Beware of the Google AdWords Double Standard!

Many of you know I’m a big fan of Google’s culture and services/products, though my fandom is starting to wane before of Google’s recent anti-consumer and anti-business behavior. “With great power there comes great responsibility.” (Spider man quote right?)

Beware of the Google AdWords Double Standard!

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The problem isn’t you or me, the problem is Google. They have horrible double standard they live by. In the most recent case, a popular knife eCommerce store’s Adwords was banned and disabled because it violated Google Terms of Use … or so Google says.

For Knife Depot (dot com), this was exactly the case. See, their adwords account is disabled due to this so called terms of use violation. So you would think that anyone else selling similar items would be subject to the same rules, policies and standards correct? Sadly, not so. The trouble started a few months ago (February 2013), when Knife Depot got a friendly message from Google Adwords saying that they are in violation of the terms of use which specifically prohibit overly dangerous things like switchblades. That’s fine, because Knife Depot doesn’t sell any switchblades, but what was more troubling is that Google also told them to remove all “assisted opening knives.”

What’s an assisted opening knife? Well, are similar to switchblades except the big main difference being you have to apply (lots) of pressure to open a ‘assisted opening knife.’ As well as it could contain a lock. The problem is that assisted opening knifes are NOT banned in the Google terms of use policy and they are completely legal in the USA.

So why did Google ban Knife Depot? Good question. Very good question.

Now for the double standard part: There are still a lot of large retailers advertising the EXCACT same things in similar ways in similar ads. So why aren’t they being shut down? Because. That’s it. Just “because.”

It’s like trying to argue with your parents when you’re little and their only answer is “just cause.” Ridiculous!

Other smaller knife sellers also got banned, but no large seller for their ads shut down. Curious aye?

Sadly Google is unable to produce an answer, and the one person from inside the Google hive that has responded has said that he’s super pissed at this double standard and yet there is nothing they can do about it.

Rather sucky situation to be in.

The moral of this story: don’t put all your eggs into one basket for advertising.

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