30+1 Google Buzz Complete Tutorials, How-To’s and Resource List(s)

Google Buzz is all the rage. Good and bad hype, it has it all. In cases like this many people create lots of tutorials, how-to’s and lots of information on how they use it.

Thanks to Tad Chef over at SEOptimize, there is now a good comprehensive list of what he believes to be the best info about the Buzz. Some good reading, especially the how-to’s. For your viewing pleasure here is the list of the how-to’s:

And a condensed resource list:

You can read the full article at SEOOptimize “30+ Google Buzz How tos, Tools and other Resources

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3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Facebook Home

I like where Facebook Home is taking the market, though there are three good reasons why an entrepreneur and business professional should avoid it.

Image by duchesssa (http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1197684)

Image by duchesssa (http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1197684)

Like anyone else, I like to be social. These days that means sharing photos, text and thoughts online to the world. Call me paranoid, but I draw a fine line where technology and social apps significantly invade my privacy.

Many people’s smartphones contain most (if not all) their lives. Keycards, photos, contacts, journals and countless other things. The problem is that many of these things are not connected at all and that makes it really difficult to use all of them in any coherent fashion without wasting a lot of time. That’s where Facebook’s Home app comes in.

Facebook Home is supposed to be a socially aware, social first and simple interface for Android phones. I really like this idea. Something simple and yet highly integrated with everything so that I don’t have to keep using a gazzilion apps just to post a short message! The app (well, it’s a system interface replacement really) looks amazing, looks super easy to use and understand and brings all the great social features front and center. Great.

But not so fast. There are many issues with this idea.

Monthly Goal Success: Adsense Revenue At $1 Per Day!

Monthly Goal Success: Adsense Revenue At $1 Per Day!

Getting consistent Adsense revenue isn’t always an easy task. Depending on your blog niche and topics it can be anywhere from non-existent to making you a millionaire to anywhere in between. Though I had a goal for this month, to achieve at least a $1.00 per day average Google Adsense income by 23:59 on April 30th, 2011. Suffice it to say: I’ve gone it! Four days ahead of schedule! As of this writing on April 26th at 22:30 I have around $30 sitting in my Adsense account. Yey (and that’s not including any money left over from last month).

So how did I achieve this level of success? On a blog which is all over the board? With ONLY a few adjustments? I’ll tell you the exactly what I did with Adsense in terms for positioning, styling and most importantly: testing! You’ll all get to read the full story once I write a short e-book about it (and no, it won’t be free).

Read on to find out how I took this small blog and changed it into a working business model!

Install Pandora One Desktop App On Ubuntu Linux

Install Pandora One Desktop App On Ubuntu Linux

Pandora is a great music service; Pandora One happens to be the paid version of Pandora. There are pluses to each version depending on your needs, and this post isn’t about which version is better so I won’t go into it. Though if you are interesting in what Pandora One offers click here to read about it on the official Pandora site. One of the big things in Pandora One is that you can use their desktop application instead of the website. This really is personal preference again about which one you think is better, but the point is that you CAN use it in Linux (not just Ubuntu Linux).