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Automatically Tweet When You Make A WordPress Blog Post

There are so many social media ‘things’ we have to manage these days that it can be rather tiresome and painful JUST to get one message out to everyone. Well, when you make a blog post now you won’t have to suffer as much because there is a easy way to have your blog automatically […]

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Internet Marketing Interview With Terrie Wurzbacher

Piotr Krzyzek InterviewI had the great privilege of being interviewed by Terrie Wurzbacher of Getting Unstuck LLC. I must say that was a very new and interesting experience for me! It was my first interview ever and we covered a whole slew of topics. We covered: Me More me Getting unstuck in life What internet […]

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Don’t Think! You’ll Only Hurt Yourself

STOP! Don’t you dare think another thought. It’s what’s hurting you the most in your business. You think, think and think some more but never do. Some of you do go ahead and start on plans but never complete them because you over think or your mind strays. STOP IT. Stop thinking. Thinking is what […]

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