Dual Facebook Citizenship

Many people ponder this question and go unanswered: Should I use my private Facebook profile for online business? In this quick post I aim to demystify plenty myths about profiles, privacy and the difference between public and private ‘things’.

There are many stories of people applying for jobs only to get rejected because of things on their Facebook/MySpace/whatever profile. We as internet marketers aren’t trying to get jobs, but the point is very clear. Your private life should stay private, thus if you are trying to market yourself you better make sure you lock your private life down.

One great way is to have two Facebook profiles. One for your private life and the other for your public/business life.

If you go with the two account strategy you’ll be pretty safe with your private information. All while having a great SEO’ed, professional looking public profile. “But what about my name” you ask, “won’t people find me by my name?”. Yes, yes they will. In-order to hide you private online life you shouldn’t use your full name. For example, if your name was John Smith you could have the private profile under the name: John S. And your public profile John Smith with a lot of marketing attached.

You then should set your private profile to the tightest privacy setting you can. With the marketing profile, set it open so that many people can find you.

If you don’t do something like that you can end up with a problem like myself. My currentl FB profile is a mixed marketing and private life profile. My pages and groups are about marketing, and the main profile is for my own private things. Though I don’t really like it that way. Sure, the pages and groups are separate from the profile, but it still mixes business and pleasure and leaves way too much out in the open (especially with the new horrid facebook lack-of-privacy rules).

Well, that’s just my thought. If you have any other suggestions for facebook private vs business profiles let me know in the comments. I’m interested to know what you think.

  • Thoughtful information! I use my name for everything. I started out that way and have been branding ever since. I really keep in mind that everything on the net is public and stay aware. Thanks for your ideas 🙂