All Your RSS Are Belong To Us

RSS is great though it is always missing ‘something’. What is that something you ask? Well that is a good question. Everybody has their own wants and needs, and each business has different uses for it. Today we’re going over all the best ways to grab your RSS feeds! Yup, a change for once. Instead of talking about how to give something I’m talking about how to get something! WOOT! I’ll cover web-bases RSS, Windows RSS programs, Linux RSS programs and even Mac RSS programs! Woah, big list aye? I’ll try to keep it to a list of the best from each. No need to list every single one on this post :)

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Goodbye Firefox, Hello Google Chrome – Firefox vs Google Chrome on Kubuntu

Since the inception of Firefox, it has been (more or less) the defacto standard browser for a wide array of corporations, groups and people. It quickly rose to be the dominant browser due to it’s open source nature, it’s speed and it’s ability to properly display a web page. There are plenty of other reasons (like it is/was much more secure than IE6 … no clue how it stacks up to IE8 though), but one of the most important reasons was it’s add-ons/extensions.

The ever benevolent (as benevolent as any rich and powerful US corporation could be … which isn’t much) Google announced, a while back, it’s plans to create a browser. Rumor upon rumor spread and eventually it was actually released. And it did surprisingly well.

As of this writing Google Chrome is up to version 5.0.375.99 in the Beta (or so). It’s based off of the Chromium project which is open source, while Google Chrome isn’t technically 100% open source. Either way, it’s a extremely fast and powerful browser which makes headway each and every month.

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XBMC 9.11: Camelot Finally Out!

XBMC has finally hit it’s latest milestone release: 9.11 Camelot. This release marks a great step forward in the media world. Why? Because this release offers plenty of space to create plugins, skins and plenty more. If you are using Ubuntu or any variant of it, you will already have the update ready in your

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Install TweetDeck in Ubuntu Karmic x64 Easily

TweetDeck is a favorite Twitter application of many users. Why? Because of it’s grouping features, functionality, customizability, great looks and it runs on just about any major OS. For us linux users, there is a version which you can pick up from Though, to my dismay, you need to install the Adobe AIR plugin

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