How To Create Viral Videos That Are Extremely Persuasive

No matter what career path you are in, more than likely you’ll eventually want to or have to make a video presentation. It can be on Youtube, Vimeo or even self-hosted, but the point is that you’ll have to create a video and publicly post it. This means you’re video will have to educate and persuade. For today’s short-attention spanned audiences, a 10 minute video is usually pretty perfect. If you’re creating a sales video, something even shorter would probably work.

How To Create Viral Videos That Are Extremely Persuasive

There are many scenerios, styles, methods and variables but thankfully the post (and video) on Social Media Examiner .com by Michael Stelzner lights the path! His post comes in text form, video (links) and podcast format! Woot! I recommend reading it first, then watching the videos.

The link after the jump.

The whole process comes down to these basic steps/sections that each video needs (in this order):

  1. Attention Grabber opening
  2. Intro bumper (branding)
  3. Content
  4. Outro (ending credits)
  5. Outtakes … everyone loves these :)

There you have it! The secret sauce to powerful video!

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