Jetpack for WordPress is a nifty collection of plugins which helps bring some of functionality to your self-hosted blog, the problem is that its Sharedaddy module doesn’t include Google+ … which really sucks. So here’s how to properly and correctly add the Google+1 button to your Sharedaddy module of Jetpack AND make it fit properly as well (well, mostly fit at least).

*EDIT*: This will also works with just the Sharedaddy plugin and without Jetpack! Yey!

There are two and a half steps to this process. Why a half step? That’s because if you having caching enabled, you will have to clear your WP cache (and possibly your browser cache as well) to see it.

Step 1) Install the Google +1 plugin.

The easiest way to do this is to install it through WordPress. Click on “Plugins” in the admin menu, then on Add New. From there search for “Google 1”, it’ll be the plugin by Alex Moss. Install it, enable it. Now here’s the trick no one else tells you!

Go into the “Google +1” setting and DISABLE “Show comment box in posts”. This will prevent the Google +1 box from showing up automatically by itself instead of being with the other Sharedaddy links! And save the settings.


From here we’re on to step two which requires a bit of code editing! No worries, it’s pretty easy.