Don’t Be An Idea. Be A Idea Creator And Leader!

“1% Inspiration, 99% Perspiration.”

Many people have ideas. Many people have many ideas, but only a few people create and implemented their ideas. Even fewer people create original ideas.

Why care though?

It’s simple: it is those people who stand out, make a difference and create original ideas (and implement them) who “make it” in this world. They are the old money, the international rich bankers, the leaders of the new free world.

You never ever hear the story of Mr. X down from the south (not to make fun of any southern Americans … even though it’s fun too) who washed his car again. No. You head about Mr. Richy Rich who implemented this new marketing strategy for his company and took his company public all while creating better products, getting more customers and increasing revenue for everyone.

With internet marketing you could stay in the dark for a long long time really. You could use aliases, and hire out work to anonymous sources … but why?

Life is short and those who stand out generally have the best lives.

Let’s take an example from the comic books. Spider man is extremely popular, I know I have a few Spiderman Vs Venom comics laying on my old shelves. Superman is a classic. Green Lantern is a great hero but yet stay hidden-ish.

And how, let’s take a look at Tony Stark. President and CEO of Stark Industries. Iron Man. He is a playboy, a super star and has a claim to fame to powerful that he, ever since the comic original release, was the #1 super hero (in terms of popularity). He is also the best liked super hero in the comic books because he is known and is different.

He didn’t hide, he didn’t run. He had brand new ideas on how to get things done and he did them. He lead the way in many occasions. Rock on dude.

In Asian countries, people are trained from birth to NOT stand out. And most don’t. They become, more or less, mindless slaves to “the system.” They’ll whine and complain about everyone else making the monies.

But let me ask you this, have you ever seen one rich and famous Asian person who DIDN’T stand out? Make a difference? Create new ideas? Lead the way?

Nope. Whether it’s the “kawaii” J-pop stars or the old school Toyota CEO, they all took their ideas and made it happen.

In my own life, this has never been more true. Having been raised in lower middle-class American society I got to experience the joys of the USA public school system. Trouble as it may be, it is the best school system I have ever known to teach this: Diversity.

Out of all the students, guess which students where the most popular (of course excluding the hot blonde chicks and the jar head sport ‘dudes’): those who stood out and made a difference.

We had one classmate who I can’t say was a looker and he was probably odder than me (which says a lot). But boy, he loved to sing. And sing he did. When he sang everyone listened, and when he ended all you could hear was the roar of applause.

He stood out, took his love of music (and singing). Added his own ideas into it, his own persona into it, and flew with it. Sadly I dunno where he now, but I bet you it’s probably somewhere in the music biz.

So you you my friends: when you have ever tried to ‘stand out’, be creative/innovative and a leader? I’d love to know how it turned out. Because I’m very sure just by finally being different and being an idea CREATOR instead of a follower you got far.