Profile”. There will be a link and box that says “Contributor to” … this is where you want to add your website(s) to! If you skip this step you’ll never be in the Google+ authorship program! So do it!

4) Post some new contant and wait for Google to automagically accept you. So make sure your website is indexable. This can take some time.

How to know your profile picture will show up on Google search results and you’re accepted into Google Authorship?

There are two ways. First, you’ll have to check all your information is correct by going to the Google Rick Snippets testing tool. Very important to make sure you have everything right.

Also, once you are accepted you’ll get a congratulations e-mail directly from google that looks like this:

welcome to Google Authorship email

Setting up Google Authorship with WordPress

This is super simple and requires only a few settings and plugin. First, of course, you need a WordPress site. Then all you need to do is install a plugin called AuthorSure.

  1. Install and activate the AuthorSure plugin.

That’s it. It handles the rest. There are a few settings in there, but that’s pretty much all you need. Well … also make sure to do step 3 from above as well!

Have fun having your awesome Google+ profile picture in Google search results!