Great BackStory Of Alaska Airlines & How It Came To Power

Alaska Airlines is one of the best and most profitable airlines operating in the USA. While it doesn’t have the cheapest prices around (for good reason) it does have the best on-time rate in the industry and it beloved by it’s followers. How did they do it?

  1. Started small and grow at a good, but stable rate.
  2. They didn’t take any unnecessary risks, though they did take risky flight paths that no one else dared to charter.
  3. They have great customer service along with very competent management and pilots who love working there.
  4. They innovate a lot. For example, they developed the GPS system for airplanes. Think of it like the GPS navigation for you car, but for an airplane!

This is a truly great read on the NY Times website. Some good tibits about business in there as well.

Alaska Airlines, Flying Above an Industry’s Troubles