Using A Cafe As a 2nd Office Can Boost Productivity

When working from your home office or regular office just isn’t cutting it anymore, try working from a cafe to give your brain a change of pace and get things done. It’s a good change of pace and the scenery can potentially unlock your rather creative and great ideas. Having a home office is great,

WordPress Auto Updates – Configure, Enable Or Disable Them

WordPress Auto Updates help with productivity by automates the little things which are (most of the time) time wasters for the majority for us. Recently, WordPress Auto Updates were enabled for minor core updates, though other functionality is not automatically enabled by default. Let’s learn how to turn it on or off and the options

Single Best TODO List Manager Of 2012 (And Forever)

Single Best TODO List Manager Of 2012 (And Forever)

There are so many TODO list manager out there that it’s hard to tell which is good or bad or even worth using. But this here is one that is not only the time tested champion of TODO lists, it’s overall ranked the best (there was a Lifehacker post about it, but I don’t remember

Install Pandora One Desktop App On Ubuntu Linux

Install Pandora One Desktop App On Ubuntu Linux

Pandora is a great music service; Pandora One happens to be the paid version of Pandora. There are pluses to each version depending on your needs, and this post isn’t about which version is better so I won’t go into it. Though if you are interesting in what Pandora One offers click here to read about it on the official Pandora site. One of the big things in Pandora One is that you can use their desktop application instead of the website. This really is personal preference again about which one you think is better, but the point is that you CAN use it in Linux (not just Ubuntu Linux).

Top Daily Productivity Tip: Keep A Journal

Time management is a topic so tough and gargantuan that it requires specializes courses at colleges like Harvard and MIT just to understand the basics. For those of us who cannot afford (in money or time) to go study productivity and time management we’re gotta help each-other out and figure it out ourselves.

Here we’ll talk about how to do this simple time management and productivity ‘tip’. And how to get it working with Open Office, MS Office (any version really), NotePad and ViM.

Automatically Tweet When You Make A WordPress Blog Post

Tweet Whenever WordPress Blog Post TitleThere are so many social media ‘things’ we have to manage these days that it can be rather tiresome and painful JUST to get one message out to everyone. Well, when you make a blog post now you won’t have to suffer as much because there is a easy way to have your blog automatically make a Twitter post for you automatically!

This great plugin is called “Twitter Tools”. This is a constantly maintained WordPress plugin which will do just that: make a tweet for you whenever you make a new post.

Not a big deal right, why would you want something like that? Twitter’ing isn’t hard! Yeah but think of it this way: if you schedule a lot of posts are you REALLY going to remember to go and manually make a tweet about every schedules post? Probably not. It’s also great for scheduling posts and tweets when you’re out on vacation so that people don’t forget about you! :)

In the post you’ll also find small quick tip on how to add personalized tracking to Twitter Tools (which isn’t available by default). You’ll find it at the bottom of the post.

Internet Marketing Interview With Terrie Wurzbacher

Piotr Krzyzek InterviewI had the great privilege of being interviewed by Terrie Wurzbacher of Getting Unstuck LLC. I must say that was a very new and interesting experience for me! It was my first interview ever and we covered a whole slew of topics. We covered: Me More me Getting unstuck in life What internet

My Daily Traffic Dropped And I Don’t Care

Why blog hasn’t been doing too well lately. Why? Because I switched business models. I’m not a hotshot internet marketing ‘guru’ who gets 1,000,000 page views a day. I’m happy when I get more than the previous day. Well, as you can see from the picture above that isn’t always the case AND lately it’s been going down.

Why has is been doing down? Because I left it completely alone for over a month. I’m a struggling Master’s Degree student, my master’s is due soon and I need money to pay the rent (and buy food). In that time, my website got a few extra backlinks from several forums (made by people who found some computer answers) including the nice high PR Nvidia forum (woot!) … hence the spike on the left side.

But here was my problem: I gave away everything for free and that’s what users expected. I don’t exactly care to do that anymore, well not completely. Read on for why!

Don’t Think! You’ll Only Hurt Yourself

STOP! Don’t you dare think another thought. It’s what’s hurting you the most in your business. You think, think and think some more but never do. Some of you do go ahead and start on plans but never complete them because you over think or your mind strays. STOP IT. Stop thinking. Thinking is what