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RSS is great though it is always missing ‘something’. What is that something you ask? Well that is a good question. Everybody has their own wants and needs, and each business has different uses for it. Today we’re going over all the best ways to grab your RSS feeds! Yup, a change for once. Instead of talking about how to give something I’m talking about how to get something! WOOT! I’ll cover web-bases RSS, Windows RSS programs, Linux RSS programs and even Mac RSS programs! Woah, big list aye?  I’ll try to keep it to a list of the best from each. No need to list every single one on this post 🙂

Universal RSS programs/services – Web-Based RSS

There are a few web based RSS programs. The best well known is:

Google Reader


All Your RSS Belong To Us Google Reader

Google reader is the bes known web based RSS reader. You can add subscriptions from virtually any source, share items via e-mail/twitter/facebook/buzz and heck … you can even make a RSS of your rss collections! Best part of being on your google account is that you have access to it from anywhere you are! All you need is a internet connection.

FeedShow Reader (Beta)


All Your RSS Are Belong To Us - FeedShow Reader Feedshow isn’t as popular as Google reader, but it sure is versatile. It’s got a very smexy and VERY simple layout to use. Unlike Google’s interface which is a plugged with this&that google service, FeedShow is simple: RSS feeds on the left, your current feed on the right. Very simple, very fast and efficient!



All Your RSS Are Belong To Us - Bloglines This one is something a bit different than the rest. Sure you’ve got your share button, easy rss aggregation and all that jazz but that’s not what makes this stand out. Have you ever heard of an Autoblog? No? Well, it’s more or less a blog which writes itself. Bloglines allows you to do just that (up to 10 feeds if I remember correctly). So if you want a self writing, self promoting and self publishing blog this is the way to go. It has a very slick interface, VERY easy sharing abilities and it can even pull information from Netflix! Almost everything is customizable about ‘your’ site, so feel free to jump right in and create your own free RSS based website!

Windows RSS Aggregators

Windows has no shortage of applications. RSS readers is no exception. Probably one of the best and most versatile comes as an actual surprise because it isn’t a stand alone RSS reader. It’s a full blown mail application



All Your RSS Belong To Us - Thunderbird There isn’t much to say about this. It’s simply one of the best applications out there (for any platform) period. So go check it out at this link.



All Your RSS Are Belong To Us - FeedDeamon

FeedDeamon is the little (useful) brother you never had. The Genius little brother. Very helpful and very smart!

FeedDeamon not only has Google Reader Synchronization, but it also has automatic keyword tools. It can find feeds given a specific keyword and even do live scans to see if your keyword comes up in any new feed! Pretty cool aye? It also has the ability to share feeds and specific article with friends. Sweet aye?

The interface is rather simple to use and neatly organized. Nothing gets in the way of you and your reading. Which is what puts this rss reader in this list.

Awasu Personl Edition


All Your RSS Are Belong To US - Awasu

Awasu almost didn’t make it here because it is primarily a paid program. Though the “Personal Edition” is free. It has a very configurable layout with plenty of options. Their website needs some new decoration, but the program does not. It’s rather new age (not completely new though) with more feature than I’m willing to count.

Be sure to download from the “Personal Edition” link in the products page, NOT the commercial paid version! Personal is free!

Bonus mention: Outlook 2007 and newer

In the latest version of Outlook (2010 or Office 11, whatever they call it these days) RSS is built in. The reader is actually pretty darn good from what I hear. You access your RSS feeds ‘just like reading an e-mail’. Or so it says. You can check that you on the MSDN blog post (made two years ago).

Linux RSS Aggregators

All Your RSS Are Belong To Us - Akregator

Akregator  KDE based and integrates perfectly with the KDE PIM (Personal Information Management) Suite especially with Kontact (the KDE default mail client). Currrently updated to work with KDE4 and updated to the latest QT libraries and function. Simple, clean works well. It’s the RSS of choice for me.

It’s extremely fast, very easy to use best of all free :). the layout is very simple: RSS list on the left and article stuff on the right. The right pane is split up into upper and lower. The upper part shows the latest posts from the selected RSS list (or folder) and the bottom pane is the message. This is re-arrangeable.

Other linux RSS readers:

There are plenty of other RSS readers in Linux, each one a bit different to suite your needs. Though Akregator is probably still your best stable choice. I found this link pretty helpful to see what other Linux rss readers are around: ‘My Favorite RSS Feed Readers In Ubuntu’ (not on my blog, external link).

Why don’t I mention more RSS readers here myself? Well, because I have no read interest in other Linux RSS readers. Akregator does everything I’d want it to and more. Plus it’s part of the Kontact e-mail/time-management/to-do-list/everything PIM suite. So it fits nicely into my work flow. Your mileage may vary.

Mac RSS Readers Aggregators

Ah, the good ol’ Mac. There is never a shortage of Mac apps, applets, widgets and nick-nacks. Whatever the program, it’s a Mac program so it’s bound to be every so sexy! (on a side note: wish Linux rss readers were this pretty!)

Today I only present two Mac RSS readers.



All Your RSS Are Belong To Us - NewsFire

This is sure smexy there. The program has a VERY very nice interface which is extremely usable, but it doesn’t sacrifice any functionality for just for looks. All the essentials are there and more!

I don’t say much about it since I only used it a little bit. But ever since I used it, I ever only wanted to use this as my RSS reader. So if you got a Mac, get this.



All Your RSS Are Belong To Us - NetNewsFire

NetNewsWire can be called one of the leader Mac RSS apps, if probably not THE leading app. I can’t say much for this program because we only used it a little bit, but it is pretty damn cool. It’s also build on the Coca (is that what it’s called) interface thingy. So it’s sexy right off the bat. Give it a try!

You can check this link out for more Mac RSS goodness.

Have fun with all this RSS knownledge. Let me know in the comments if you have any other awesome RSS readers you use!

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