Bankers Life and Casualty Company Fake Interview and my 4 months working there …

This is my story of the Bankers Life and Casualty Company Scam Interview process. Being an insurance agent is no easy job, and yes … it’s a ‘job’ and not a career for most people. I had the distint privilage of working for several months at the Schaumburg office (right by Woodfield mall) of Bankers Life and Casualty Company (BL&C). While it was a good learning experience, what I mostly learned was what I didn’t want to do and with whom I never wanted to deal with again. The clients? Nope, I’m talking about BL&C and the management staff.

Lend my your ears, and listen to my (true) tale of what it’s like to become part of the “Bankers Family.” Don’t worry though, there are some highlights in the story. I’ll tell you about how they found me, their interview process and a few other fun facts.

The Catch: How they find you:

Looking for a new job? Great! Did you put your resume up on sites like Monster and CareerBuilder? There’s a decent chance you’ll get a call from a Bankers recruiter. Awesome right?! Well, not so fast. I’m guessing your resume had nothing to do with insurance and you maybe have no sales experience. So, when I had a resume up I had 1) no sales experience, 2) not really interested in insurance and 3) Technology/programming oriented skills … I was rather perturbed to receive a request for an interview via e-mail from Bankers.

Well, an e-mail is ok. Except that the e-mail was very ‘templated’. Meaning the only custom part of the message was my name. Everything else seemed like a copy and paste job. But of well, I thought it was kind of cool and that through insurance sales I could learn some real sales skills! What a great opportunity! At the bottom of their e-mail there was a link to click which says “Please click here to schedule a meeting online.” Well, that’s cool! Simple process!

It takes you to a page to enter in some info and schedule a time. Now I’m thinking this is REALLY cool! Why? Because I rarely see an automated scheduling software. After I selected a time and click submit, I eventually got an e-mail from a completely different person at Bankers saying:

Dear Piotr,

Thank you for your interest in Bankers Life and Casualty Company. I’m delighted to confirm our meeting on Tuesday, September 28, 2010 at 10:00 AM, which is the first step in the application process.

Please allow 1 to 2 hours for our meeting. I encourage you to bring a recent copy of your resume and to prepare a list of questions. We’ll discuss our company history, career path outline, training program and compensation package during this session. Business attire is requested.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [phone number]. I look forward to meeting you on Tuesday.


[name] Bankers Life and Casualty Company
Bankers Life and Casualty Company
1101 Perimeter Drive Suite 425
Schaumburg, IL  60173

get event map


I removed their name and number.  After reading it I thought this and only this: “Well .. WAIT WHAT’? You (Bankers) contacted me … why would I have to bring a copy of my resume. YOU have it … WTF?!” But I gave them the benefit of the doubt.
So in preparation I dress in my full business suit, have a small set of questions ready AND prepare myself for questions they could ask me.
Well, my mistake for not researching them first. Talk about ‘sticker shock’.

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  • Strategic Logic

    Great article, and very true. Exactly what happens, just different state of reference. We would like to invite you to share this post at our ex-Bankers agent forum/blog on a site called scam.com. The thread is –
    Bankers Life and Casualty is a scam. Just click insurance scams and then the link sited Bankers Life and Casualty is a scam. Know that there is a large class action lawsuit regarding their recruiting and “hiring”/misclassification of emloyees v. independent agents.
    The required “phone monkey” (well put BTW) and abject lying during the misrepresented recruiting, is part of the problem. The company claims this is only in “rogue” offices, which is out of their control…….NOT. Your very well described article is just another testiment to the nature of their entire business.
    BTW, there’s a reason you came and went so quickly, and ‘lost’ whatever business you wrote, and for the incompetent so called trainers to have been so complacent, if not inept.
    We would love to have you join us, and if not we would appreciate your permission to copy this to the site, as it is actively viewed by many ex-agents, jobseekers, attorneys, officials, clients, claimants family members, and the general public.
    Please respond.
    Thank you again for your very eloquent article, accurate description, and concern. You active approach to this information is outstanding. We salute you, sir.

    Strategic Logic,

    former Bankers agent/supervisor

    • Hey Strategic!

      Thanks for the great comment. I’ll check out your site. Check your e-mail btw 😉

      Feel free to use my article as long as you give me credit (ie: use my name and link to the article).


    • I work for Bankers and find it to be a wonderful place to work. I am successful and the training is top notch.

  • Strategic Logic

    Thanks, PK !!!!

    Your excellent post is up! Immediately the viewers went directly up, as everyone is interested in this very timely subject. Many subscribers get immediate email notification of new posts. So many people are ready to see see what happens next with this so called company, and it’s ‘fake’ interview tatics. Your work will not go unnoticed, and we thank you for so graciously allowing us to present your point of view to so many.
    This is an excellent site.
    Also, thank you for that outstanding information you sent on registraring for your newsletter. I look forward to learning much from you.

    Strategic Logic,

    former Bankers agent/supervisor

  • Avelino

    Your article would be more credible if it didn’t have so many spelling and gramatical errors. It sounds like someone who failed at sales and instead of taking responsibility, you blame the company.

    • Hey Avelino,

      You are 100% correct. My spelling and grammar suck 🙂

      You are also right in saying that I failed at sales and blame the company. Well, the company did fail at training me AND I did fail at sales. I’m not completely blaming the company for my failure. I sure as heck take responsibility for my suckiness at selling insurance. There I said it: I suck at selling insurance and I rather dislike the bankers way and their products so I didn’t have motivation to sell it.

      The problem was my lack of sales skills AND the Bankers overall methods for just about everything.

    • Slightly fixed up the spelling and grammar. 🙂

    • JR


    • sulfol

      I believe this person works for Bankers. I have been reading other boards and there are similar themes. Also one’s ability to use the English language does not invalidate the claim.

  • Strategic Logic

    Hello again PK,
    The comment seems to be from one of the moraless defenders who come by to blame the agent as usual. Problem is that the company is an agent puppymill, and is well known for that. They completely intend for people to come and go through the system. If their incompetence makes it appear that it’s their fault, so be it. They much prefer that the agent blame themselves, detiremine it’s not for everyone, and move on, leaving that business there, in their coffers. These clueless defenders, seem to only be able to critique the grammar and spelling of any derogotory comment they read. Had you written an article praising the company, that would have not mattered to them.
    Sadly, a typo doesn’t detract from from the facts:
    The products are substandard at best. The agent doesn’t get training to understand their true role AND responsibilty to provide the best products, and ‘case design’ completely eludes them. In their world, it’s the product dejous, that they push on the agents, and unfortunantly, the clients. No matter, the claims will be evaded and avoided. They do not want any agents to assist the clients on those, in their business model , Why should they, and miss a minute of mandated activity, on those mandated phone/field days?
    You have been quite gracious to be fair and measured, but you sir,\ were taken advantage of, and the results are that you now believe that you weren’t ‘cut out’ for the business of insurance….very unneccessary and unfortunate. Your initial passion could have been channeled into a very formidible, lucrative force, that would be a great assett to the industry.
    There is an interesting response to your most recent post at our ‘back office’. Also privately email me if you would like some ideas that I might suggest to you and your sensibilities to utilize your talent in a way that would be much more palatible, than your experience with: Bankers Life and Casualty, a subsidy of the previously, formerly bankrupt Conseco, now known as CNO Financial Group, home of disappearing boardmembers, falling like a rock stock shares, multiple class action lawsuits by clients, agents, shareholders, and muti-state Market Conduct Studies, fines, violations, and other industry embarassing atributes.

    Not worried about the grammar and spelling,

    Your friend,

    Strategic Logic

    • This same company Bankers Life Casualty Com. contacted me for the same interveiw so this is the thang im stuck in a jobs program, so i have to go to this inteveiw wether i want to or not can u give me some power point questions to as thats going to maker their heads spin love messing with people so this looks like its going to be fun but cant put my self in the predicament to work for a former bankrupt scam .

      Thanks for ur time,
      Chad Stephens

  • Angela Johnson

    Thank you so much for this article because I just received a call from this company and i going to call back and cancel because this wasn’t the only review i heard this was the one that put the icing on top. Thanks for the information it truly meant a lot to me.

  • J. Shue

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with BL&C Co. I will certainly avoid “interviewing” with companies sending me cookie-cutter emails and feeling I am a perfect fit for a position I have no experience in.

  • Becky

    Thanks for the info. I got a call today and will not be contacting them back. DELETE!

  • Buyer not Sales Person

    Thank you for this amusing article about the Bankers Life scam, which is what I thought it was when they called. Since I am looking for a job, I entertained the thought of an interview thinking, maybe it is for a Buyer position. NOT. I recalled getting an email from their Cherry Hill branch and it was the exact same ‘form email’ you received from them. I had just ignored it. Anyway, thank you again for the entertainment. Sorry you had to go through this with them but it’s just another lesson learned in life. Good luck to you in all you do!

  • T P

    Your English writing skills are horrible.

    • Yes, yes they are. Thanks for pointing it out. 🙂

  • Bob

    I found the phone room comments hilarious. Even a mediocre sales person understands that the phone is always a big part of the job. Setting appointments is extremely easy, and there are hundreds of “how to” books available. Any person with a speck of interest in success would have educated himself.

    When I recruited for an advertising agency I nearly always gave a presentation about the company to a group of applicants as the first step in the hiring process. Those who were interested in pursuing the opportunity got a one-on-one interview. Those I hired, who did what I told them, when I told them, the way I told them, made a very good living. Those who did not follow instructions always failed.

    I hired many people who had no sales experience at all. However, many of those people understood that salesmen are not born, they’re trained. They paid attention during training sessions. They bought books, videos, tapes and CDs, and learned how to sell.

    Where Banker’s Life is concerned there is nothing all that unusual about their recruiting methods. I once checked into becoming a State Farm agent. The first thing they did was put me in a phone room. Is State Farm a scam the does fake interviews?

    The level of ignorance that surrounds the selling profession never ceases to amaze me.

    • You’re right that selling is a trained and learned art, something I’m still not proficient at. Though Bankers did fail miserably on their training and support AND their complete and utter lie about what the first meeting was. If you tell me I’m going in for an interview, I except to sit down with you and talk about me getting hired and what my potential for getting hired within that day or within a short amount of time. I do NOT except to sit around in for a presentation … that’s not an interview in any sense of the word that I know.

    • UB

      Another apologist, probably running a similar scam. Piotr, thank you for saving my time (and money) – much appreciated.

  • Daisy Andrea de la Rocha

    Dear Piotr,
    I just wanted to thank you for your post.

    I put my resume online yesterday and got their email today. They also called as I was reading about your awful experience. They offered me an “interview”! Ha ha, but thanks to you I told them
    “No thank you!” and hung up. Phew* That was big fat mess avoided.

    I am a recent college graduate in English, my emphasis is tech writing, editing, and document design. Why would they ever think I had pertinent skills? Duh, because I’m a poor schmuck looking for work and maybe just desperate enough to take their bait! Well anyhow, thank you a million times over cause I probably would have.

    Aaaand I read some of your readers’ comments, your English and grammar is NOT as terrible as they say it is! Take that to heart because I make a living out of correcting syntax, grammar, and mechanics. I think you’re an engaging writer, witty, and pretty dang handsome too, so there! 🙂

    Thanks for the heads up.
    Your friend,
    Daisy de la Rocha

  • Timothy Aleman

    awesome article… thanks for the heads up man.

  • Eric the non-sales agent

    I posted my resume on Monster two days ago and I got 3 emails from different companies about working as an insurance sales agent. I will caveat that statement by pointing out the fact that I also have no sales experience, nor was I looking for a position in any related field. One company even wrote in an email that I should have at least $50,000 in the bank to pay for expenses before I apply online. I was already skeptical about all these emails before I received a phone call from Bankers Life and Casualty.

    The Indian woman who called me was very vague and wouldn’t really answer my questions. I asked if there was a website or other information I could read about the company and position but she kept insisting that meeting her manager next week would answer all of my questions. I even asked if it was a seminar with a lot of other people and she somehow avoided that question. I skeptically scheduled my ‘interview’ and immediately jumped online to see what other people said. After reading this and other blogs I won’t be attending.

  • sharcar

    really appreciate this knowledge. am so desperate to get a job i might still go. however, you werent clear on somthing, and neither was the Indian young lady called ‘Brooke’ who called me. am i expected to spend my own money on gas and driving around? Because i have very little money and my car is 12 years old. again thank you so much for the honesty.

    • Mike

      This company is like a car wreck.. the more I see the more horrified I am. I was excited that my wife had an interview BUT after being told she’d have to spend her money BEFORE they’d hire her I just had to Google it. I am now embarrassed that a branch office is in my town. I do have to admit that the pro or apologists for bankers are amusing, I really really wonder how they sleep at night. I wonder how many people have lost their houses or cars b/c they thought they’d have an income and burned through their income… shame on the apologists and the recruiters.

  • La


    As a previous employee of bankers myself, yes. You are expected to use all your own funds for everything. From stamps, to envelopes, leads they provide(but they automatically take out of your comission). They say to hang on to all receipts, as you are a 1099 employee andwhile you can deduct some things from your taxes, someone who didnt have much to spend (me) found this quite hard at times, especially when no sales were being made. We would drive as far as 100 miles out to go visit a home.. I knew agents who went through their life savings trying to make it at that company… people who were retired air force, and went through all they had saved just to make it another month there. If you are looking for a job that will provide, instead of take away from any nest egg or savings you have, please please please keep looking… you would probably make more money working at a gas station!

  • Patrick W

    Thank you for this detailed writeup. I just put my resume up on Monster a few days ago and was surprised to hear from this company today. Having dealt with companies like this a few times, I was a little skeptical. I am glad your report has confirmed all my suspicions. You have saved me from wasting my time going to meeting.

    Thanks again,

  • F.D.T.

    It is amazing how negativity and ignorance spreads like wildfire. I have researched Bankers Life and Casualty. I was suprised to find the 133 year history and the legacy that John D. Macarthur left behind for the welfare of Americans. I too was skeptical. But what I realized is that life is what you make it. You can spend your life whining about failure, or drive on in the face of adversity and accomplish the goals you set for yourself. Failure is always a guarantee. Success is the ultimate reward for those who continue to believe in themselves and what they are capable of. If sucess was easy, no one would have to struggle. That is why there is only a select few who arrive there. As of January 20, 2012, I am making the decision to join Bankers Life and Casualty. I may fail. But I will never let failure sway my desire to press on and succeed. It may or may not take me a long time to succeed. But with the empowering tools such as,the desire to learn as much as one can, determination, self-motivation, passion, commitiment, faith and self- belief. What in the world can possibly keep someone down and defeated? Only themselves.

    • Hey FDT,

      I wish you the best of luck at Bankers. For some it works, for many other’s it doesn’t. For me it wasn’t a good fit. I treat it as a good learning experience in life, and I’m better off because of it now.


      • Lisa

        I’m very glad I just read your article because I am supposed to be at a Bankers Meeting in 65 minutes and I have just decided to not waste my time! Thank you very much.

  • Bunny

    So I got a similar email last week and when I didn’t respond 2it, thinking I hav no insurance sales exp, a woman called to set up an interview. When I first read the email I got a weird feeling. Also, on my phone I have Mr. Number, the app, who blocks spam, so when the woma tried to call her call wouldn’t come thru until I unblocked it. She told me to have the same things resume, questions, and to dress professionally. I been saying to myelf that this doesn’t feel right and thanks to you and another site I read. http://www.cockeyed.com/citizen/bankers/bankers.php I will not be attending and wasting my time. Thanks so very much!

  • F.D.T.

    Just to let y’all know. I attended a meeting in monday 8:30 am. I met other agents there. I also saw 3 out of 10 recieve ther bonuses for the month. One recieved 1200 another recieved just over 2000 and another recieved 4500. I was suprised to see that much money for a bonus. I am a newbie and I am aware that I am taking a risk. But I liked what I learned about Bankers after researching the company online. I like the idea that as an agent, I am not just making money, but helping people feel secure and help give others peace of mind. I don’t have any experience either but I am willing to give it a shot. I do realize that working for Bankers, that I will be a captive agent. But I need to start somewhere. I am also studying for my state exam for Life Only and A & H agent license. I wish that I knew about this kind of business before I joined the Army seven years ago. Oh well. I am learning now. I know that I don’t know enough yet. But I do wish you all the best in your journey to find your happy place. I am excited and I will do my best to stay motivated. I know from researching, that this business is rough. I am keeping the reality factor in place here. But with the way things are going with our economy, I think that it is a great opportunity to finally take my own financial future in my own hands. It’s all or nothing. I will try to keep you guys posted on how things are going for me with Bankers. That way others here can get an inside view without getting hosed. God bless you all and your loved ones. L8R!

    • Mike

      F.T.D. your experience will add a little flavor to these comments please keep everyone updated. I do have two follow up questions, if you don’t mind. 1) did the other agents get any bonus? Because if you average the total out that’s $770.00 a person, I know it’s not exactly applicable in this scenario but you could have stated that 7 out of 10 people didn’t get any bonus at all and that would flavor your comment in a completely different way. 2) was this a bonus above what they earned off of their standard commissions? Because as a 1099 independent worker.. if this bonus was just their commission check for the month, then it would be as if they were getting paid $7, $12, and $28 dollars an hour if they only worked 40 hours a week.. so if they have to buy their own healthcare, the first two people couldn’t afford to. Just looking for a little clarification, keep us posted BEST WISHES

      • Fig Newton

        Very flavorful

  • Natalia

    thank you so much!! 🙂

  • Ted

    Wow, oh, wow…THANK YOU.

    When they called from a Cali number about a opportunity in a Chattanooga, TN office that was what raised suspicion. Based on the name of the company I could tell it was an insurance company (which I know can be a dead end) but the recruiter assured me that is was no cold calling, no door to door and no family and friends (this actually eased my suspicion some). She also said that I may be perfect for a financial analyst job at the company; just finishing up my masters in finance last year; this further intrigued me to actually set up an interview.

    Luckily I was able to do a little research before time. One suggestion that I will make to all those here is to call the brach ahead of time and demand information (you don’t have to say who you are). Tomorrow morning I will call them and ask them if there are actually any jobs available other that insurance agents and is it possible for me to get an interview for that position (hopefully a financial analyst), but if not I won’t waste my time.

    I will say though I have been out of school for 1 year now and still no work, so I am getting desperate and I think thats what these insurance companies are counting on. BL&C would have been the 4th sales job interview I would have been tricked into going to and all but one of them were insurance companies.

    Piotr’s pure unselfishness to help SOOOOO many people has inspired me to help the cause…I will record and quote the entire conversation here under this post after I call the branch tomorrow and demand information.

    THANK YOU AGAIN piotr, it’s not just TONS of time and money you are saving us all but all the unmitigated disappointment of having are hopes of finding “the job” crushed by a company preying on the desperate people seeking work in this economy.

    • Ted

      So yea I called and they are full of BS….I had to google the branch phone number because if you look closely in the email they send you, it gives you the branch’s adress but no number is present. The number I googled was disconnected. From there I had to call back the recruiter for the number, luckly she was able to give it to me.

      So I call and got through, the guy that answered the phone happen to be the branch manager, he was very pleasent on the phone and clearly had the gift of gab. I asked him if there were any other positions other than insurance agents….he said not at the moment no. I told him the recruiter told me there was a financal analyst job and he quickly change his story now starting to fumble his words a little even though he was well spoken. He said he was looking for a financal analyst and explained that they need to have an insurance licence and still had to sell the products but the whole time he kept refering to the position as differant names like financial advisor, as so on. After he bumbled through trying to explain what the position was (which I doubt existed) he went into a sales pitch telling me how he didn’t look to get in the industry but he did and I should to and bla bla bla….

      I also asked him if the interview would be just me, he said no its a group of others but he is very good about involving every one.

      I told him I would consider still coming in but I won’t….so it is as everyone says just a system to get as many out there selling thier product to increase there odds mean while having zero commitment to the the people they have working for them….in my opinion its no differant then the drug trade….a drug lord can care less about the people selling his product as long as you give him his money.

      Thanks Again

  • F.D.T.

    Hey guys. It’s me again. I just wanted to let you know that the amount of money that those 3 agents recieved were bonuses on top of whatever commission they recieved. The branch manager announced it at the meeting. I wasn’t required to be there because from what I understand, there is nothing that I can do without having a legal liscense to sell insurance.But my mentor told me I could come if I wanted to. The branch manager didn’t even know that I was going to be there. He just got back from Hawaii. I am looking forward to the amount of hard work that lies ahead of me.I do realize what it is going to take. I am currently a disabled Vet. and on unemployment. Not sure how long my unemployment will last. But I know that I cannot rely on living on this kind of income. I am doing my best to NOT get complacent or used to this kind of income. My mentor has called me and kept in touch with me ever since I started. And He is a very positive person. I told him exactly what was on my mind about what I have been thinking and what I have been dealing with. He has assured me that I am worrying too much about things and that the only thing that I need to worry about is getting licensed. He also assured me that whenever I want, I can come to the office and hang out, and study there or just talk to people about whatever if it makes me feel better. I told Him that I just felt wierd not having a regular work schedule especially after just being hired. There were other people who came to the briefing with me the first time who stayed behind with me as well in the briefing and were interested in working for Bankers. They have not been hired.It has been a couple of weeks since and I haven’t seen them around.My mentor told me that he doesn’t just hire anyone. He called me the same day and told me that he didn’t need to think twice about me because he looked at my resume and was impressed with what he saw. We spent about a coulple of hours talking at a second interview. He again commented on how much he felt really good about me being a good fit. He also told me that out of the 10 year that he has been doing this, He said that after talking to me and getting to know me, that, I reminded him of a couple of the people who he has rubbed elbows with at the conventions who happened to be higher up and earning the six figured incomes. He said he believes that I have what it takes to make it in this kind of buisness. I know that there is a possibility that he could be blowing smoke up my gullable ass. But the power of self belief can be a very beneficial life changer for just about anyone. I know that there are alot of scams out there. And I know that we all need to be careful and smart about things. But so far, I am having a good experience. If things change, I will tell you guys otherwise. I am very much willing to be truthful about anything. Obviously, I have nothing to gain by lying. As you all know the statements that I have made. If I get suckered or screwed over, I will be truthful about. It. My intentions, are to get as much experience in the Insurance field that I can no matter what.I like the fact that I can make a difference in someones life If I can find a great fit with a policy and whatever else they need and help them with their financial concerns and peace of mind. It sure beats the hell out of fighting for an unjustified agenda other than defending my country. Whether Captive agent or Independent. I plan on learning as much as I can. So far, I like what I have seen and am learning. I know that this kind of work is not for everyone. It IS really hard. There is alot to learn. But I am planning on stayin in the fight. I see the value in it. I like the fact that each agent is in control of their own financial outcome.That one can work harder or smarter at this. Now I also know that IF an agent works for a shady company, then things will get rough. But there are many other legitimate companys out there to work for. We just have to find the right one and the right fit. My mentor and I talked for about 40 minutes last night.I tell him exactly what I think. He let me know that he just wanted to know how I was doing and if I have any questions or concerns, to call him anytime any day. Things seem cool right now. IF they change, I will let y’all know. One thing that I am working on right now is studying the 52 hour Life Only and A&H course. As I have stated earlier, I am a newbie. We all have to start somewhere. Next step is getting licensed. Then it’s nose to the grindstone.
    Take care everyone. Talk to y’all L8R

    • Hey FDT,

      Great job! I hope it works out very well for you. Seems like you have a great mentor over there, and I guess that could be a deciding factor if you succeed or not. The ‘mentor’ I had, was just pathetic. Wasn’t helpful at all, couldn’t teach well and rarely had time for me and when we did take time together it felt like her mood was ‘I’m wasting my time on this runt instead of selling for myself’. My mentor sucked. Period.

      I’m very glad to hear you have a good one!

      Best of luck to you FDT!

  • mark

    Thanx for the info dude. I have a interview set up for Friday feb 2nd. Now that I’ve read ur post I c this place is a joke. Now I don’t need to wast my gas or time.

  • Linda

    Thank you for this post!! I read it just in time……I had just received a phone call from Bankers..etc…this morning asking for my call back! I was about to but something in the back of my head was nagging at me to check out the company first! Your description of the recruiting scam is very accurate because nothing on my resume comes close to insurance or sales!!! Thank you for sharing.

  • novel

    This kind of posts are very helpful. After a day I post my resume at careerbuilder.com I received an email for Bankers at around 5:30 am, asking me to attend their company meeting. Then at around 8:00am a lady called me and said that they saw that I’m looking for work and if I’m interested to work for their company in health care business for retirees and elderly. And set me up for an interview in two days and bring resume and at business attire. I dont have any sales experience and my college degree wasn’t near their line of work.

    They did not tell me what is the job description and what is the pay. then i received an email again like from their manager saying that I am going to attend their company meeting. I said WTF? I don’t know what the job description and i don’t know if I’m hired or not and i’m now attending a meeting. That’s when i became skeptical and start researching about Bankers and saw many complaints.

    I emailed back twice and asked them questions what is the job description or what is the nature of the job. they didn’t reply. My scheduled “Company Meeting” is at 10:30am and at 10:15 the lady called again to follow me up on the meeting. I just said I cant make it due to personal reasons.

  • Chris

    I too just got the call from the company that would only refer to themselves as “Bankers”. The lady really tried to get me to confirm an interview time but really didn’t want to give me any answers to my questions, like what type of business to which she just said Financial Services. And she continued to try to get me to confirm the appointment, so I did. However, I won’t be going after a little research.

    Obviously they’re “Banking” on getting people that are looking for a job to come interview at this mysterious company, knowing that many people are desperate and won’t turn down any interview opportunities. Luckily I still have my job for a few weeks so I think I’ll pass.

    • Great job Chris for not falling prey to their schemes.

      Even better job for bringing this up: They sometimes call themselves “Bankers” for short instead of Bankers Life & Casualty … something which I think ‘might’ be a little bit against insurance “compliance” policies.

  • Mike

    No one has mentioned the protypically predatory product line-up Bankers brings to their beloved Seniors market: Indexed annuities, LTC, Final Needs, etc. Google the term indexed annuity, EIA or equity index annuity if you want to protect somebody from the most abusive product foisted on the senior community.

  • Darlene Brown

    I would like to say to Piotr thank you for your comments. I stuck in long enough for them to let me go, if you can believe that. Anyway, if I had it to do all over again, I would save money. It’s good to see you though Piotr. I was just trying to get my 1099 misc form you know. OMG it is soo important to research a job or business if that is the case before you get into it. BEWARE!

    • Agreed … the desk monkey job at Bankers wasn’t really beneficial at all and the turn over rate was ridiculous. But it was a good learning experience overall. I learned what I didn’t like, what I wanted to do, what to do and what not to do and most important: I learned how I will NEVER ever run a company and treat my employees and contractors…. So overall: Thank you Bankers for teaching how to run a company well by showing my how poorly your local office is run.

  • Darlene Brown

    Does anyone who have worked for Bankers know if or when we are supposed to receive our 1099?

    • Hey Darlene,

      You don’t happen to be the same Darlene I worked with are you?

      As for the 1099, if they don’t drop it in your mailbox: ask the branch manager about it. They’ll know when it comes out.

  • Elbarkoly

    Hello, Piotr Krzyzek…
    Thank you so much for this great article, and the explanation, at fires I believed them and I made an appointment for the interview but, suddenly I thought about it, and I said to myself, is it possible that the company hire you in a place you have no experience about it, and is that company will teach you and spend money for you !!!!!! No No No… Than I decided to search for this allegation in Google to see if that was true or not. So, I found this article that made me sure that tha company is just a hoax ………

  • ads

    Nice article, life saver. I had interview for tomorrow now canceled because of your article and the other. thank you so much. great article.

  • Lacey

    Thank you so much for writing this article. I actually worked for CUTCO a while back, and it’s the exact same type of company, except you sell knives instead of insurance.
    I’m very glad you pointed out what the company was in a way that didn’t say “SCAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!” with nothing to back it up. Well done!

    • Mike

      ha ha CUTCO.. first break from college my best friend was snagged by CUTCO seems especially heinous in this economy that predatory “employers” exist. It’s there very business model that allows them to continue to behave as they do.

      • Rob

        The worst thing about CUTCO? They actually make good knives. I don’t understand why they go though the whole shady sales thing.

        I was a recruiter for the Marine Corps and worked in Olean, NY. It was the home of CUTCO. CUTCO also manufactures KA-BAR knives, which are loved by the Marines. I recruited a few kids whose parents worked in the factory and got several knives as gifts. Their knives are great. But, wow was the Vector Marketing section of them shady.

        If you have a good product with a good reputation, it will sell itself. If you need to use subterfuge or deception to gain customers or employees then you are wrong. I don’t care what kind of ‘positive vibe’ you present to the world, if you’re lying then you’re not ‘positive’. Unless you’re an undercover agent, your job should never require you to lie. And like I said: I was a recruiter for the Marine Corps.

  • kenny


    I admire your courage to join bankers life. If you have the will and stay motivated you will do ok in this industry. My best advise to you is try to learn as much from the training as possible. Bankers does offer pretty good training so take full advantage of it. If you want to make money as an insurance agent you have to invest in buying leads. No leads no income, so be prepared to buy leads if you want to get far. If you’re great on the phone that’s a huge advantage that you have over the guy sitting next to you. Let me clarify a little bit on the bonuses you mentioned, to make 1200 in bonus, you have to average about $4000/month in commission. They give out bonus every 3 months (quarter). I have seen guy that make $20000 bonus in a quarter. He must have sold a few cases of annuity or life policies. The only thing I don’t like about bankers is the commission structure: universal life pay out 55% of first year premium at bankers. You could make 100 to 110% commission if you’re appointed with other insurance carriers (being an independent agent of course). I also don’t like their rate, I will give you a real example for 20 year term life. Bankers quote: 40 years male live in california, standard non-tobacco, 100k death benefit, premium $36.62/month. Other carrier, let’s pick Transamerica with A rate, with everything being the same will yield $19.46/month. So if you can sell your client 100k for $36.62/month. I will be more than happy to replace that policy for the same premium with 250k in death benefit. The point I am trying to make is don’t be too happy when you first get your commission check with bankers, someone else (other agent) will come along and replace that policy and that will leave you a charge back on your commission. To sum it up, you paid $100 for 10 leads, you made 2 appointments, you closed on 1, commission from bankers $197 – 13.84 = $183. $13.84 is your 7% contribution to bankers. If you get a charge back how much did you just make? If you want to do well get appointed with rate A carriers that offer the best rate possible, this will eliminate your charge back. Oh I forgot to mention you need to be a great salesperson. -:)

  • Rob

    Thanks for the article, I just got woke up by a call from this company, and only accepted because I couldn’t understand the guy well enough to catch on to what it was. Now knowing what they are, and that it has no connection to my actual career goals, and that its that kind of sales(yea, he did a good job of hiding what the actual job is. Good to know I dont have to burn my day off on this now.

  • John

    Piotr –

    I just got the same email you did, almost word for word, and I’m so grateful you wrote this up. Given how eerily similar my recruitment has been to yours, I think I will be skipping my “interview” tomorrow.

    Thanks so much for this post!

  • Kim

    So I recieved an email from this company a week ago for an office in jacksonville, FL. First thought was this is a scam. I deleted the email and went on with my day. Today I recieved a phone call from the company. First the phone call was made to me via cell phone. Second the woman quoted me the same times for an interview for different days. I find it so sad that they are doing this at a time when the economy is so terrible and so many need legitimate jobs with reliable pay. I have no intention of going to the interview but I wanted to share. Thanks

  • MissB

    OMGosh.. I read this just in time. I am scheduled for my presentation/interview…(bring your resume…plan to spend 2 hrs…business attire is expected) two days from now. Thanks for publishing. Nothing worse than WASTING time. I will not be attending either. P.S. Mine is scheduled for Holyoke, MA..Thanks much!!

  • indi

    I got this email myself. I figured it was like this other scam i got involved with a few months ago. They wanted me to print these lables out and put on Fed Ex env. Then wait further instructions. It took all of 2 seconds to figure out that the guy from LYBIA was up to no good. A dif phone number, dif addresses on the fed ex labels along w/dif fed ex account numbers. So, I figured I would scam a scammer. I told the guy I had to have ink cart, paper and gas money inorder to complete this job. He asked me how much? I say – $200.00 at least. I tell him to Western Union me cash. I go get the cash, it’s sent by a female in England? The next day, I start calling the businesses on the Fed Ex labels to let them know that thier name, account numbers are being used in this scam. I forward via email what I got on these guys. The Lybian guy calls me and asked me if I sent all the stuff out – to which – I say , I called those businesses and they said they don’t know you and I can’t in good faith rip off an American. He demands his money back and I say it is to pay me for the trouble he has caused me and honest business people. He threaten to come to my home and kill me!
    I feel that companies who want to waste people’s time who are out here looking for employment in really bad times – despite what is being reported on the news, there are still millions of people looking for work and each day – companies like these scammers wouldn’t be doing this if the ecomony was good.
    If you take a job w/ a company like Bankers, and nothing is what it is suppose to be and 1099 means you are a free agent, it ruins your uneployment checks. because like this writer he was fired.
    In the scam I got involved in – It was a good opportunity to get some extra food for my house to be honest. I got the 200 in cash at the grocery store and went shopping and didn’t feel quilty. I have seen those 20/20 and 60 min investagations and realized it was one of those. maybe, if more people got cash from them like me-they would stop tring to rip people off?
    Thank you for the heads up, she found mine on Monster and I thought, lets see what this is?

  • Dooberson

    Thanks for saving me time/money… just got a call to come in for the “presentation” my resume online is for criminal investigations / security so I was scratching my head when I got a call for a sales job. I agreed to go check it out but going to cancel after reading this, which has confirmed my suspicion.

    Thank you!!

  • afc

    I applied at a different company on Monster and I received the same emails that everyone else did.

    My dad actually worked for Bankers as a computer programmer a LOOOONG time ago, so I knew they did offer legitimate jobs at one point in time. He also told me of a lawsuit against them right around the time he left the company.

    So, naturally, I was already suspicious due to my dad’s experience with them and the fact that my professional experience had nothing to do with selling insurance. Anyway, I got the call an hour ago from a girl who sounds like she’s calling from the Philippines.

    She wanted me to confirm a date to go in for an interview and I wasn’t biting. I managed to end the conversation without committing. Thinking this whole experience was very strange, I hop on the internet and find numerous blogs about BL&C.

    I never intended to go to their interview at all, but it’s good that many others can confirm my suspicions.

  • ShesFromNeverland

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I Googled the company after a lady phoned & left a message for me today. Having already had a disappointing interview with another insurance company very similar to this one, I knew this must be pretty much the same scenario. Both companies took my information from resumes posted on the internet. I’m sure that some people CAN do this job and find nothing wrong with it, but I am not one of those people. Your blog was very helpful. Companies like this really take advantage of desperate employment seekers (such as myself), and it’s unfortunate & frustrating.

    Also, ignore the trolls who criticize your English spelling & grammar; I’ll bet that those same people cannot speak or write in any language besides English! I admire your effort & I’m sure that 99.9% of the other readers do as well. Also, you get your points across just fine, so what’s the problem?

    Anyway, good luck to you & other posters/readers. (-: Thanks again for your informative blog.


  • Thanks,

    Got the call yesterday, checked it out this morn. Got interview today, but will cancel.

    Thanks Again,


  • jay

    Thank god i googled Bankers.. i just post my resume on monster.com and immediately received 2 phone calls and 2 voicemails… i had o research about them because its almost unrealistic… after reading this article… This company sounds almost like Kirby Vacuum.. I did Kirby for 6 months and although i learned a lot of sales technique…. but the company is filled with lies.

  • Kevin

    I had a much better experience with my Bankers Life and Casualty branch. They DID provide group health insurance, dental, etc. I was out in the field every week with a senior field agent, and we were given specifics on how to set appointments successfully over the phone. My office and training were good. However, I absolutely hated having to cold-call to make appointments. It made me rather miserable rather quickly. In addition to that, I wasn’t as good as the other agents. I eventually called it quits! It’s a good career if you don’t mind the cold-calling and can develop the skill sufficiently!

  • tony green

    Mr. Krzyzek is right on. Everything he states is absolutely true. I was a Branch Office Administrator for the Peoria, IL. office from 10-11-10 until 2-10-12. The e-mail which he speaks of is the exact correspondence that is sent out to EVERYONE.

    The resumes, during the time I worked at Bankers were derived from Monster, Career Builder and just about anywhere else they could find one. Our Branch Office Manager, Heather Johnson said many time, in laymen’s terms “We get what we can get. If they make it, great. If not, bring in the next one.,” They will even choose from resumes which are over SEVEN years old. Why? They can’t keep agents, not in the Peoria, IL. office anyway. During my tenure, Ms. Johnson interviewed over 120 persepctive agents and she would not turn ANYONE down as long as they had a drivers license, spoke decent english and did not have a felony. She often referred to some of the interviews such as “What a waste!” “That person was less than educated.” But guess what-she would “bring them on” anyway.

    Insurance Agents are deemed, by the Illinois Department of Labor and the Federal Department of Labor as Independent Contractors. Bankers Life and Casualty treats them as employees. I know what I am talking about, as I worked the the Il. Dept. of Labor for many years. Ms. Johnson had me keep an agent attendance log on each agent, which is illegal. She would sometimes list meetiing s as “mandatory” which is illegal. They were told what time to come to work and when they could leave. Once again; illegal. Should the agents rebel, they would not get “leads” to make their phone calls for possible appointments.

    I was an hourly employee but was told I was not to work overtime. However, for about 11 months, Ms. Johnson would often come to me and give me work right before 5:00pm (end of my workday) and tell me she needed it right away. On 23 occurances, I worked for at least 1/2 hr. over time but she would “write me out” at 5:00. I finally talked to Human Resources for Bankers and they told me to ‘discontinue that type of scenairo right away.” When I told Ms. Johnson of my discussion with HR, she became red faced but it happened 11 more times during my working tenure with her.
    I have managed as many as 103 employees and as few as 5. Received many managerial awards for my effort. My employees and I had a good repore and they respected me. I do know management-Bankers is low on the totem pole in that catagory.

    I have been in the professional workforce for over 34 years, manager titled for 23 of those 34 years. I worked for one of the best managed companies, Caterpillar Inc.. Bankers is the worst managed company I have been associated-bar none. Ms. Johnson, in my humble opinion is at the bottom.

    I commend Mr. Krzyzek for his honest description. In closing, I strongly recommend that ANYONE seeking work-STAY AWAY FROM BANKERS.

    Tony Green

    • Pennyl

      Tony, I am interviewing tomorrow with Ms. Johnson at 2. It is my one on one. I do have job and the present time. Please give my your honest opinionI, I would appreciate your honest opinion.

  • Big Bald Bob

    You are a life/gas/money saver!!! I received a phone call from this comany on a Saturday about a resume I “submitted to them”. In reality, I had just updated my resumes on Monster/Careerbuilder and submitted to like 100 companies. As opposed to other posters here, I have a LOT of sales experience/training, I just don’t say it in my resume. I don’t like sales, but it helped pay the bills from time to time. I was supposed to interview for the JOB on Wednesday, in the middle of the day, some 40 miles away from my house. Thank God I Googled Bankers and saw BL&C scam listed as the second item. That led me here and to you. So now I WON’T be giving away 3-5 hours of my day, I WON’T be spending $4.39 a gallon for the 80 mile round trip, and I WON’T give BL&C a second thought.

    PS – I also didn’t notice any further responses by F.T.D. (Fired, Tricked, and Delusional). I guess the truth finally came out.

  • tony green

    Hi Peter;

    I received a phone call from Bankers Corp. and they were quite upset over my comments. However; they did not argue or dispute very little of what I stated. Guess the truth hurts.


  • Tom

    A few days ago I added my resume to monster.com and within a day or less was getting invites from employers. One being Bankers Life and Casualty Company. Thought I search up on it on google and put in the name and there was the name with Scam. Took the first link which was to this webpage and found this quite interesting reading. Thank you very much Piotr Krzyzek for publishing your experience with Bankers. You have definitly saved me from wasting my time with them.

  • sjniceguysteve

    I am dealing with the same thing with this blood sucker company. AFLAC is the same way. Why should I have to pay a company to work for them? Is it not the other way around?

  • leeanne

    funny thing is they just called me and i posted my stuff on the same website my brother said the same thing about the resume so i looked it up and they are a scam !!!! they keep calling and calling me but i dont want the job !! i hate people like them !!!!

  • Tiffany

    OMG!!!!!! ahahaha loved your story. just recived an email from this company and yes i have a resume on career bulider.. i googled this company and your story was first on the list totally enjoyed it!!! knew the email was bulshit.. just wanted some free entertainment for the evening and you sure did deliver it..

    Thanks for the laughs

    • Woot! Glad to have provided some amusement. Sadly it’s a true story 🙂

  • Garry

    Thank you all especially to the one posting the boilerplate email … It convinced me and saved me a lot of heartache and waste of gas and money. I got a phone call and the email I got was word for word the exact email.

    I replied to the email saying “In this day and age to prey on the desperation of the unemployed is despicable to say the least.”

    For me to sell anything I would have to believe in the product and the integrity of the company and my faith in bankers life just crash landed.

    • Hey Garry,

      I personally believe A LOT in insurance. When I was working there, I talked to a heck of a lot of older people (Bankers Life target market) 99.99% of whom say that in-essence, they are alive only because the insurance allows them to pay for bills, doctors and much needed operations.

      I have my own gripes about how the insurance industry works in general, and about Bankers Life … but I love the idea of insurance. How only if someone had a very reasonable dental plan, I’d be a lot happier.

  • Jeremy

    Like many others, you saved me some time and money. Thank you.

  • ive been scamed

    Thankyou so much for your info. I too had posted my resume on monster.com with absolutly no sales experience and was contacted the next day. i origionally said no thankyou but then i recieved another email asking me to reconsider an interview. so for some reason i decided to go and skipped 2 of my college courses while also driving over 40 miles to make it to this appt. i got there and fell for their fake promises of $30,000 bonuses with a “potential” salary of $52,000 a year. i also recall being shocked when they called me back for a second interview after saying that not all of us will be getting a call back. i am only 20 years old with no experience in sales and the rest of the people in my group seemed to be well educated buisnessmen. i was about to skip more school for the second interview but then i figured i would check out what they had to offer on google and i saw your post. i am so relieved that i know the truth. if i had never read this i probly would have invested a lot of time and money into their scam of a company. i just hope the other people in my “interview” will read this too. and btw it was almost scary when reading about your experience because it started off EXACTLEY like mine did so i believe you 100%. thanks again.

  • Jan

    I got an email from Bankers” today for an interview for April in new mexico. And again i have some experience in sales but befor you become an independent sales agent in life insurance you need to go school for that and be certified. i was feeling itchy about it so i google the bankers and same as everyone else first thing that comes out was bankers interview is a fake. in the emai they sent me was exactly the same word by word as people stated. good thing i checked it.

  • GM

    Thank you for the great insight. My instincts for scam kicked in when the caller said I was a perfect fit. (Always good to have dreams). I went ahead and booked an “interview”. So glad I’ve done my homework prior to actually going. Guess my instincts were correct. 🙂 Thanks for putting your experience and getting others to share in this SCAM.

    Thanks again!

    • Hey GM,

      Yeah, I wish they at least said that the first meeting is not an interview at all … but an info sessions. That’s just mean to call that an interview when no interviewing as we regularly know it comes into play!

  • Hannah

    Thank you so much for letting people know about this. I was about to ignorantly go into finding out more about this company, even though I had NO idea what they were talking about in the e-mail.


    • Heh, yeah … that’s exactly what happened to me. I had no clue what they were really talking about until I got there.

  • missliss

    I work with the office in schaumberg and these are NOT true!!

    • Everyone is entitled to their opinion, as are you and I. Everything I wrote is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. Everyone’s experience in a sales position will be different, my experience in the Schaumberg office happened to be not so good due to poor support and my lack of cold calling sales experience. Your mileage will vary.

  • Clyde

    I know this is about job interviews by BL&C. Yet, I have been cold-called by (what I assume now) one of their sales agents. I am about to trigger the age 65 Medicare event. Tons of snail mail has arrived the last 6 months. Insurance companies. I need to get down to reading the government pubs pretty soon.

    This agent wants to have a fellow nearby come to my house to explain Medicare to me, one-on-one. Make it easy for me to understand the options which admittedly are confusing. I chatted for a bit but said I need to read the government publications first. “May this fellow (gave me his name) call you in two weeks”? Sure. I have no intention to let anyone come into my house for anything that even remotely smells of a sales pitch. I asked her, “Which insurance company is he with”? I assumed it HAD to be an insurance company. Or a broker of some sort. She simply suggested he works for himself and helps people like me sift through the options. Yeah, right. I expect to be called in two weeks and will small talk but rest assured, no one is coming to my house. Almost done.

    Not 30 minutes later, my doorbell rings. I am not presentable at the door and there’s a 99% chance it’s religious canvassing. I try never to be rude to these people so instead, just don’t answer the door. 10 minutes later I look out. Car in front of house is gone but a signed letter is wedged in the door from BL&C. The name appears identical to that fellow who is supposed to call in two weeks. Letter shows he is a “Licensed Agent”. I started Googling and I found your site. Now I get the full picture.

    I will be nice to dismiss him kindly now that I understand he’s a struggling person out to make some commission in a grueling way. Thanks, Piotr

    • One thing that makes me really sad is the bad stigma that insurance and insurance agents have gotten. In my work with the local Chamber of Commerce and in branching out my consulting practice, ‘bad’ insurance sales agents are NOT the norm. Inexperienced? Yeah, tons of those. But any real insurance agent is actually very nice, usually very well informed (no one’s perfect) and rather well mannered in terms of marketing and in culture/practice. High stress, strong pitches and forceful sales tactics aren’t the norm and it really makes me sad when I see idiot agents like that.

      The only agents I see actually still surviving as agents: the nice ones. The ones who know how to talk kindly, softly when needed and don’t treat you like a piece of meat.

      Thanks for the story Clyde!

  • D Red

    Thank you PK I am glade that I followed my gutt. I got a call to come in for the same interview in GA. After I hung up I got the thinking that I never applied for this poslition , because number one I suck at sales and number two I don’t do commisions work either. Then I concelled my interview that morning. They called me and emailed me wanting me to reschedule, that was the red flag for me. So thank you so much for your article it validates my suspicion.

    Ms D

  • Monica

    I want to thank you for saving me time, effort and yes probably emotional stress. I received a call and I was sort of curious so I did my research and came upon your warning as well as others. Well i won’t make this appointment on Tuesday! Again thanks alot.

  • Matthew

    Thank you so much for sharing this information. I was just called for an interview from a “recruiter”. I decided to “GOOGLE” them and see what the company is about. I was very curious as to why they would be interested in me as a manager when I have no management experience. I have a small amount of sales experience, but it was 15 + years ago. My skill set is technical. You have saved me from wasting my time and gas to go for this “interview”.

  • JL

    Just like all the rest, just in the nick of time I did not feel good about the call either, I had just received an email today and then the call came in this afternoon…I confirmed the interview but now I will cancel as well…if it sounds to good to be true, it must be!

    Thanks for the heads up to you all~~~ especially Piotr!


  • JL

    PS, This interview was to be conducted in Asheville, NC on Friday, 4.14.2012…NOT!!!

  • Jim

    I wonder if Alex Tribeck knows the scam they are pulling Colonial Pen is part of Bankers Life

  • Wow!! U went to work for some really ignorant, immature, unethical dirt bags. I was recently hired by Bankers Life & Casualty. They had tried to recruit me since last year but because I had never sold anything in my life I turned them down. I went to work for an attorney but it just wasnt what I wanted in a career. I have my BSCJA but since getting it 4 yrs ago I have realized thats not the fields for me after all. I had Bankers in thhe back of my mind all this time. I hadnt heard from the recruiter since last July so I called them up & told them I wanted an interview ASAP. That was on a Wednesday. 2 days later I had a one on one interview with now my branch manager & was hired on the spot based on my personality & positive attitude.

    • Cowgirl8655 … I couldn’t have worded it better myself. The people I got stuck working for wasn’t helpful at all (except for the free food fridays) and mostly extremely immature and at best only slightly unethical. Some of those people there gave insurance agents a bad name … a really bad smelly name.

  • With that said….. a week later they set me up in a nice hotel to attend a four day training. Yes.. they paid all $500 of the hotel bill 😉 a week later I took my state test & passed it the first time 🙂 Yay!! Thats the reason Bankers doesnt pay for it cuz its freakn hard & most people dont pass it the first time. Ive been out in the field with my branch manager & he’s great!!! Ive already earned commission in my first day alone. Yes you do pay for your books but hello… they contain very much beneficial material which if used properly you will get that money back & then some on your first sale. I have seen first hand how much money the agents in my area make & if I can do the same or close to it by helping people then Ima go with what I saw instead of what someone else experienced. I think u just got stuck with a bunch of loosers who didnt care about u or the clients. Btw… we visited established clientis today & they are very happy ..with their annuities, long term policies & medicare supplements. I wittnessed that first hand. “Peace of ..mind”which is what I want to provide my clients. As for income potential……. 4 out of the 6office agents in our office are making six figure incomes & one is away on an all expense paid trip for being one of the top agents in the area. The others are rookies who are doing really well so far which is a big motivation for me. Im happy so far. It just really bothers me that people like ruin it for people like us with your bad exaggerated remarks. Yes YOU had a bad experience & Im sorry for that but I work for Bankers along with hundreds of other agents in my area & we were NOT scammed nor our clients. When potential clients see ur comments do you think theyre gonna wanna talk to us? Hell.. no!!! Thats what ruins it for legit, ethical, hard working making an

    • ChrisMichaels

      a week later they set me up in a nice hotel to attend a four day training. Yes.. they paid all $500 of the hotel bill 😉

      That is absolute BS. They won’t pay for a license unless you survive a few months, yet they are paying $500 for an unlicensed agent to stay in a hotel. I hope you don’t lie to your customers like this.

      Ive been out in the field with my branch manager & he’s great!!!

      Again a lie. Most (all) new agents cannot even get a competent field trainer. You ascended past the Field Trainer, Past the Unit Sales Manager and “magically” have the Branch Manager going out with you. You might as well have posted you went out for an appointment with the CEO of the Company.

      we visited established clientis today & they are very happy ..with
      their annuities, long term policies & medicare supplements.

      Clearly because you are not doing the best for you Clients. If you truly wanted to help people, you would go with another company that can offer your clients and array of products. Bankers has one of the lowest paying interests for annuities and the absolute worst or near worst record for LTC. Don’t believe me. Do an internet search. Bankers record on LTC is shameful.

      4 out of the 6office agents in our office are making six figure incomes

      Another lie. Only 6 agents in your office? And 4 of them are making 100K+. I’m positive your branch hires 4-6 people monthly.

      one is away on an all expense paid trip for being one of the top agents in the area.

      Another lie. It’s not “all expenses paid”. Bankers 1099’s you for the price of your trip. Congrats, he or she is paying for part of it.

      When potential clients see ur comments do you think theyre gonna wanna talk to us?

      Since there are better less expensive policies by better rated companies, if you truly care about your “potential Clients” you wouldn’t want them to call you.

    • ChrisMichaels

      a week later they set me up in a nice hotel to attend a four day training. Yes.. they paid all $500 of the hotel bill 😉

      That is absolute BS. They won’t pay for a license unless you survive a few months, yet they are paying $500 for an unlicensed agent to stay in a hotel. I hope you don’t lie to your customers like this.

      Ive been out in the field with my branch manager & he’s great!!!

      Again a lie. Most (all) new agents cannot even get a competent field trainer. You ascended past the Field Trainer, Past the Unit Sales Manager and “magically” have the Branch Manager going out with you. You might as well have posted you went out for an appointment with the CEO of the Company.

      we visited established clientis today & they are very happy ..with
      their annuities, long term policies & medicare supplements.

      Clearly because you are not doing the best for you Clients. If you truly wanted to help people, you would go with another company that can offer your clients and array of products. Bankers has one of the lowest paying interests for annuities and the absolute worst or near worst record for LTC. Don’t believe me. Do an internet search. Bankers record on LTC is shameful.

      4 out of the 6office agents in our office are making six figure incomes

      Another lie. Only 6 agents in your office? And 4 of them are making 100K+. I’m positive your branch hires 4-6 people monthly.

      one is away on an all expense paid trip for being one of the top agents in the area.

      Another lie. It’s not “all expenses paid”. Bankers 1099’s you for the price of your trip. Congrats, he or she is paying for part of it.

      When potential clients see ur comments do you think theyre gonna wanna talk to us?

      Since there are better less expensive policies by better rated companies, if you truly care about your “potential Clients” you wouldn’t want them to call you.

  • Trying to make an honest living licensed agents like myself & the ppl I work with. Therefore, everytime mommy comes home & tells her son that a potential client who mommy wanted to help hung up on mommy cuz they believed a couple of bad experiences & didnt give her a chance to make money so we wont be able to buy groceries this week. Also, the potential client died a week later without life insurance & left the family to deal with the final expenses. I hope the skills that I have learned which are LEGAL will help me to sway clients away from ur type of manipulative posts which are unfair to ppl like me & clients who can get good ethical help from ppl like me. 🙂 God Bless

    • Pennyl

      Hi, I have a interview tomorrow, the last session, one on one. I am now torn as to take the offer or not. I am the sole provider in my household and do have a job. If you can give me any advice, I would appreciate it.

      • Hello Pennyl, I recommend keeping your day-job. Unless you are extremely good at selling and on the phone, you won’t get paid from Bankers until you personally make a sale. So, except to wait a while for money.

  • Happy

    Thank you so much for sharing your story; it was just what I needed to make a complete educated decision today to cancel this so called interview meeting next week. I had gotten the same email you had received (word for word) and due to a language barrier, I could not make heads or tails of what the individual was saying when we spoke over the phone. Wanting more information, this lead me to your site and one other site to help me realize that this job was definitely not a fit for me, not to mention nothing to offer. Thank you Piotr!

  • I have recieved simlar emails from other insurance companys (ie: Farmers, Prudential) Are these the same type of scam??

    • The companies aren’t scams, all I can say is from personal experience is that Bankers L&C ‘s “interview” is just a group presentation and no real interview. I cannot say anything else about other companies because I haven’t checked them out at all. But you can always ask, “Is this going to be a one on one interview or a group session?” I’d stay away from group sessions. Waste of my time.

  • John Smith

    So I read this post and really felt I needed to respond to this. I have used a fake name only because I am an agent for bankers but I do presume to represent bankers in a setting such as this. All the negatives that were expressed here I have to say are completly opposite in my 6 months with bankers. The interview process is accurate I will have to say and It was weird for sure. Upon working in the job though I appreciate it because it helped me have a greater understanding of what the isurance buisness was and if I wanted to go forward with it. I have heard many bad things about bankers. I believe it is much like other jobs. Its all about the branch you work for. There are great ones and not so great one. I invite anyone thinking about bankers to email me for any questions they would like to ask. I will be happy to share.

    • Hey there,

      I wholeheartedly agree, it’s the branch that was the problem and not Bankers L&C as a whole. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • How can u now agree that it was the branch & not BANKERS who screwed u over? U bashed Bankers from the beginning. I know u were mad & thats probably putting it lightly but hopefully next time u will get ALL the facts first before bashing someone or something. Good luck in all ur endeavors 🙂

    • Thanks,

      But yes, I was rather mad at them and at myself so I lashed out. Though in retrospect, it’s not “Bankers” per say though the company structure and setup didn’t help promote anything else. BUT that said, it’s like anything with life. You can use a physics book to learn from, or to smash someone over the head with. Bankers L&C provided the tools and the management staff at the office I worked at, I believe, didn’t use those tools properly. Instead of having a cozy, friendly yet efficient and sales-happy office it was all one big phone monkey office with constant recruitment drives. Probably something like 90% churn rate, yikes!

  • Noe1775

    Going in tomorrow for my second interview… undecided….

    • If you think you’ll like cold calling and insurance sales, go for it. I think it’s a good learning opportunity ASSUMING you’re going to work for a good office. Wish you the best of luck!

  • kirsy

    thank you so much for this post! you have saved me time and embarrassment because the company did sound like a great company. The man that invited me to this presentation sounded very unprofessional on the phone and I am grateful that I did my research before wasting my time.

  • Sharon

    Bankers called me as well..I smelled something funny right away. You should have heard her hesitation when I asked if I could put her on hold…lol. Oh well…That’s what I get for posting my resume on Monster. Ugh! I just want to work.

  • tiffany

    Great information! I never removed my resume from Monster several years ago. I like my job in a law firm dealing with personal injury claims against insurance companies. But as a single mom of three, I had recently prayed for God to open the door to something if there was something better out there for me. So when I got a call “out of the blue” I thought maybe it was a sign lol…Im glad I did not call them back or risk a good job I have. It was a red flag when I got a call first from a recruiter regarding the position and then a call from the actual company the next day.

  • Tara

    WOW i got excited for a day or two. i just called them to schedule an interview. I’m cancelling because this place is 45 minutes away and i do not have to gas nor the time for FALSE advertisement!! THANK YOU EVERYONE!

  • Mike

    I want to start out by saying, THANK YOU for this article. I received a call from a so called manager on 5/23/2012, and was told that I would have an interview on May, 29. I was so pumped I have been looking hard for a job and money is getting very low here with my family. The interview was almost 2 hours away, and I went out today and bought a business suit. I didn’t really have the money for the suit, but I need a job pretty bad. Anyways, I’m so glad that I read this article..it has saved me from heartache and money..I will be taking suit back tomorrow.

  • Crystal

    My husband has just lost his job of 7 years, I am a stay at home mom who just graduated with my associates degree in Business Administration. I have not worked in 6 years so, I am trying to return to the workforce because my husband needs his wife to back him up (as my daughter says “have your mans back”). I too received a call after uploading my resume on Monster, about three days ago. At first I thought, I answered the call from a telemarketer because; it was clear the person on the other line did not speak English well. It sounded as if the call was routed from the philippians, she stated her name which I did not understand, she proceeds to tell me that I will meet with the District manager for an interview. Here is where she made me suspicious; this person tells me, I am going to get an email from another person. Hmmm! This prompted me to research the company and the only thing that came up were more then 8000 pages of the company being a scam.
    I want to Thank everyone for your posts on BL&C, that is one interview I will not be going to.
    It is back to the drawing board for me in my search for a job.
    Thank you Piotr Kryzek.

  • A. Gamble

    Thank you so much for this article! I got a call from Bankers Life today, and I thought it might be legit. I actually did go to school for insurance, only not the same kind of insurance. I was a little nervous about it because I didn’t remember putting a resume into them. I’m very glad that I looked into it.

    Again, thank you.

  • Blake Kleinberg

    Hi, I’m Blake, and yesterday I received a call from the Branch of Bankers itself, and not from the Philippines. Admittedly, I was and am suspicious. I went in for the interview today, and it was very professional, there were awards in the lobby thing for their competitively priced annuities and things of that nature. They already had my resume, because in Sioux City, when you post your resume on Monster, the Sioux City Journal grabs it and sends it out to jobs who they advertise for. So far so good. I was finally called into the office of the District Manager and mind you, my town isn’t the biggest and this office isn’t the biggest, but it’s in a location i pass everyday on the way to my friend’s houses, so I can tell you with certainty that the office and the business have been there for some time.

    I interview with him One on One and he didn’t try to dodge any questions. He was very up front, he himself quit college to join the company and the thing is, this wasn’t about just being an employee or “independent contractor” what he was looking for is that out of the twelve people who he was going to bring on he is looking for the “most obedient” “most maleable” person. He was seeking a mentee. Someone to show the ropes. And, not every person can be your mentee, and not every person wants a mentor. The fact is, if you’re looking for someone to help you succeed, they will be there for you if the BRANCH is legit.

    I haven’t decided, yet, but I’ve read this article and its comments. Mixed reviews. He didn’t “present” me a product in the form of a job. He actually took time to get to know me and my story. He answered my questions, even referring to the company as a Pyramid Scheme in the purest sense, and telling me that it wasn’t going to be easy. It’s not just something you can fall into and if I wasn’t sure, I should just walk away from it and find a job. This isn’t a job. There’s not even a wage. This is something you have to dedicate yourself to. Let’s say you get a client base going in the company. Those are your clients. If you leave the company, you’re giving those clients away unless you want to keep them, but can you keep those clients with no overhead costs on your own? no. you can try. and then. when you fail to pay a family for their dead relative, you’re pretty fucked. So, if you sell only 1 policy in the first fiscal quarter, you’re still responsible for them, while the overhead is taken care of and ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CARE ABOUT YOUR CLIENTS and the rest is taken care of. Suddenly, you’ve got senior citizens talking about YOU, and they come looking for YOU. If you want to make anything of yourself in this business (and I can ONLY say this with certainty because of my grandfather, a retired insurance agent of over 30 years) you MUST be actively involved in the community of senior citizens. Seniors in smaller areas are close-knit and they still gossip like they never discovered twitter. “Did you here about the Erikson’s? They got on a new Life policy with this really sweet kid, real hard worker.” and that’s where it all starts to take off. Having a support system is important in this business. Anyways, everything is too good to be true, honestly, BUT that doesn’t mean that you can’t out-perform your own expectations and there’s a REASON they want you to do it a certain way. You are independent of the company so that when you have worked for a couple years you can live off your current customers and not need to sell anymore. just manage your client base and treat them like friends and mean it. and then you can go on vacation and the only work you’ll have to do is talking to your clients when they have a question, scheduling their appointments with your subsidiaries since your out and making sure they’re as comfortable as you want to be. until they die. then cha-ching. 😀

    Another thing, if you stick with the company for five years, get to start your own team of professionals and you’re all independent contractors and YOU are the one signing their checks, then you can uproot the company if you want, if you think you can find more leads yourself. and if you bring in your own leads in the process, well you are bound to get noticed.

  • Blake Kleinberg

    It’s really discouraging to see an article about how it’s a scam, if it’s not. It’s also misleading, it’s self-defeating, and It’s really confusing. I mean, if it is a scam, then you are completely right, and the whole thing should be shut down, but if it is NOT a scam, then you are USING the same tactics that you’re speaking about about with the article. I don’t know what to think and I feel like I can’t trust any god damn thing, and there are all these SHEEP commenting on this article like, “that’s all I needed to hear, thanks for saving me from thinking for myself and putting forth any effort into anything. I’m gonna go pretend that I’m not just relieved to have any excuse to not have a job in the near future. Damn economy!”

    So, I don’t know if the people who agree with you are stupid, or I’m stupid, or you’re a lying asshole, or they’re the lying assholes. It’s all so confusing.

  • Blake Kleinberg

    I know that I’m competing with 11 other interns if I take this position, for a real position. It’s a six-month interview is what it boils down to and more than half will fail. It’s scary, it’s exciting. But it isn’t a FAKE company, i know that. It’s not the same as giving your credit card to a nigerian prince, it’s giving your time and effort to a company, which will ultimately ALWAYS work out for them and seldom work out for an applicant. You DO have to be the best. you DO have to get a little lucky.

    • Hey Blake,

      I wish you the best of luck with it. I never said the company was a scam or a fake. I said their general ‘interview’ process is a scam. For most of us, the ‘interview’ was sitting in a room with 19 other people listening to a lecture/presentation about the company … that is NOT an interview in any sense of the word. The 3rd ‘interview’ when we finally sat down and talked to the branch manager, yes that was finally an interview. But the first two sessions weren’t. So for most of us, yes it’s a scam (the interview) and I don’t like being treated like that and thus I don’t want to associate with companies who do mean things like this.

      Though if selling insurance if for you, I whole heartily wish you the best of luck.

  • kia

    Thanks Piotr
    They just called me and i went through same bs as you said with interview date in Alameda,California. So i called back, after reading your comment, and canceled my appointment. She was upset, but that’s gas money i can spent on different interview with some result. What’s funny is that i told them i am not looking for job, i am looking for career, and she said you are at right place……. WOW be more careful out there guys and read comments like Piotr for any company before interview.. I am glad i did…..

  • Johnny Pez

    Hi Piotr,
    My resume was up at Monster.com for a few weeks before I got a call from Bankers to “schedule an interview” and a confirming email. Unlike some others here, the local branch was only a 15 minute drive from my house, so I didn’t bother looking up the company online.

    I went to the “interview” two days ago, and it was just how you described it, 22 people sitting in a conference room getting a presentation. The presenter’s two favorite words seemed to be “awesome” and “cool”, and he spent a lot of time talking about how much money we *might* make and very little time talking about what we would actually be doing. By the end of the presentation I knew I was having my time wasted, so when they handed out their application forms, I didn’t bother filling mine out, I just got up and left.

    The next day I got an email from their recruiter, Diane, saying that I seem to have missed their interview, and would I like to reschedule. I didn’t bother answering.

  • Who’s really listening??

    Sup Piotr,
    It’s funny to me how those who are sooo against what you’re saying aren’t really getting your point. The way you respond to these comments are very professional and you don’t get offended. And to me, I feel you are credible. Last year I went to this so-called interview through my craigslist phase. So desperate tho get away from McDonalds. They’re posting didn’t mention ANYTHING about only commission offer selling insurance. I went in for an interview and it was EVERYTHING you said it was! I stayed for an hour. I called my friend back to come get me. Before that, I had 3 interviews just like that from craigslist that were Vertu misleading

  • Who’s really listening??

    Sup Piotr,
    It’s funny to me how those who are sooo against what you’re saying aren’t really getting your point. The way you respond to these comments are very professional and you don’t get offended. And to me, I feel you are credible. Last year in March, I went to this so-called interview through my craigslist phase. So desperate to get away from McDonalds. They’re posting didn’t mention ANYTHING about only commission or selling insurance. I went in for an interview and it was EVERYTHING you said it was! I stayed for an hour. The man even said that this job isnt for everyone alot the people in the room will not stay for the entire presentation. I called my friend that dropped me off to come back to get me. Yesterday
    I received a call from a woman stating she is a recruiter looking to hire “bankers”, instead of saying what company she works for (which is misleading). If your company is that legit and been in business for a
    great amount of time, why lie about something so small that is a huge difference in what people think they are going to A

    • Hey there.

      To answer your user name, who’s really listening: I am and so are the 120+ others who have commented on here 🙂

      Thank you very much for you kind words. I really appreciate it. It means a lot to me. Thank you.

      And you are 100% right, most people whom I see complaining on here are missing my point. I’m not saying that Banker’s L&C is bad or anything (though I do not think highly of them anymore), what I was saying is that their “interview” is a complete scam.

      I wish you all the best in your endevours!


    Just received a phone call from them. Thank you for all your valuable information. I am glad I won’t be wasting my time with them.

  • Kevin

    LMAO, both Bankers and Aflac contacted me within a few days after I post my resume online. Add my comments on here. LOL

    • TBiz

      Just received a call from Bankers after I deleted the email from them and also received a copy and paste email from Aflac. My resume has no insurance or sales experience what so ever or nor do I want to be involved with either. I feel like I am being stalked by them.

  • Rebecca

    I received one of those interview invitations back in 2009 but it clearly said it was for a group interview to see if I would be interesting. They indicated that it was an informational interview only and that a second interview will be set up for those who show and interested, and have the qualifications.

    I went to the interview and discovered that I did not have the money to start the classes to make me qualified to sell insurance so they told me about a job where they would supply me a list of names of people who they had received their resume to give them a call to see if they would like to attend a group interview. I was told that I would be given $15 for each person I signed up, but it ended up as being $15 for each person who actually showed up. How could I control that? I had hundreds of people say that they were interested but only 2 showed up, or so Bankers Life and Casualty claimed! Then I was told that the person doing the presentation was no longer with them and that to hold off calling people until they got another person to do the interview. Finally in April of the following year I called to inquiire and was told that they had enough people. What a bunch of crap!! They deliberately mislead lead me plus they cost me money on the long distance calls I had to make!! People who are unemployed or underemployed don’t need this type of crap!!

  • Todd

    thanks for the information. I was preparing myself today for an interview tomorrow. As usual I was sitting down to prepare myself and I found many sites that indicated that this is a scam. It was odd that they had many openings in the Austin area and they had a automated interview selection method. I am glad to see this information, I almost still want to go to the interview and warn others.

  • Larry

    Thank you ALL for the posts. You just saved me a lot of driving and a lot of time. I actually e-mailed my recruiter and canceled once I read this. what a SCAM!!!

    • Hey Larry,

      Yeah … I honestly wish I had done research before I did all that work all those years ago. 🙁 At first I was very excited … and after that first meeting, not so much. It’s a real shame that they resort to such not-so-on-the-up&up tactics. Bummers.

  • Tembreull

    You just saved me a lot of time and hassle. Thanks so much!

  • Tembreull

    You just saved me a lot of time and hassle. Thanks so much!

  • pos

    we need to find work by posting our resumes. And this is what you get to listen to! Some big scam!!!! Thank you PK “ROT in hell bankers life and casualty”

  • callie

    Yeah I just got a call from this lady from Bankers Life & Casualty saying that I applied for the job. Which I have banking experience but that has nothing to do with what they do. She was trying to set up an interview time for me for next week and I was like uh no that’s alright because she sounded like a telemarketer trying to scam me and I was right. So glad I found this and sorry that you had to deal with those yahoos.

  • foolish me

    I fell for this too n wish I too had seen these. I was hired at the one in RANCHO BERNARO, CALIFORNIA.have over 20 years of sales experience and after being bedridden for 3 years I got the surgeries I needed to be mobile again. So ready for the work force, excited about an opportunity, I did jump at it. Stupid me. Hired as a recruiter. Thinking I was offering a great thing too until I started putting the pieces together. After working the month from late july 2013 to aug2013, I was ready to resign. Didnt get a chance to because on a day I couldnt drive in because I hadnt gotten a paycheck yet and live over 40 miles away, I requested to work from home that day. How great that they let me do that, right. So while I made my list of calls I recurve incoming calls from people responding. When I checked my messages an hour later they decided, “they didn’t need any per show recruiters any longer but would like to keep my resume on file so should they need them in the future if they could call on me? ” wasthe recorded message on a voicemail. Who let’s go of employees on a voice mail? BL&C. It doesn’t bother me that I no longer work there. What bobothers me is that they are doing this to others and havent stopped. Its been almost 2 months since I first started with them and still this almost month after being relieved of my position I am still waiting to get paid.

    • Hey there,

      That’s an amazing story. Glad you’ve told it. Sometimes companies do weird things and us employees are stuck in a crappy position.

      Fired by voicemail? I was fired by e-mail back in college with this: “Oh Hi Peter. I just noticed that you graduated right? Yeah, that means you’re not officially a student anymore so we can’t pay you for last week” …. uhuh. Great thanks.

      Thanks for your comments!

  • Joe

    Thanks for this article. You saved me a lot of frustration. Thank God i used my intuition. I got up early this morning and decided to check out this company- and there you were. I did not apply for a sales job nor at Bankers Life; and this caller was persistent. He also told me to bring in my resume. Yeah right!!! Sorry to hear of your ordeal.
    You did a good job informing the public. Thanks again.

  • Debra

    Thanks very much for posting this article. I figured it is a scam and a form letter. The kind of form letters I usually get are “decided to go with a more qualified candidate”. When I researched if it was a scam this is the first article I read.

  • Philip


    Interesting article. I was contacted after posting my resume on Monster.com too. The recruiter didn’t mislead me about the ‘interview’ because she called it a quarterly informational briefing (which is not a word). The only misleading info for the branch is that the brief is weekly.

    I was impressed by the excellence in my branch manager and stayed after the meeting to chat for a couple minutes. After doing some research on the financial industry (especially recent BLC stock history), I realized the company had some positive things going for it.

    I followed up with subsequent interviews, asked tons of questions (some people I know who work in the financial industry helped me prepare my questions). I decided to give it a shot.

    I am in Maine, and I can say that I have the best support and branch I could ask for. I’m dissapointed the other experiences written about here have been so negative. I have worked tirelessly for eight weeks as a new agent, and the work is turning into sales. My branch has great field trainers who sacrifice their time to train in the office and spend one day a week with new agents. After just three weeks booking (the worst part, by far!) and running appointments, I felt I was ready to run one day a week on my own. My management obviously supported that and they work with me to ensure I have the tools I need to be successful.

    Bottom line: I am very happy, if not tired, that I went to the brief. I asked tough questions to which I still believe I received honest answers. This certainly helped me with my expectation management as I started my new ‘career’.

    I feel like the last two months have not only been a learning experience (I was a military officer for eight years, so this is completely different), but personally rewarding. I know that I am helping those I sit with make sense of a complicated topic (insurance) and offering value to the families I meet. I have a moderate amount of satisfaction in this career choice and I am looking forward to meeting some personal goals through my efforts.

    Most respectfully,


    • Hey Phillip,

      It’s really good that you had a great experience with them! I’m only hoping that since my time there they have improved things past being just a phone mill.

      At my time in Bankers, I was constantly told by other agents how amazing this one specific office was. So truly, as far as I know it’s that one specific office that suckered me in that ruined my complete Bankers Life experience.

      I’m glad it was a positive experience for you.

      Are you going to go forward with their interview process? I’m curious to know if other branches do similar things and how it goes for other people.

      Wishing you all the best,
      — Peter

  • NSW

    Thank you for sharing this. Someone left a voice message from this company this morning and I know I didn’t apply there. Therefore, I Googled it. I saw many articles like yours. I’m sorry that you had to go through all that trouble but I am happy that you shared your experience with the World! Best to you! Also there is another scam going on where someone will text you and say that your name was shortlisted to the top because your credential are so great. They tell you to set up a Google Chat or Yahoo Messenger to set up an interview. They tell you to look at a website which looks legit. The one they used was Abacus Limited. The questions start out fine and then they “go left”. I had to end it that conversation. You can Google that too.

    • Oh, a google chat … that’s new for them! That’s very interesting to know!

  • Brad

    Their still the same today. Same speech same offer.

  • DANA

    Thank God for technology, because I just received a phone call from Bankers, and the whole while I’m speaking with the lady I’m saying to myself ” My resume point to m skill in the medical field, not insurance sales” I was very skeptical, and sure as my first mind never fails me it is what it is. BOGUS !!! I WILL NOT BE PUTING ON MY BEST TO ATTEND, AND WAIST MY TIME WITH WHAT I HAVE READ. THANKS!!!

  • Robert Laurel

    Post resume, I received a call. Was told I would be a great fit for their company. Funny thing is my resume states that I was and I am looking for work as a bus driver. Perfect fit my rear.

  • hank the tank

    Just got a call from them today. They don’t know I’m retired FBI agent… I can’t wait to see their faces if they even look at the resume.

    • Hahahaha, that should be a fun conversation. OR this could be a plot to recruit more alpha type personalities? (doubt it).

      When they first invited me for an interview, I was rather surprised to have them tell me specifically to bring a copy of my resume. My thoughts were: “So … you don’t have it? Why should I be bringing multiple copies … odd”

  • Diane

    I just hung up with Bankers confirming my appt. tomorrow at 10:00. Was also told to bring resume. Did they lose the one they received from me already?

  • I was thinking the EXACT same thing when they called me way back then.

  • Susan

    Thank you for posting this because I was called about a Sales Mgmt. position with them. In fact I’d made arrangements to come in tomorrow for an interview. Something told me to check them out online, and I’m so glad that I have. I won’t be going to that interview Thanks to you and all of these other folks. God Bless you for posting it!

  • Barbara

    Thanks for writing this. I was contacted by Bankers the day after I posted my resume. I was wondering why they contacted me for an “upper management” position when I have no background as a manager. Glad I decided to check them out before wasting my time.

    • Great that you checked Barbara! What I’m really curious about Bankers is that if they are offering “upper management” positions now, does that mean they are actively looking for C-level employees to put on salary?

      Of course, I don’t know your situation, but who knows … maybe you have a skill they really need at the executive level.

      But then again, when someone tells me “upper management” the first thing that comes to mind is the executive (C-class) level of employee.

      Some companies just have weird hiring practices!

  • PT

    I just received a phone call today from Anthony Barnes…I thought it was peculiar NOT to mention the position or company he’s representing. Although, unlike a lot of those posting here, I do have a finance and insurance background. However, I only found out this call was related to Bankers Life when I returned the call and left a VM. Mr. Barnes clearly states Bankers Life on his greeting. So like any intelligent person, I searched online to validate it is a real company and behold the multiple links of past scam experiences.
    Fortunately, I am employed and not desperate for a job but even if I was, would not entertain this company after today. But wait….there’s more!
    My husband who was laid off got the same call lol @_@ yesterday. I did not find out until today because when I told him I got a call today, he looked at me in disbelief and said, “you’re kidding, right”?
    I knew something was fishy because he is a generator mechanic with no corporate or insurance experience lol but the only reason he did not call the guy back was because he already accepted another offer today…wohoo!! from a serious employer 🙂
    Anyhoo…what I can’t get is why are they asking people to bring resumes?? I uploaded my resume to career builder recently but have my address and number blocked. I only made public the email contact for employee responses but of course the resume has it. I removed my address minus city and state but left the phone number of course. Just FYI, if you leave your number on your resume with careerbuilder, etc.
    Hope my two cents this helps 🙂

    • That’s a good story PT! It’s scary how scripted these people can get sometimes … well, scripted and without thought. Glad you and your hubby have good jobs. 🙂 Glad you’re safe!

  • Jenni from Michigan

    Ok people, let’s get the facts CORRECT!!!! I work for Bankers Life, I am an administrator at one of their branch offices and also one of the people responsible for contacting potential agents. First of all the interview process is NOT a scam! We do not just look for people with sales experience because not all great sales people have experience in sales. You could be a bus driver who is just great with people, a stay at home mother who is looking to get back into the work force, or a tech nerd who is simply looking for a change and has the passion to learn and grow. Yes, we bring you in for a group interview to explain the company, what you’d be doing and how things work. We also watch you to see if you are paying attention, showing interest or just sitting there like you could care less about what is being said. Those who show interest and who we feel have the right amount of interest/passion we bring back for the second interview. At that point you discuss with the manager your skills, what your goals are, how you’d be a fit for the company, what you feel you have to offer us and more specifically what we have to offer you. Also, one reason we do ask you to bring in a copy of your resume to the initial meeting is because the
    formatting on Monster, CareerBuilder and other websites is often
    different from your paper resume and does not provide the information we
    are looking for in a succinct way. One thing the person who wrote this article is correct about is that Bankers does not initially pay for your license. The reason being is because that license is YOURS, you can take it and go to ANY insurance company you want….so why would we pay for you to get it when you could just turn around and go somewhere else when you do and then we’re out all that money and have no agent. BUT once you are with Bankers for 6 months or so and are a successful new agent, we DO reimburse you the cost of getting your license. Additionally, we provide our agents with extensive training. We are actually recognized as being one of the top 150 training companies in the country. I don’t know what it was like back in 2010 when this man was with us, but trust me it is NOT like that now! My agents are in the office and out in the field training one on one with seasoned agents and the branch manager/field trainer on a regular basis. I have one agent who started literally a week ago and he has been out at least 3 times with different people. Truth be told, insurance sales is NOT for everyone, and there are going to be days like the writer of this article explained where you feel like this is a waste of time blah, blah, blah, but that happens with ANY job. Here’s the kicker though, if you have the drive and passion to succeed, that will not deter you, it will motivate you! If you truly want to be successful you’ll think to yourself this person probably isn’t going to buy, but I’m going to give it my best anyway and see if I can help this person, once you do that guess what, THEY BUY and you make money! The one rule in any sales position is simple: YOU ARE ONLY AS SUCCESSFUL AS YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE!! If you act like this guy did and say forget it this isn’t worth my time, their not going to buy anything then you waste an opportunity to turn that possible denial into a sale. But if you stick it out through good days and bad, I promise you, you CAN do well and make good money.

    • This is probably the best written response I’ve seen! Thank you Jenni for this extremely thoughtful reply! hugs

      @Jenni: I’m very glad to hear that things are different in your office. During my tenure at the Schaumburg office it really was just a phone monkey business where management didn’t give two hoots about you and only wanted their overrides.

      One time we had a joint office training thing, I don’t remember exactly what it was though, and the agents and managers from that other office all seemed happy, cheery, well educated (in insurance) and motivated which was a stark contrast to the general mood in our office. Glad to hear your office is doing well!

      As for the paying for license thing: that can go either way I believe depending on your point of view. Though I have a view akin to the likes of Zappos, Google and Amazon: I put the trust on my employees first so I’ll give them anything and everything they need to succeed which will in-turn give them a very good reason to stay with me. Zappos puts a lot of trust in it’s people, especially upfront and that trust has been returned well 10-fold in terms of commitment, productivity: just look at their public filings and growth rates. I understand the point of view of Bankers, but it’s not one I agree with as it sets a type of atmosphere that I wouldn’t want to be part of. But that’s me. 🙂

      You are certainly right: insurance sales is NOT, I repeat NOT for everyone. Heck, it’s barely for anyone. It requires a certain type of personality to get it done. The other day I met a who had pretty much perfect personality for sales, though he happened to be in the Insurance business:

      He really did know his stuff in and out, even the latest morning news on Obama care, he was very friendly, inquisitive of me and what I do and gave off the wibe of: you talk to me? great. You don’t talk to me? That’s cool too, it’s your choice.

      He’s someone whom I think I’ll talk to more soon just because of the type of guy he is. With this knowledge, I can probably also get him to be on my podcast and book on sales training & leadership!

      Thanks for the really great reply Jenni, would be great if there were more thoughtful people like you around!

    • Tammy

      I understand you not paying for the license initially but do you pay for the training? I was contacted by them and have an interview in 4 days. I have realized that in my 28 years plus in the healthcare field that if the company does not compensate you for your time in training that your experience with that company is not going to be a very pleasant one.

  • Sapphire

    I work for Bankers Life as well. Best decision I ever made, and it is NOT A SCAM. This company is highly prestiges, professional, and caring about their employees and their members. They are huge on integrity and growth. They are also very SELECTIVE in whom they bring on board to represent them. There were about 40 people in my initial interview and only a few of us were chosen and brought on board. The office I am based out of inspires us to be great PEOPLE, not “sales agents”. The reason they do NOT particularly look for people with “sales experience” is because that barbaric; aggressive nature, and tactic does NOT coincide at all with our market of members that we serve. These are pre elderly citizens, who are transitioning from structured pay and health care to Medi-care and retirement benefits. These members are NOT to be treated like dollar signs but like PEOPLE who have worked very hard to achieve their retirement and long term benefits and need the most explanatory, informative, and gentle care that can be provided to them; Especially since we are dealing with their ONLY LIVELYHOOD and cross over into their golden years better known as the count down to their final days on earth. I have NO experience in sales, but I have 10 years in the field of customer service..So I know how to treat people and I care about them and want to help… That’s why I was selected. The gentleman that contacted me about the interview doesn’t work in our office but he does work for the home office and the structured email you displayed is just how they conduct “initial” invites to the interview… But once you are there you ARE apart of an AMAZING TEAM with core values and a strong sense of family. Perhaps the branch you worked out of displayed less than stellar tactics. It happens since each branch is operated by a different person with their own vision and plan. But my branch manager is AMAZING and I am grateful to be apart of the team. So while you are spreading your unbelievably ridiculous interpretation of Bankers Life, those of us who are ACTUALLY apart of the BANKERS LIFE FAMILY can confirm that it is a family structured company, who cares about each other and our members. And lastly, We are generously rewarded for our success and beyond that we are given so much support to do what we need to do to succeed. In your case, you were simply not cut out for the position… it takes an open mind and a wiling heart to be in this field and per these statements you and all these other people are making… You are simply not cut out for this type of job. I thank God for this opportunity and Jenni from Michigan is dead on in all that she has stated. #TeamBankersLife4Life.

    • Hey there,

      Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I’m very glad you found an office that is actually good. Though I assure you, when I was at the office in Schaumburg is was nothing near ‘good’. It was all ‘sell sell sell’ and phone monkey work day in and day out. There was no ‘family’.

      My “interpretation” is my experience of that particular office at that particular time, as I’ve mentioned many times before.

      Your office may be good, your team good and your Bankers ‘family’ good … myself and others from that office at the time will tell you similar stories of that particular office.

      You’re also correct: insurance selling to the elderly wasn’t in that office’s type of way wasn’t for me and many others. We had horrible experiences with shitty managers and leaders (or lack-of-leaders).

      It takes an open mind and willing heart to do well in any line of work deary. Best to follow what you preach aye?

    • D

      If there a great company why do they only have about 100 negative remarks on bbb website,
      not to mention glassdoor yelp and consumeraffairs all complaining of late claims, no claims etc,?

      • Not to debate one way or the other, though websites like BBB, GlassDoor, Yelp and ConsumerAffairs are all FOR PROFIT companies and are NOT government moderated impartial parties. A large amount of negative marks would of course be a bad thing, though all those companies ‘marks’ can be bought and changed at will by those companies. So not many negative marks or not many positives showing (either way) is at the whim of those companies (especially the BBB and Yelp who have been known to manipulate listings very selectively based on profit).

  • vicky

    I just finished my 90 day training with Banker’s and I have to say that it didn’t take me long to understand their process. What they do is hire a group of people at a time, They then hand pick who they want to groom to be successful and ignore the other agents that they’ve recruited. They don’t care about the time, education and training you’ve put into it all. Everything I was told during my interview was not true or accurate. I will be filing a complaint with the Department of Insurance against Banker’s Life here in Indianapolis on E. 75th Street. If you get a call from this office, you would be wire to decline their interview. Call Western Southern Insurance company instead if you’re serious about being a successful insurance agent.

    • Hey Vicky, sorry to hear that you also had a bad experience with Bankers. It really does seem like there is a world of a difference between offices. Some offices I’ve seen (and was told about) really are amazing and great, while others like the ones you and I experienced make us hate it.

      Good luck at your new place. 🙂 hugs

  • cass

    Casandra 2 weeks ago
    I received an email from Connecticut for a customer service job, when they wanted an interview I told them I was in the Detroit location the lady on the phone said oh we have an office in Detroit and someone will give you a call within in an hour. I received a call from Bankers a week later, all they said was I heard you were interested in a position with the company. I ask what was the company name but the young lady on the phone only gave me the address and the time she had available, for interviews, so I looked up the address and that how I found out the name of he company. I am not into sells and but I have about 20 years in customer service. I am schedule for an interview tomorrow, after reading these reviews I am not sure about this. I was going on line just to look up the company and research so I will be ready for my interview. The young lady that works out of Michigan you are right you have to have passion for whatever job you have and to do your best.

  • Bankers is no scam, but these complaints are just whiners who have to blame others for their own failure. You have to be “driven” to suced in sells.

  • JMC

    Bankers and Aflac both contacted me yesterday!!!!!! Nope not falling for it 🙂

  • Staci

    I sincerely thank you for this post! I have an “interview” with Bankers today and I wanted to do some research before I went, that was when I found your site. I have had experience in the insurance world previous to this (AIL) contact. That is why I thought they called me. Lol! After reading most of the other posts on here, good and overwhelming bad, I now see it is the same as what I experienced before through the other company. Needless to say I will NOT be going to my “interview”. Unfortunately, I have tried this line of work before and had an absolutely horrid experience! It was with a different company (AIL -STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY TOO) but the same thing happened to me. I was an open, honest, caring employee who had a strong desire to help the pre-elderly, so I stayed with them for 5 months with no pay, no actual training, and I was in the field everyday (they chose me for the fast track/to be groomed). I was supposed to get a cut of every sale made (there were several) but my “trainer” wasn’t trained or monitored by the higher ups, so I never received any compensation. I am mentioning this simply because I don’t want anyone to go through what I did and I want others to know that AIL is run the same way.
    I thank you again from saving me from going through this stupid , messed up lie again. Take care and wishing you all the best!

    • Hey Staci,

      Thanks for the update! I’m sad to learn they still do things that way though I guess that’s their business model: they have to play the numbers game. Thankfully not all insurance companies (and offices) are they way, sadly we both got the short end of the stick and got burned. Glad to know you’re moving on. 🙂 Hope you have something new and better planned for the future!