Update 2 (01/23/15): I’ve written an update to this more specifically about Scott Rowe and understanding Renatus at it’s core here: Scott Rowe Real Estate Scam … or not?

Update (11/21/13): Bob Tierney e-mailed me recently and asked if I could post an update about him, his local troops and what’s been going on. If you’re interested, read Bob’s update: Bob’s Progress Update At Renatus.

Searching around for networking events and groups I came across a rather large local group on Meetup.com called “Real Estate Mastery Mentors”. As an entrepreneur it’s essential to connect with as many people as possible, you never know who will be able to take you to the next level! As of this writing the Real Estate Mastery Mentors group stands at 291 which is rather impressive, so I thought “heck why not. Let’s join this large group and network!” Even more impressive was the outline of what is offered on the Thursday night events! I was so impressed I joined up and went to the first available meeting. So let me tell you the story of what I experienced there and how I was introduced to the Renalutus group and their programs. I’ll tell you the good, the bad, the awesome and the ugly. It can be assumed that at any business related Meetup group (or any business group for that matter) will be some sort of a lead generator or have some service or product presented. Going in, I knew that at one point or another they would do a sales pitch so I was mentally prepared for that. What happened next is a true account of what happened (as best as I can remember). So please read the whole thing before making judgement because there were many unexpected turn of events … most of which were pleasant. I half expected the meeting to be at a office or something, but what I found was rather amazing. They have a rather large (~10,000sqft) office which is well decorated and well organized. A very good, calm yet exciting, professional setup. First thing they do is ask me to ‘check in’. I thought that was kind of weird, but ok. So I give them my name and I get a pretty sticker with my name on it. YEY! Upon entering the classroom area, yes they have an actual conference/classroom/seminar area that easily sits 200 or so, I hear the presenter talking about real estate and methods. I’m already impressed! There are four project screens, two on each side of the room. Very comfy indeed. AND! They even had comfy chairs. … Yes, I’m a sucker for comfy things. But this is were my excitement died. After settling in and finally paying attention to the presenter I noticed he was talking about the company and their products only. So I thought, ok … maybe they are just presenting their stuff first? Sadly I was wrong. I wasn’t too happy with this. Why? Because this is what they promised on their Thursday meetup (according to their current Meetup.com group and Thursday event description):

Join us in Downers Grove for an overview of the real estate market and some of the current investment strategies that investors are using to make amazing profits on real estate deals right now. Topics to be covered; Short Sales, Foreclosures & REO’s, Subject-To Purchases, Creative Financing strategies including Joint Ventures, Self-Directed IRA & 401K strategies (SDRP), and a host of other strategies that are being used in what most investors are considering the best market for investing we have seen in our lifetimes. Well wait a minute … Where during that 1.5 hour sales presentation did they ever cover anything other their own products? **Sadly … never. **